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Isles of Shoals–White and Seavey Islands, Rye

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Rockingham County

Isles of Shoals–White and Seavey islands, Rye
Coordinates: 42.9685691, -70.6241183
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Birding in New Hampshire

Tips for birding Isles of Shoals
The Isles of Shoals comprise a small archipelago that straddles the New Hampshire/Maine border about 5 miles off the coast. Star Island, Lunging Island, and White and Seavey Islands are the major islands in New Hampshire but are surrounded by plentiful small ledges. Like many islands off the coast, these can be very productive as migrant traps in spring and fall. Water birds are also plentiful around the islands year-round.

A large colony of terns nests on White and Seavey Islands and biologists studying the terns have reported some interesting sightings in recent years. Winter birding, though less explored, can be productive. The Isles of Shoals Christmas Bird Count frequently records numbers of Harlequin Ducks, alcids, kittiwakes, and other species that are tough to come by along the immediate coast. Interesting land birds may also linger into December to be counted on this trip.