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Birding in New Hampshire

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13 Mile Woods, Errol


Abe Emerson Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Candia
Adams Point Wildlife Management Area, Durham
Adams Pond Powerline Trail
Agway, Walpole
Ahern State Park, Laconia
Airport Marsh, Whitefield
Airport Road, Swanzey
Akers Pond, Errol
Ambrose Gravel Pit, Sandwich
Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail
Amoskeag Fishways, Manchester
Andres Institute of Art–Sculpture Park
Andrew Brook Trail, Newbury
Androscoggin River at 7 Islands, Errol/Cambridge
Androscoggin River at Errol Dam
Androscoggin River Dam, Gorham
Androscoggin River, Bridge Street Area, Berlin
Antioch University New England–Glover’s Ledge, Langdon
Antioch University New England–The Branch River, Keene
Antioch University New England, Keene
Appledore Avenue @ Little River, North Hampton
Arboretum Drive at Creek by Circle, Newington
Arboretum Drive North Side of Road Across From Pease, Newington
Arethusa Falls Trail, Harts Location
Ash Brook Wetland, Keene
Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest
Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest–Mountain Road, Lempster
Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest–Silver Mountain, Lempster
Ashuelot River Park, Keene
Ashuelot River–Ashuelot Rail Trail Bridge, Winchester
Awcomin Marsh, Rye
A-Z Trail at Mount Tom Spur, Bethlehem


Baboosic Lake, Amherst
Back Channel, Portsmouth/New Castle
Back Lake, Pittsburg
Back Pond, Stewartstown
Baker Floodwater Reservoir at Hildreth Dam, Warren
Bakers Crossing Conservation Area, Lebanon
Balch Hill, Hanover
Bald Knob, Moultonborough
Bald Mountain–Artists Bluff Loop, Franconia Notch
Ballard Pond, Derry
Bartlett Beach, Laconia
Base Station Road, Jefferson
Basin Pond, Chatham
Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown (et al.)
Bear Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Hebron
Bear Notch Rd– Douglas Brook Pulloff, Bartlett
Bear Pond Natural Area, Canaan
Bear Rock Road Fields, Colebrook
Beaver Brook Association, Hollis
Beaver Brook Association–Maple Hill, Hollis
Beaver Brook Falls Natural Area, Colebrook
Beaver Brook Great Meadow, Hollis
Beaver Brook Wayside, Route 3, Bethlehem
Beaver Brook, Plainfield
Beaver Lake, Derry
Beckwith Ballfields and Trails, Dover
Bedell Bridge State Park, Haverhill
Beech Hill Preserve, Keene
Beech Hill Trail System, Dublin
Beede Falls, Sandwich
Bellamy Reservoir, Madbury
Bellamy River Wildlife Sanctuary, Dover
Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area, Dover
Benson Park, Hudson
Berlin Airport, Milan
Bicentennial Park, Hampton
Bicknell Brook Loop Trail and Colette Trail, Enfield
Big Brook Bog, Pittsburg
Birch Brook/Heron Pond, Milford
Birch Street Community Garden, Concord
Blackwater Brook Swamp, Quail Drive, Rochester
Blackwater River by Route 286, Seabrook
Blue Job Mountain, Farmington
Blueberry Mountain Trail, Benton
Bodwell Farm, East Kingston
Bog Mountain Trail, Wilmot
Bog Pond, Danbury
Bog Road, Enfield
Bog Road–Cole Pond Trailhead, Enfield
Boggy Meadow Farm, River Road, Walpole
Borthwick Avenue Marsh at Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Boston Lot Lake Trail–Powerline Corridor, Lebanon
Boston Lot Lake, Lebanon
Boundary Pond, Pittsburg
Bow Lake, Northwood
Bradford Bog, Bradford
Brentwood Mitigation Area
Bretton Woods X-C Ski Area, Carroll
Broadview Farm Conservation Area
Broken Ground, Concord
Brookside Wildlife Sanctuary, South Hampton


