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Greens Peak

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Apache County

Green’s Peak
Coordinates: 34.1100646, -109.5748435
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Birding in Arizona

Tips for birding Green’s Peak
The entire area around FR-117 can be excellent birding. The main attraction is Dusky Grouse but look also for Gray Jay, American Three-Toed Woodpecker, and other high-elevation birds.
From Northern Arizona Audubon Society

About Green’s Peak
Greens Peak is the highest of a set of rounded knolls sitting atop a raised highland north of Mount Baldy, in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. The White Mountains and surrounding terrain are part of the Springerville Volcanic Field, the second-largest such field in the country (the largest also being in Arizona, the San Francisco Volcanic Field in Northern Arizona). Greens Peak is named after Major John Green, who was a principal figure in the creation of Fort Apache.
From Greens Peak webpage