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Apache County

Birding in Arizona

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Top 10 Hotspots in Apache County

100 or more species reported
Becker Lake
Ganado Lake
Petrified Forest National Park
Many Farms Lake
Lyman Lake State Park
Luna Lake
Little Colorado River–South Fork
Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area
Wenima Wildlife Area
Big Lake Recreation Area

All Hotspots in Apache County

A-1 Lake
Apache Railroad Multi-Use Trail
Basin Lake
Becker Lake
Becker Lake Wildlife Area–River Walk Trail
BIA Route 70–Big Bonito Creek
BIA Route 70–Corn Creek
BIA Route 71–Big Bonito Creek
Big Lake Lookout
Big Lake Recreation Area
Bog Tank
Bonito Prairie (Apache County)
Burnt Mill Spring
Canyon De Chelly National Monument
Canyon De Chelly National Monument–Antelope House Overlook
Canyon De Chelly National Monument–Cottonwood Campground
Canyon De Chelly National Monument–Mummy Cave Overlook
Canyon De Chelly National Monument–Spider Rock Overlook
Carnero Lake
Chinle Wastewater Treatment Plant
Chuska Mountains–Indian Route 13 (Buffalo Pass)
Concho Lake
Crescent Lake
East Baldy Trail Number 95
East Fork Road BIA Route 55 (Apache County)
Gabaldon Campground
Ganado Lake
Ganado Wastewater Treatment Plant
Grasslands Wildlife Area
Greens Peak
Greer Lakes
Greer–Benny Creek
Greer–Benny Creek Campground
Greer–Bunch Reservoir
Greer–Butler Canyon Nature Trail
Greer–County Road 1126
Greer–East Fork of the Little Colorado River
Greer–East Fork Road (1121 and FS79)
Greer–Little Colorado River (North Crossing)
Greer–River Reservoir
Greer–Rosey Creek
Greer–West Fork of the Little Colorado River
Hawley Lake
Horseshoe Cienega Lake
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
Hulsey Lake
Highway 191–Rudd Creek
John Hall Cabin Tank
Lee Valley Reservoir
Little Colorado River
Little Colorado River–Highway 260 (Eagar)
Little Colorado River–Highway 261 Bridge
Little Colorado River–South Fork
Little Colorado River–South Fork Campground
Little Ortega Lake
Luna Lake
Lupton Rest Area
Lyman Lake State Park
Many Farms Lake
Many Farms Springs
McKays Peak
McNary Lakes (Apache County)
McNary–Old Mill Area (Apache County)
Mexican Hay Lake
Nelson Reservoir
Nutrioso Reservoir
Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest National Park–Blue Mesa
Petrified Forest National Park–Nizhoni Point
Petrified Forest National Park–Pintado Point
Petrified Forest National Park–Puerco Ruins
Petrified Forest National Park–Tiponi Point
Phelps Cabin Research Natural Area
Pole Knoll Recreation Area
Red Rock (Apache County)
Reservation Lake
Rock Point Wastewater Treatment Plant
Rolfe C. Hoyer Campground
Round Rock Reservoir
Sage Memorial Hospital Compound
Sheep Crossing
Sierra Blanca Lake
Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area
Springerville Rest Area
Saint Johns Wastewater Treatment Plant
Sunrise Campground
Sunrise Lake
Sunrise Park Resort and Ski Area
Teec Nos Pos
Teec Nos Pos Wash
Terry Flat
Tsaile Lake
Udall Park Tanks
Upper Log Campground
Wenima Wildlife Area
West Baldy Trail Number 94
Wheatfields Lake
White Mountain Reservoir
White River (North Fork)–McCoy Crossing
Winn Campground