C. L. Graham Wangan Grounds Overlook (Route 112), Livermore
Campton Pond, Campton
Cannon Mountain, Franconia
Canobie Lake
Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury
Canterbury Sod Farm
Capital Commons Garage, Storrs Street, Concord
Cardigan Mountain State Park, Orange
Carter Hill Orchard, Concord
Carter-Moriah Trail (Part of Appalachian Trail), Beans Purchase
Cascade Marsh, Sutton
Cathedral of The Pines, Rindge
Cedar Brook Farm, Bradford
Cemetery Fields, Amherst
Central Cemetery, Rye
Chadwick Meadows Wildlife Management Area, Sutton
Chaffee Wildlife Sanctuary, Lyme
Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest, Center Harbor
Chapman Sanctuary/Visny Woods, Sandwich
Chapmans Landing, Stratham
Charcoal Road Ponds, Dublin
Charlestown Wastewater Treatment Plant
Chase Sanctuary, Hopkinton
Chemung State Forest, Meredith
Cheshire County Farm Complex, Westmoreland
Chickering Farm, Westmoreland
Chickwolnepy Road, Milan
Chocorua Lake, Tamworth
Church Pond Bog, Albany/Livermore
Church Street Water Tower Parking Lot, Hampton
Cilley State Forest (off Iron Works Road), Concord
Clark Pond, Auburn
Clarksville Pond, Clarksville
Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area, Gilmanton
Coldrain Pond, New Durham
Colebrook Wastewater Treatment Plant
Coleman State Park–Campground, Stewartstown
College Woods, Durham
Comerford Reservoir, Monroe
Concord Airport
Concord Point, Rye
Connecticut Lakes State Forest, Pittsburg
Connecticut River at North End of River Road, Plainfield
Connecticut River opposite Herricks Cove, Charlestown
Connecticut River–Below Bellows Falls Dam, Walpole
Connecticut River–Ferry Road Boat Launch, Claremont
Conner Farm, Exeter
Conservation Ponds behind Walmart, Epping
Coon Brook Bog, Pittsburg
Coppal House Farm, Lee
Copps Pond Wildlife Management Area, Tuftonboro
Cornish Town Forest
Cove at Rye/North Hampton Town Line
Cove South of Odiorne Point State Park, Rye
Cranberry Pond Wetlands behind Shopping Center, West Lebanon
Crawford Depot, Carroll
Crawford Notch State Park–Dry River Campground, Harts Location
Crawford Notch State Park–Mount Willard
Crawford Notch State Park–Pleasant Valley Wayside
Crawford Notch State Park–Willey House
Crawford Path
Crawford Pond, Rindge
Creek Farm, Portsmouth
Crescent Lake, Acworth/Unity


Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary, Conway
Dan Hole Ponds, Ossipee/Tuftonboro
Danbury Bog Wildlife Management Area, Danbury
Dartmouth College Park, Hanover
Day Road, Perry Stream, Pittsburg
Deer Mountain State Park, Pittsburg
Deering Reservoir
Deering Wildlife Sanctuary
Derry Wastewater Treatment Plant
Dillant-Hopkins Airport, Swanzey
Dixville Notch–Route 26 Pulloffs
Dixville Notch–Wildlife Viewing Area
DMV Area, 110 Broad Street, Nashua
Dodge Ponds, Hampton Falls
Doe Farm, Durham
Doles Marsh, Deerfield
Dorrs Pond, Manchester
Dublin Lake
Dublin Trail, Dublin
Duck Pond, Long Pond Town Forest, Lempster
Durgin Block Parking Garage, Concord
Durham Point Road at Horsehide Brook Marsh, Durham


Eager Island, Laconia
East Inlet, Pittsburg
East Inlet–Dam, Pittsburg
East Side River Road, Milan
Eastman Cove, Merrimack River, Concord
Echo Lake, Franconia
Edgewood Cemetery, Amherst Street, Nashua
Eel Pond, Rye
Elbow Pond Road, Woodstock
Elbow Pond, Woodstock
Ellacoya State Park, Gilford
Elm Brook Park, Hopkinton
Enfield Wildlife Management Area–Lower Shaker Village
Errol Dam Outflow Pool
Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area at Low Plain, New London
Ethan Pond, Bethlehem
Everett Dam Conservation Lands–East Weare Road, Weare
Exeter Reservoir
Exeter River From Pickpocket Dam, Exeter
Exeter River, Exeter
Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant (Closed Weekdays)


