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All Hotspots in Barnstable County

Areys Pond
Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary
Ashumet Pond
Austin Smith Sanctuary
Baker Pond Conservation Area, Orleans
Ballston Beach
Barlows Landing Beach
Barnstable Great Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
Barnstable Harbor Mouth
Bass Creek, Dennis
Bass River Rod and Gun Club
Bayberry Hill Conservation Area
Bayview Bogs
Bearberry Hill
Beebe Woods, Falmouth
Beech Forest, Provincetown
Bells Neck Conservation Area
Bird Watchers General Store
Bourne Sisters Woodland
Bourne Town Landfill
Bournes Pond, Falmouth
Bray Farm
Breakwater Beach, Brewster
Breivogel Ponds
Brewster Community Gardens
Brewster Point of Rocks
Brewster State Forest
Brewster Wing Island
Brickyard Pond
Bridge Creek Conservation Area
Brown Street Community Garden
Bucks Creek
Bucks Pond, Harwich
Cahoon Hollow Beach
Callery-Darling Conservation Area, Yarmouth
Cape Cod Canal
Cape Cod Canal–Herring Run
Cape Cod Canal–Railroad Bridge
Cape Cod Community College, West Barnstable
Cape Cod National Seashore
Cape Cod National Seashore–Hatches Harbor Fire Road
Cape Cod National Seashore–Inland Pond
Cape Cod National Seashore–Salt Pond Visitors Center
Cape Cod Organic Farm
Cashes Ledge
Center Place and Boland Pond
Chatham Bars Avenue Cattail Marsh
Chatham Fish Pier
Chatham Lighthouse
Chatham Municipal Airport
Chequessett Neck Dike
Childs River
Clapps Pond, Provincetown
Coast Guard Beach
Cockle Cove Beach, Chatham
Cold Brook Preserve
Collectors World Ponds
Collins Road Woods, Truro
Coonamessett Pond
Coonamessett River Restoration
Corn Hill, Truro
Corn Hill Beach, Truro
Corn Hill Road, Truro
Corporation Beach
Cotchpinicut Road Landing
Cowyard Lane
Craigville Beach
Crockers Neck
Crosby Beach
Crosby Landing
Cross Patch Conservation Land
Crowes Pasture
Crows Pond, East Harwich
Cumloden Cedar Swamp
D. Isabel Smith Monomoy River Conservation Area
Dennis Chapin Beach
Dennis Community Gardens
Dennis Pond
Depot Pond, Eastham
Dowses Beach, Osterville
Drummer Cove
Duck Harbor Beach, Wellfleet
Dune Shacks Trail
Dunns Pond
Dutchmans Ditch, Falmouth
East Bay, Osterville
East of Chatham
East Sandwich Beach
East Sandwich Game Farm
Evergreen Cemetery, East Harwich
Falmouth Composting Facility
Falmouth Harbor
Falmouth Heights
Falmouth Town Forest
Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant
First Encounter Beach
First Landing Park–Jetties
Flax Pond Recreation Area
Flume Pond, Falmouth
Forest Beach and Conservation Lands, Chatham
Fort Hill, Eastham
Foss Woods, Provincetown
Four Ponds Conservation Area
Fox Hill
Frances A. Crane Wildlife Management Area
Frost Fish Creek, Chatham
Fuller Field
Goodwill Park
Goose Pond, Chatham
Great Island, Wellfleet
Great Pond, Eastham
Great Pond, Falmouth
Great Sippewisett Marsh and Black Beach
Green Pond, Falmouth
Gull Pond, Wellfleet
Hallets Mill Pond
Halls Creek
Hamblin Pond, Marston Mills
Hamilton Cemetery, Provincetown
Hanson-Powell Conservation Area
Hardings Beach, Chatham
Hardings Beach–Stage Harbor Lighthouse Trail
Harwich Community Gardens
Hatches Harbor, Provincetown
Hawksnest State Park, Harwich
Hay Conservation Center
Head of the Meadow Beach, North Truro
Hemenway Landing
Herring Cove Beach
Herring Pond, Eastham
Herring Pond, Wellfleet
Herring River, Wellfleet
Herring River and West Reservoir
High Head Beach, Truro
High Head, Pilgrim Heights
Highland Center, Truro
Highland Light Area
Hinckleys Pond, Harwich
Hollidge Hill Lane, Barnstable
Hyannis Harbor
Hyannis-Nantucket Ferry
