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All Hotspots in Rockingham County

Abe Emerson Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Candia
Adams Pond Powerline Trail
Appledore Avenue @ Little River, North Hampton
Arboretum Drive at Creek by Circle, Newington
Arboretum Drive North Side of Road Across from Pease, Newington
Awcomin Marsh, Rye
Back Channel, Portsmouth/New Castle
Ballard Pond, Derry
Beaver Lake, Derry
Bicentennial Park, Hampton
Blackwater River by Route 286, Seabrook
Bodwell Farm, East Kingston
Borthwick Avenue Marsh at Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Brentwood Mitigation Area
Broadview Farm Conservation Area
Brookside Wildlife Sanctuary, South Hampton
Canobie Lake
Central Cemetery, Rye
Chapmans Landing, Stratham
Church Street Water Tower Parking Lot, Hampton
Clark Pond, Auburn
Concord Point, Rye
Conner Farm, Exeter
Conservation Ponds behind Walmart, Epping
Cove at Rye/North Hampton Town Line
Cove South of Odiorne Point State Park, Rye
Creek Farm, Portsmouth
Derry Wastewater Treatment Plant (Restricted Access)
Dodge Ponds, Hampton Falls
Doles Marsh, Deerfield
Eel Pond, Rye
Exeter Reservoir
Exeter River, Exeter
Exeter River from Pickpocket Dam, Exeter
Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant
Follets Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Newmarket
Fort Constitution, New Castle
Fort Stark, New Castle
Foss Beach, Rye
Fox Hill Point, North Hampton
Fox Point Road Cornfield at End, Newington
Geremonty Drive Marsh, Salem
Gilman Park, Exeter
Glen Oakes Conservation Area, Fremont
Goss Farm, Rye
Great Bay
Great Bay Discovery Center, Greenland
Great Bay Farm, Greenland
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Former Weapons Storage Area
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Furber Strait Platform
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Herods Cove
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Mcintyre Road
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Stubbs Pond (Restricted Access)
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Woodman Point Cove
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge–Woodman Point Marsh
Great Bay Shoreline South, Osprey Cove (Formerly Bayridge Rd), Greenland
Great Bay–Weeks Point, Greenland
Great Boars Head, Hampton
Great Boars Head–North, Hampton
Great Bog–Banfield Road, Portsmouth
Great Brook Conservation Lands–Great Brook Trail, Deerfield
Great Island Common, New Castle
Great Pond, Kingston
Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach State Park
Hampton Harbor (Overall)
Hampton Harbor Inlet
Hampton Harbor Northside Jetty, Hampton
Hampton Harbor–Dunes at 1-A Bridge
Hampton Harbor–Hampton River Marina Mudflats
Hampton Harbor–Restroom Parking Area, Seabrook
Hampton Harbor–Yankee Fishermans Coop
Hampton Salt Marsh Conservation Area, Hampton
Hampton Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Cross Beach Road, Seabrook
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Depot Road, Hampton Falls
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Landing Road Pool, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 1, Taylor River, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 101, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook Marsh–Route 286 Pools, Seabrook
Hawkins Farm, Salem
Henderson-Swasey Town Forest, Exeter
Henrys Pool, Route 101E, Hampton
Island Path, Hampton
Island Path Conservation Area, Hampton
Isles of Shoals – New Hampshire
Isles of Shoals–Lunging Island, Rye
Isles of Shoals–Square Rock, Rye
Isles of Shoals–Star Island, Rye
Isles of Shoals–White and Seavey Islands, Rye
Jeffreys Ledge (New Hampshire)
Jenness/Sawyers Beach, Rye
Lake Massabesic, Auburn
Lake Massabesic–Claires Landing, Auburn