Farley Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Nashua
Farrar Tract, Randolph Town Forest
Fields Grove City Park, Nashua
First Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Five Finger Point Natural Area, Sandwich
Follet’s Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Newmarket
Fort Constitution, New Castle
Fort Eddy Boat Launch, Concord
Fort Hill Wildlife Management Area, Stratford
Fort Stark, New Castle
Foss Beach, Rye
Foss Farm, Durham
Foss Farm–East, Durham
Foss Farm–West, Durham
Foss Mountain, Eaton
Fourth Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Fox Hill Point, North Hampton
Fox Point Road Cornfield at End, Newington
Fox State Forest, Hillsborough
Franconia Notch State Park
Franconia Notch State Park–Falling Waters
Franconia Notch State Park–Kinsman Pond Trail, Lincoln
Franconia Notch State Park–Lafayette Campground, Lincoln
Franconia Notch State Park–Old Man Viewing
Franconia Notch State Park–The Flume
Freedom Town Forest
Freedom Town Forest–Airstrip
Fremont Conservation Land, Peterborough
Funspot, Laconia


Gallop Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Unity/Lempster
Garrison Hill Park Hawkwatch, Dover
George Pond, Enfield
Geremonty Drive Marsh, Salem
Gile Road Marsh, Lee
Gilman Park, Exeter
Glen Boulder Trail, Sargents Purchase
Glen Oakes Conservation Area, Fremont
Goose Pond, Canaan
Goose Pond, Keene
Goss Farm, Rye
Grafton Pond, Grafton
Granite Lake, Nelson/Stoddard
Grant Brook, Lyme
Grater Woods Conservation Area, Merrimack
Great Bay
Great Bay Discovery Center, Greenland
Great Bay Farm, Greenland
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Former Weapons Storage Area
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Furber Strait Platform
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Herods Cove
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Mcintyre Road
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Stubbs Pond (Restricted Access)
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Woodman Pt. Cove
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Woodman Pt. Marsh
Great Bay Shoreline South, Osprey Cove (Formerly Bayridge Rd), Greenland
Great Bay–Weeks Point, Greenland
Great Boars Head, Hampton
Great Boars Head–North, Hampton
Great Bog–Banfield Road, Portsmouth
Great Brook Conservation Lands–Great Brook Trail, Deerfield
Great Glen Trails (Cross-Country Skiing), Greens Grant
Great Island Common, New Castle
Great Meadow, Charlestown
Great Meadow–Lower Landing Road, Charlestown
Great Pond, Kingston
Greeley Park, Nashua
Greeley Ponds Trail, Waterville Valley/Livermore/Lincoln
Greeley Ponds, Livermore
Green Hills Preserve, Conway
Green Wagon Farm, Keene
Greenfield State Park
Greenlawn/Woodland Cemetery, Keene
Greenough Pond Road, Errol
Gregg Lake, Antrim
Grey Rocks Conservation Area, Hebron
Groveton Wastewater Treatment Plant, Groveton
Guinea Pond Trail, Sandwich
Gunstock Mountain Resort


Hall Stream Road, Pittsburg
Hamlin-Eames-Smyth Recreation and Conservation Area, Meredith
Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach State Park
Hampton Harbor (Overall)
Hampton Harbor Inlet
Hampton Harbor Northside Jetty, Hampton
Hampton Harbor–Dunes at 1-A Bridge
Hampton Harbor–Hampton River Marina Mudflats
Hampton Harbor–Restroom Parking Area, Seabrook
Hampton Harbor–Yankee Fisherman’s Coop
Hampton Salt Marsh Conservation Area, Hampton
Hampton Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Cross Beach Road, Seabrook
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Depot Road, Hampton Falls
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Landing Road Pool, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 1, Taylor River, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 101, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 286 Pools, Seabrook
Harris Center For Conservation Education, Hancock
Harvey Pond, Westmoreland
Hawkin’s Farm, Salem
Heads Pond, Hooksett
Heads Pond Trail, Hooksett
Heath Pond Bog Natural Area, Effingham
Hebron Marsh
Henderson-Swasey Town Forest, Exeter
Henrys Pool, Route 101E, Hampton
Hill Road Meat Pile (at Ferry Road), Dummer
Hilton Park, Dover Point
Hinsdale Bluffs
Hinsdale Setbacks
Hirst Wildlife Management Area, Boscawen
Hitchener Town Forest and Burns Hill, Milford
Hoag Island
Hoit Road Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Concord
Hollis/Brookline High School
Horatio Colony Preserve, Keene
Horse Hill Nature Preserve, Merrimack
Horseshoe Pond, Concord
Horseshoe Pond, Merrimack
Howe Reservoir, Dublin
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest–Mirror Lake (Restricted Access)
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest–Ridge
Huntington Hill Wildlife Management Area, Hanover