Jack-In-The-Beanstalk Farm, Falmouth
Jackknife Beach and Muddy Creek Mouth, Chatham
Jemima Pond, Eastham
Jeremy Point
Josephs Pond, Harwich
Kalmus Park Beach
Lake Elizabeth, West Hyannisport
Leary Conservation Area
Lecount Hollow Beach, Wellfleet
Lee Baldwin Memorial Woods
Lieutenant Island
Lieutenant Island Causeway
Little Bay Conservation Area
Little Pond, Falmouth
Long Beach Conservation Area
Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary
Long Pond, Falmouth
Long Pond, Harwich
Longnook Beach
Lovers Lake
Lowell Holly Reservation
Lower Millpond
Lower Road Conservation Area
MacMillan Wharf
Marconi Station–Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail
Marconi Station–Headquarters and Visitors Center
Marconi Station–Marconi Beach Road Beach
Marconi Station–Marconi Station Road Beach
Marine Biological Laboratory–Main Campus
Marstons Mills Airport
Marstons Mills Community Gardens
Marstons Mills Pond
Mashnee Neck
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge–Jehu Pond Conservation Area
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge–Johns Pond Park
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge–Pickerel Cove Conservation Area
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge–Quashnet River Conservation Area
Mashpee Pond–Attaquin Park
Mashpee River Woodlands
Massachusetts Military Reservation
Matthew Souza Conservation Area
Mayo Beach
Meeting House Pond, Orleans
Menauhant Beach
Mill Creek Park
Mill Pond, Dennis
Mill Pond, Barnstable
Mill Pond, Falmouth
Mill Pond, Orleans
Mill Pond, Truro
Mill Pond at Baxter Mill, Yarmouth
Mill Pond Marsh
Minimoy Island
Mitchell River Drawbridge, Chatham
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–Big Station Pond
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–Lighthouse
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–Morris Island
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–North Monomoy Island
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–Powder Hole
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–South Beach, Chatham
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge–South End
Monument Beach
Morris Island Causeway, Chatham
Mystic Lake
Nantucket Sound
Nauset Bay East
Nauset Beach, Orleans
Nauset Beach–South End
Nauset Inlet
Nauset Light Beach, Eastham
Nauset Marsh
Navigation Road, Barnstable
New Island, Eastham
Newcomb Hollow Beach
Nickerson State Park
Nobska Lighthouse
Nobska Pond
North Beach, Chatham
North Beach, Orleans
North Chatham Landing
North Eastham brush dump
Oakland Grove Cemetery
Ocean Avenue Beach
Ocean View Road Thickets
Old Comers Woodland Conservation Area
Old Fish Hatchery and Nye Pond, East Sandwich
Old North Cemetery, Truro
Old Silver Beach, Falmouth
Old Town House Road Park
Orleans Cemetery
Outermost Harbor
Oyster Pond, Falmouth
Oyster pond, Chatham
Paine Hollow Rd.–cedar swamp
Pamet Rd., Truro
Perch Pond
Peterson Farm, Falmouth
Picture Lake, Pocasset
Pilgrim Heights, North Truro
Pilgrim Lake
Pilgrim Lake, Orleans
Pleasant Bay (Outer Cape Cod)
Pocasset Town Forest
Pochet Island
Pogorelc Sanctuary
Pond Village
Portanimicut Rd., South Orleans
Powers Landing
Province Lands Visitor Center
Provincetown Airport
Provincetown Harbor
Provincetown Harbor–boat ramp
Provincetown–birdy swale
Quissett Harbor
Quivet Creek and Wing Island Beach
Race Point
Race Point Beach, Provincetown
Race Point North
Racing Beach Avenue
Red Brook Pond
Red River Beach
Ridgevale Beach, Chatham
Rock Harbor Marsh
Rotary marsh, Orleans
Round Cove
Route 6 ext.