Lake Massabesic–Front Park, Route 28B
Lake Massabesic-Northeast
Leachs Island, New Castle
Little Boars Head, North Hampton
Little Harbor, New Castle/Rye
Little Jacks Restaurant, Route 1A, Hampton
Little River Saltmarsh, North Hampton
Little River, Exeter
Long Pond, Danville/Kingston
Lovering Road Marsh, North Hampton
Lubberland Creek Preserve, Newmarket
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
Marsh Road Pond
Massabesic Audubon Center, Auburn
Massacre Marsh, Rye
Massacre Marsh at Parsons Creek, Rye
Meadow Pond, Hampton
Mitchell Pond, Windham Rail Trail
Moeckel Pond, Windham
Musquash Swamp Conservation Area, Londonderry
Neal Mill Road, Newmarket
Newington Town Park
Newmarket Town Landing
New Hampshire Coast
New Hampshire Waters Between Isles of Shoals and Jeffreys Ledge
North Beach, Hampton
North Hampton State Beach
North Mill Pond, Portsmouth
North Side Park, Hampton
Northwood Lake
Northwood Meadows State Park, Northwood
Nottingham Town Hall Trail
Odiorne Point State Park, Rye
Offshore Waters – New Hampshire
Old Portsmouth
Parsons Creek Saltmarsh West of Wallis Sands Beach, Rye
Pawtuckaway State Park, Nottingham/Deerfield
Pawtuckaway State Park–Boulder Trail, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Burnhams Marsh, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Fundy Cove Boat Launch, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Fundy Cove, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Middle Mountain Trail, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Middle Mountain, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–North Mountain, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Pawtuckaway Lake, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–Reservation/Tower Road Loop
Pawtuckaway State Park–Round Pond, Nottingham
Pawtuckaway State Park–South Mountain, Nottingham
Pease International Tradeport
Pease International Tradeport–Mcintyre Road
Pease International Tradeport–Short Street, Newington
Pease International Tradeport–Southeast End, Portsmouth
Peirce Island, Portsmouth
Philbrick Marsh, North Hampton
Piscassic Greenway, Newfields
Piscassic Park Boat Launch, Newmarket
Plaice Cove, Hampton
Pools South of Odiorne (West of 1A), Rye
Portsmouth City Park, Harvard Street
Portsmouth Traffic Circle, Portsmouth
Powder House Pond, Exeter
Powwow Pond, Kingston
Powwow River at Hilldale Avenue, South Hampton
Pulpit Rocks, Rye
Raynes Farm, Exeter
Reservation Road Powerline Cut, Deerfield
Robert Frost Farm Historic Site, Derry
Rockingham County Complex Fields
Rockingham Park Racetrack and Parking Lot, Salem
Rockingham Recreational Trail, Newfields
Route 1A Wooden Bridge, Rye
Route 1A Pullout by Stone Angel, Rye
Route 1A, Second Pullout South of Odiorne Point, Rye
Runnymede Farm, North Hampton
Rye Harbor
Rye Harbor State Park
Rye Ledge
Rye Recreation Area
Salt Marsh South of Route 286, Seabrook
Salt Marshes South of Rye Harbor
Saltmarsh off Pollock Drive, Rye
Saltmarsh South of Odiorne Point, Rye
Sawyers Beach, Rye
Seabrook Back Dunes
Seabrook Beach
Seabrook Beach–Haverhill Street
Seabrook Marshes–Beckmans Landing
Seabrook Wastewater Treatment Plant
Seal Rocks, Rye
South Mill Pond, Portsmouth
Spruce Swamp, Fremont
Squamscott River Marshes, Exeter
Sunset Farm, Greenland
Swasey Parkway, Squamscott River, Exeter
Tower Hill Pond Trails (Manchester Water Works Land), Candia
Tucker and French Family Forest, Kingston
Tuttle Swamp, Newmarket
Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth
Wallis Sands State Beach, Rye
Webster Wildlife and Natural Area, Kingston
Wentworth Coolidge Historical Site, Portsmouth
Woodman Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Northwood
World End Pond, Salem
Worthley Road Wetland