I-93 South Sanbornton Rest Stop
Icehouse Road (Mascoma Lake), Lebanon
Improved Machinery Pond, Nashua
Indian Stream and Jesse Young Road, Pittsburg
Indian Stream at Connecticut River, Pittsburg
Isinglass River Park and Gonic Trails, Rochester
Island Path, Hampton
Island Path Conservation Area, Hampton
Isles of Shoals
Isles of Shoals–Lunging Island, Rye
Isles of Shoals–Square Rock, Rye
Isles of Shoals–Star Island, Rye
Isles of Shoals–White and Seavey Islands, Rye


Jacksons Landing, Durham
Jefferson Meadows, Route 115A
Jeffrey’s Ledge
Jenness/Sawyers Beach, Rye
Jericho Lake, Berlin
Jim Hill Riverwalk, Concord
Joe English Conservation Land, Amherst
John Hay National Wildlife Refuge, Newbury
Johnson Island – Lebanon
Joslin Road Gravel Pit, Surry


Kancamagus Pass Overlook, Livermore
Karner Blue Easement, Concord
Keene State Wildlife Management Area
Kepner Meadow, Hancock
Kelley-Drake Conservation Area, New Hampton
Kimball Pond, Dunbarton
Kimball Wildlife Forest, Gilford
Kimpton Brook Marsh, Wilmot
Kinson State Wildlife Management Area, Marlow
Knights Hill Nature Park, New London
Kona Wildlife Management Area, Moultonborough
Krif Road, Keene


Lake Armington/Lake Tarleton Access Areas, Piermont
Lake Francis State Park, Pittsburg
Lake Francis, Pittsburg
Lake Gunnison, Goshen
Lake Massabesic, Auburn
Lake Massabesic–Claires Landing, Auburn
Lake Massabesic–Front Park, Route 28B
Lake Massabesic-Northeast
Lake Massabesic–Southwest Cove near Birch Island
Lake Massasecum, Bradford
Lake Potanipo, Brookline
Lake Umbagog–North End, Errol
Lake Wantastiquet, Hinsdale
Lake Waukewan, Meredith
Lake Winnepocket, Webster
Lake Winnipesaukee–Paugus Bay, Laconia
Lake Winnisquam at Mouth of Winnipesauke River, Laconia
Lake Winnisquam Bridge, Route 3/11
Lake Winnisquam–Ephraims Cove, Belmont
Lake Winnisquam–South Section
Lambert Park, Hooksett
Lamprey River Preserve, Durham
Lancaster Wastewater Treatment Plant
Lancy Brook Wetlands, Brookline
Langenau Forest, Wilmot
Langley Parkway-South, Concord
Leachs Island, New Castle
Lebanon Airport
Legislative Parking Garage, Storrs Street, Concord
Lily Pond, Gilford
Lily Pond, Piermont
Lincoln Park, Gilford
Litchfield Muster Field, Litchfield
Little Boars Head, North Hampton
Little Harbor, New Castle/Rye
Little Jacks Restaurant, Route 1A, Hampton
Little Monadnock
Little River Park, Lee
Little River Saltmarsh, North Hampton
Little River, Exeter
Little Round Top, Bristol
Little Turkey Pond, Concord
Livermore Falls State Forest, Holderness
Locke Road Sod Farm, Concord
Lonesome Lake, Lincoln
Long Pond, Danville/Kingston
Long Pond, Lempster
Longmarsh Preserve–Colby Marsh, Durham
Loon Center/Markus Wildlife Sanctuary, Moultonborough
Loudon Road Fields Behind Post Office, Concord
Loveren Mill Cedar Swamp, Antrim
Lovering Road Marsh, North Hampton
Lovewell Pond, Nashua
Lower Beech Pond, Tuftonboro
Lower Meadows, Charlestown
Lubberland Creek Preserve, Newmarket


