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Delta Park IBA

Colchester, Vermont 05446
Delta Park (Audubon IBA) webpage
Delta Park webpage
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Chittenden County

Delta Park IBA
Coordinates: 44.5333652, -73.2777677
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About Delta Park IBA
Delta Park is a sandy wetland delta at the mouth of the Winooski River where it flows into Lake Champlain. The park contains several acres of lakeside marsh, swamp, sand beaches and bottomland forest. Vermont Natural Community types include Lake Sand Beach, Shallow Emergent and Cattail Marsh, Lakeshore Grassland and Buttonbush Swamp.

Delta Park is a migratory stopover for many species of birds. The juxtaposition of wetland, bottomland forest and lake and river ecosystems provided a diversity of habitat types The shallow water to the south and west of Delta Park are important feeding, wading and resting areas for species of waterfowl, gulls, terns and shorebirds. The swamps and marsh areas within the park are home to a variety of nesting and feeding waterfowl. Over twenty-three species of both waterfowl and shorebirds, six species of heron and several species of gulls and terns including state endangered Common Terns as well as state threatened Black Terns have all been observed here.

Delta Park represents critical shoreline habitat along Lake Champlain and is protected by the Winooski Valley Park District. In addition to its obvious importance to birds, the boundaries of Delta Park contain a colony of beach pea (Lathyrus japonicus), an endangered plant species in the state. This area is threatened by invasive species including Purple Loosestrife, agricultural run-off, adjacent development and heavy recreational use. A boardwalk through the site is proposed for construction and once built may reduce human impact on the site.
From Delta Park (Audubon IBA) webpage