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How you can help

Write “Tips for birding . . .”
Most pages have descriptions from and links to official webpages about the location. Birders, especially those visiting the hotspot for the first time, appreciate more specific information about how to bird the location. Where do you park? Is there a trail or pond that is especially good to visit? Is it helpful to carry a scope? Is this spot good in a particular season? Are there birds that are regularly seen here? Are there restrooms on the site? Are there handicap accessible facilities? There is a paragraph of “Tips for birding . . .” for locations where birders have provided helpful information about the place.

Take Photos
It is extremely helpful to have photos which illustrate the habitat, parking lot, park sign, or give birders an idea of what to expect when they visit the park. Links to photos on the official website often break when the website is updated. Photos provided by birders are much preferred. In some cases, we have added a “photo tour” of the hotspot when a birder can provide 4 or 5 photos with brief descriptions. Sometimes a photo of a bird you observed also shows the habitat at the location.

Check your favorite locations
Check the links to your favorite local birding locations to see the information we have about it in the website. Report any broken links so they can be updated. If you can provide new information or add to what is there, it will be most appreciated by the birding community.

Develop a section for a new state or province
Please indicate if you want to explore how to develop a section of this website for a new state or province. I can also help you if you want to develop your own website.

Ken Ostermiller