Macdowell Reservoir, Peterborough
Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield
Magalloway Mountain, Pittsburg
Magalloway Road, Pittsburg
Magalloway River Bend (Parsons Landing), Errol
Magill Bay, Androscoggin River, Dummer
Main Street Pond, Enfield
Malley Farm, Somersworth
Manchester Cedar Swamp Preserve, Manchester
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
Marks Wildlife Management Area, Alton/New Durham
Marsh Road Pond
Martin Meadow Pond, Lancaster
Mascoma Lake, Enfield
Mascoma Lake–Main Street Causeway, Enfield
Mascoma River, Downtown Lebanon
Massabesic Audubon Center, Auburn
Massacre Marsh, Rye
Massacre Marsh at Parsons Creek, Rye
Mast Yard State Forest, Concord/Hopkinton
Mcdaniels Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Springfield
Mcindoe Falls, Monroe
Mcindoes Reservoir, Monroe
Mclane Audubon Center, Silk Farm Road, Concord
Mead Conservation Center, Sandwich
Meadow Pond, Hampton
Meetinghouse Pond, Marlborough
Meredith Town Docks, Meredith Bay
Merganser Pond (Beaver Brook Assoc. Land), Hollis
Merrill Park Area, Concord
Merrimack River Boat Ramp, Boscawen
Merrimack River, Big Bend, Boscawen
Merrimack River Conservation Area, Concord
Merrimack River Conservation Area–Floodplain, Concord
Merrimack River–Garvins Falls, Bow
Merrimack River–Granite Street Bridge To Notre Dame Bridge, Manchester
Merrimack River–Hooksett District Court
Merrimack River–Sewalls Falls To Hall Street, Concord
Merrimack River–Stark Landing Boat Launch, Manchester
Merrimack Road Fields, Amherst
Mile Long Pond, Androscoggin River, Errol
Mill Brook Pond, South Curtisville Road, Concord
Mill Pond Nature Sanctuary, Walpole
Miller State Park–Pack Monadnock
Mine Falls Park, Nashua
Mine Falls Park–Spine Road Entrance, Nashua
Mine Falls Park–Whipple Street Entrance, Nashua
Mines Falls Park–Lincoln Park Entrance, Nashua
Mink Brook Nature Preserve, Hanover
Mink Brook Point at Connecticut River, Hanover
Mink Brook Wetlands Area, Hanover
Mirror Lake, Wolfeboro
Mitchell Pond, Windham Rail Trail
Moat Mountain Trail, Albany
Moeckel Pond, Windham
Mollidgewock Road, Errol
Mollidgewock State Park, Errol
Monadnock Branch Rail-Trail (Contoocook Lake), Jaffrey
Moody Park, Claremont
Moore Reservoir, Littleton
Moores Crossing Railroad Bridge, Manchester
Moores Falls Conservation Area, Litchfield
Moose Brook State Park, Gorham
Moose Brook State Park–Campground, Gorham
Moose Mountain Reservation, Middleton/Brookfield
Moose Pond Road, Pittsburg
Moose Pond, Pittsburg
Morrill Pond Wildlife Management Area, Canterbury
Morrills Farm, Goodwin Point, Penacook
Morse Preserve, Alton
Moulton Farm, Meredith
Mount Washington Auto Road
Mount Webster
Mountain View Campground, Pittsburg
Mount Chocorua
Mount Cardigan, Orange
Mount Garfield Trail, Bethlehem/Franconia
Mount Kearsarge
Mount Kinsman, Lincoln
Mount Monadnock
Mount Monadnock–Pumpelly Trail
Mount Moosilauke, Benton
Mount Morgan/Mount Percival and Trail between, Campton
Mount Passaconaway, Waterville Valley
Mount Sunapee State Park, Newbury
Mount Sunapee State Park–Summit Trail, Newbury
Mount Tecumseh, Waterville Valley
Mount Washington
Mount Washington Auto Road at Signal Corps Site above 4,000 Foot Marker
Mount Washington–Alpine Garden Trail/Area
Mount Whiteface, Waterville Valley


Nash Stream Forest, Stratford/Odell
Nashua Airport (Boire Field Airport)
Nashua River at Bartemus Brook/Tilton Street Boat Ramp, Nashua
Nashua River–Between Magueritas (1 Nashua Drive) and BAE (95 Canal Street), Nashua
Neal Mill Road, Newmarket
New Hampton Fish Hatchery
Newfound Lake
Newington Town Park
Newmarket Town Landing
New Hamsphire Coast
New Hampshire Waters Between Isles of Shoals and Jeffreys Ledge
North Beach, Hampton
North Hampton State Beach
North Mill Pond, Portsmouth
North River Pond, Northwood
North Side Park, Hampton
Northwest Conservation Land, Nashua
Northwood Lake
Northwood Meadows State Park, Northwood
Nottingham Town Hall Trail
Nubanusit Lake, Hancock/Nelson
Nye Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Stoddard