Rt. 28 Town Landing, Orleans
Rushy Marsh Pond
Ryder’s Cove, Orleans
Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary
Salt Pond, Falmouth
Sampsons Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Sandwich Harbor marshes
Sandwich Marina
Sandy Neck
Sandy Neck–Beach Point
Sandy Neck–Gate House
Sandy Neck–North Finger Cove
Sandy Neck–Sandy Neck Beach
Sandy Neck–Sandy Neck Cove
Sandy Neck–Tern Pond
Santuit Pond
Santuit River
Saquatucket Harbor
Scargo Lake
Scatteree Pond
Scusset Beach State Reservation
Scusset Beach State Reservation–Post #65 Pier
Scusset Beachfront
Sea Call Farm
Sea Gull Beach, Yarmouth
Sea Street Beach
Sesuit Harbor
Seymour Pond
Shady Knoll Campground
Shank Painter Pond Area
Shawme Crowell SF
Shawme Pond, Sandwich
Shining Sea Bike Path
Siders Pond
Simpson Island Flats
Sippewissett Campground
Skaket Beach, Orleans
Skunknett River Wildlife Sanctuary
Slough Pond
Smuggler’s Beach
Snake Hill, Provincetown
South Cape Beach State Park
South Sandwich Conservation Area
South Truro
Southport Community Area
Sparrowhawk Rd. Landing, Orleans
Spohr Gardens
Spring Hill Marshes and Creek
Spring Hill Swamp
Stage Harbor
Stauffer’s Puddle, East Sandwich
Stellwagen Bank NMS
Stellwagen Bank–Race Point Waters
Stellwagen Bank–SE waters
Stellwagen Bank–SW Corner
Stony Brook Conservation Area
Stony Brook Mill Site
Sunken Meadow Beach
Surf Drive Public Parking Lot
Swan Pond
Swift Park
Syrjala Conservation Area
Taylor’s Point, Bourne
Taylors Pond
Teaticket Park
Tern Island Sanctuary
Texeira Conservation Lands
Thacher Shore Conservation Area
Thatch Island
Thompson Field (Harwich)
Thompson’s Field
Tom’s Neck Conservation Land
Town Cove
Town Neck Rd, Sandwich
Twining’s Pond Conservation Area
Upper Boat Meadow Conservation Area, Eastham
Veteran’s Field
Wakeby Pond
Walker Conservation Area, Wellfleet
Walkers Pond, Brewster
Washburn Island
Water Street Marsh, Yarmouth
Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
Wellfleet Harbor
Wellfleet Harbor Breakwater
Wellfleet Town Pier
Wellfleet–High Toss Rd
Wequaquet Lake, Barnstable
West Barnstable Conservation Area
West Dennis Beach
West Harwich Conservation Area
White Crest Beach
Wild River Harbor
Wiley Park
William & Barbara Hacker Wildlife Sanctuary
Windstar Farm (private)
Woodneck Beach and Marsh
Woods Hole – Vineyard Haven Ferry
Woods Hole thickets
Woods Hole–Great Harbor
Wychmere Harbor

stakeout Allen’s Hummingbird, Harwichport, MA (2010)
stakeout Broad-billed Hummingbird, 65 Grassy Pond Drive, South Dennis (2008)
stakeout Calliope Hummingbird–Campground Road, Eastham (2002)
stakeout Chuck-will’s-widow–Elain Avenue, North Falmouth (2013-18)
stakeout Harris’s Sparrow–260 Shallow Pond Lane, Falmouth (2011)
stakeout Painted Bunting, East Orleans (2009-2010)
stakeout Painted Bunting, Eastham (2011-2012)
stakeout Painted Bunting–229 Brick Hill Road, Orleans (2017)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird–45 Oak Ave., Bourne
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird–Eagle Lane, Brewster (2014)
stakeout Townsend’s Solitaire, Yarmouthport (2010)