Occom Pond, Hanover
Odiorne Point State Park, Rye
Offshore Waters New Hampshire
Old Cherry Mountain Road, Carroll/Jefferson
Old Concord Road Fields, Henniker
Old Greenough Pond Road/Dupuis Trail, Errol
Old Mill Road (Mitigation Area), Lee
Old Monson Village, Hollis/Milford
Old Portsmouth
Opechee Bay–South End
Opechee Bay, Laconia
Opechee Park, Laconia
Ossipee Lake Natural Area, Ossipee
Ossipee Lake Road Pine Barrens, Freedom
Ossipee Lake–Berry Bay, Freedom
Otter Brook Preserve
Otter Brook Reservoir, Keene
Otter Pond, New London
Overlook Below Amoskeag Dam, Manchester
Oyster River Forest, Durham
Oyster River Landing, Durham
Oyster River Park, Durham


Palmer-Bartell Preserve, Brookline
Paradise Point Wildlife Sanctuary, Hebron
Parker Mountain, Strafford
Parlin Airfield, Newport
Parsons Creek Saltmarsh West of Wallis Sands Beach, Rye
Paul Bofinger Wayside State Park Boat Launch, Dummer
Pawtuckaway State Park, Nottingham/Deerfield
Pawtuckaway State Park–Boulder Trail, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Burnhams Marsh, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Fundy Cove Boat Launch, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Fundy Cove, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Middle Mountain Trail, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Middle Mountain, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–North Mountain, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Pawtuckaway Lake, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Reservation/Tower Road Loop
Pawtuckaway State Park–Round Pond, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–South Mountain, Nottingham
Pea Porridge Pond, Madison
Pease International Tradeport
Pease International Tradeport–Mcintyre Road
Pease International Tradeport–Short Street, Newington
Pease International Tradeport–Southeast End, Portsmouth
Peirce Island, Portsmouth
Penacook Lake (Long Pond), Concord
Perkins Pond Wildlife Management Area, Weare
Peverly Meadow, Canterbury
Philbrick Marsh, North Hampton
Philbrick-Cricenti Bog, New London
Pickering Ponds, Rochester
Pillsbury State Park, Washington
Pine River Pond, Wakefield
Piper Mountain, Gilford
Piscassic Greenway, Newfields
Piscassic Park Boat Launch, Newmarket
Pisgah State Park
Pitcher Mountain, Stoddard
Plaice Cove, Hampton
Pleasant Lake, New London
Pond Of Safety, Randolph
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, Jefferson/Whitefield
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Cherry Pond Access Trail, Whitefield/Jefferson
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Cherry Pond, Jefferson
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Little Cherry Pond, Jefferson/Whitefield
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Mud Pond, Jefferson
Ponemah Bog Wildlife Sanctuary, Amherst
Pontook Reservoir, Dummer
Pools South of Odiorne (West of 1A), Rye
Portsmouth City Park, Harvard Street
Portsmouth Traffic Circle, Portsmouth
Powder House Pond, Exeter
Powder Mill Pond (Overall)
Powwow Pond, Kingston
Powwow River at Hilldale Avenue, South Hampton
Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center, Laconia
Proctor Wildlife Sanctuary, Center Harbor
Profile Falls, Bristol
Pudding Pond and Trail Area
Pulpit Rocks, Rye
Purgatory Falls, Lyndeborough


Quincy Bog, Rumney


Railroad Tracks Between Manville and Noyes Roads, Tilton
Rattlesnake Island, Alton
Raynes Farm, Exeter
Red Hill Pond, Sandwich
Reeds Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Orford
Reservation Road Powerline Cut, Deerfield
Rhododendron State Park, Fitzwilliam
Rhubarb Pond, East Inlet Road, Pittsburg
Richmond Conservation Land, Orford
River Road Boat Ramp, Bow
River Road, Hanover
River Road Bridge, Pittsburg
River Trail (off Mink Brook), Hanover
Riverlands Conservation Area, Canterbury
Robb Reservoir, Stoddard
Robert Frost Farm Historic Site, Derry
Roberts Road Fields, Rollinsford
Robin Hood Park, Keene
Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant
Rockingham County Complex Fields
Rockingham Park Racetrack and Parking Lot, Salem
Rockingham Recreational Trail, Newfields
Route 1A Wooden Bridge, Rye
Route 1A Pullout by Stone Angel, Rye
Route 1A, Second Pullout South of Odiorne Point, Rye
Route 12 by Malnati Farm, Walpole
Route 127 Fields East of Hopkinton Dam, Hopkinton
Route 135 Farm Fields, Lancaster
Route 155A Farm Fields (Moore/Tecce), Durham
Route 16 Boreal Bog, Errol
Route 4 Rest Area, Bixby Pond/Little Suncook River, Epsom
Route 11B Fields at Old Lake Shore Road, Gilford
Runnymede Farm, North Hampton
Rye Harbor
Rye Harbor State Park
Rye Ledge
Rye Recreation Area


Saltmarsh Pond, Gilford
Salt Marsh South of Route 286, Seabrook
Salt Marshes South of Rye Harbor
Saltmarsh off Pollock Drive, Rye
Saltmarsh South of Odiorne Point, Rye
Sawyer Farm, River Road, Walpole
Sawyers Beach, Rye
Scotland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Landaff
Scott Bog Road, Pittsburg
Scott Bog, Pittsburg
Seabrook Back Dunes
Seabrook Beach
Seabrook Beach–Haverhill Street
Seabrook Marshes–Beckmans Landing
Seabrook Wastewater Treatment Plant
Seal Rocks, Rye
Second College Grant–Entire Township
Second Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Sewalls Falls State Recreation Area, Concord
Shaw Cove Area–Franklin Falls Reservoir, Sanbornton
Sheldrick Forest Preserve, Wilton
Shermans Farm, Conway
Shoal Pond, Lincoln
Silver Lake
Silver Lake Outlet, Tilton/Belmont
Silver Lake, Tilton/Belmont
Silver Lake–Lochmere Dam, Tilton/Belmont
Slade Brook Natural Area, Hanover
Smith Brook Road, Pittsburg
Smith Pond Bog Wildlife Sanctuary, Hopkinton
Smith River Meadows, Danbury
Sophies Lane, Pittsburg
Soucook River Wildlife Management Area, Concord
South Bay Bog, Pittsburg
South End Marsh, Concord
South Mill Pond, Portsmouth
Spalding Park Town Forest, Hollis
Spaulding Pond, Salmon Falls River, Milton/Rochester
Spofford Lake
Spoonwood Pond, Nelson
Spruce Swamp, Fremont
Squam Lake (Overall)
Squam Lake Northeast–Carroll County
Squam Lake Southeast–Belknap County
Squam Lake West–Grafton County
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Holderness
Squamscott River Marshes, Exeter
Saint Gaudens National Historic Site, Cornish
Steeplegate Mall and Pond, Concord
Stonewall Farm, West Keene
Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Newbury
Stony Brook Marsh at Towle Hill Road, Eaton
Story Land, 850 NH-16, Glen
Strafford County Farm Complex, Dover
Success Pond Road, Success
Success Pond, Success
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, Stratford
Sunapee Lake
Sunapee State Beach, Newbury
Suncook River Reservoir, Pembroke/Allenstown
Sunset Farm, Greenland
Surrey Lane Marsh, Durham
Surry Mountain Lake, Surry
Swasey Parkway, Squamscott River, Exeter
Sycamore Field Community Gardens/Seekamp Trail, Concord


Tabor Road, Pittsburg
Terrill Park, Concord
Thompson Wildlife Sanctuary, Sandwich
Three Mile Reservoir, Keene
Tin Mountain Conservation Center (Rockwell Sanctuary), Conway
Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Albany
Tin Mountain Field Station, Jackson
Tower Hill Pond Trails (Manchester Water Works Land), Candia
Town Docks (off Route 109), Wolfeboro
Trask Brook Road Newport/Sunapee
Trescot Lands
Trudeau Road, Bethlehem
Tucker and French Family Forest, Kingston
Turbine Access Road, Millsfield/Dixville
Turee Pond, Bow
Turkey Pond, Concord
Turtle Pond, Concord
Tuttle Swamp, Newmarket
Two Rivers Conservation Area, Lebanon


Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge (Overall)
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Chewonki Marsh, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Harpers Meadow, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Headquarters, Wentworths Location
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Leonard Marsh, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Leonard Pond, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Magalloway River Trail, Wentworths Location
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Magalloway/Androscoggin River Junction, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Sweat Meadow, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Wentworths Location
University of New Hampshire–Main Campus, Durham
Union Meadows, Wakefield
Unknown Pond, Kilkenny
Unsworth (Koenig) Preserve, Moultonborough
Upper Kimball Pond, South Chatham
Upper Magalloway River, Wentworths Location
Upper Suncook Lake, Barnstead
Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth


Vernon Dam, Connecticut River, Hinsdale


Wagon Hill Farm, Durham
Wakondah Pond, Moultonborough
Walker Pond, Boscawen/Webster
Wallis Sands State Beach, Rye
Walter-Newton Natural Area, Plymouth
Wantastiquet Mountain Natural Area, Chesterfield/Hinsdale
Wapack National Wildlife Refuge, Greenfield/Temple
Warwick Preserve, Westmoreland
Wasserman Park, Merrimack
Watts Wildlife Sanctuary, Effingham
Webb Granite Quarry, Marlborough
Webster Lake, Franklin
Webster Place, Route 3, Franklin
Webster Wildlife and Natural Area, Kingston
Weeks State Park, Lancaster
Wellington State Park, Bristol/Alexandria
Wendell Marsh State Wildlife Management Area, Sunapee
Wentworth Coolidge Historical Site, Portsmouth
West Branch Pine Barrens Preserve, Madison
West Locke Road, Concord
West Massabesic Rockingham Trail, Manchester
West Portsmouth Street, Concord
West Terrill Park, Concord
Wetland by Route 93, Holderness
Whaleback Ponds, Errol
Wheelwright Pond, Lee
Whitaker Woods, North Conway
White Farm, Concord
White Lake State Park, Tamworth
White Mountain National Forest–19 Mile Brook Trail To Wildcat Ridge
White Mountain National Forest–Caps Ridge Trail
White Mountain National Forest–Carter Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Champney Falls Trail, Albany
White Mountain National Forest–Davis Path
White Mountain National Forest–Dolly Copp/Pinkham B Road (Closed Winter)
White Mountain National Forest–Fishin Jimmy Trail, Lincoln
White Mountain National Forest–Guyot Shelter, Lincoln
White Mountain National Forest–Jefferson Notch Road
White Mountain National Forest–Lakes of The Clouds Hut
White Mountain National Forest–Long Pond, Benton
White Mountain National Forest–Mizpah Spring Hut
White Mountain National Forest–Mountain Pond, Chatham
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Field
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Adams, North Side
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Jackson
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Liberty, Lincoln
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Lincoln, Franconia
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Madison North Side
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Osceola Trail, Livermore
White Mountain National Forest–Nancy Pond Trail, Crawford Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Old Bridle Path Trail
White Mountain National Forest–Pinkham Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Sawyer Pond, Livermore
White Mountain National Forest–Square Ledge Trail, Pinkham Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Starr King Trail, Jefferson
White Mountain National Forest–Tuckerman Ravine Trail
White Mountain National Forest–Webster-Jackson Trail
White Mountain National Forest– Wildwood Campground, Easton
White Mountain National Forest–Zealand Falls Hut, Bethlehem
White Mountain National Forest–Zealand Mountain, Lincoln
White Mountain National Forest–Zealand Trail, Bethlehem
White Mountain National Forest–Welch-Dickey Trail Loop
White Park, Concord
Whiteface Intervale, Sandwich
Wildcat Falls Conservation Area, Merrimack
Wildcat Mountain Ski Area, Pinkhams Grant
Wildcat River Valley Trails, Jackson
Wilder Dam Reservoir, Lebanon
Wilder Dam, Lebanon
Wilder Wildlife Management Area, Lyme
Willand Pond, Somersworth/Dover
Willard Pond, Antrim
William H. Champlin Forest Reservation, Rochester
Wilson Pond, Swanzey
Winnant Park Trail, Concord
Winnipesaukee River at Messer Street, Laconia
Winnipesaukee River Behind Plaza by Route 140, Tilton
Winnipesaukee River Downstream From Main Street Bridge, Laconia
Winnisquam Lake (Overall)
Winter Harbor, Lake Winnipesaukee
Woodman Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Northwood
Woodmont Orchard, Hollis
Woodridge Park, Durham
Worcester Island, Wolfeboro
World End Pond, Salem
Worthley Road Wetland



York Pond, Berlin
Yudicky Farm/Southwest Park, Nashua