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Sheep Crossing

Greer, Arizona 85927
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Apache County

Sheep Crossing
Coordinates: 33.9593794, -109.5077705
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Birding in Arizona

Tips for birding Sheep Crossing
Access to the West Fork of the Little Colorado River here has typical breeding riparian birds of the area, including American Dipper and Orange-crowned Warbler. Look also for Gray Jay and American Three-Toed Woodpecker. A trail from here leads up Mount Baldy, where higher elevation birds such as Pine Grosbeak and Dusky Grouse may be found.
From Northern Arizona Audubon Society

About Sheep Crossing
Located at an elevation of 9,000 feet south of Greer. on the Little Colorado River, access is via Route 373 or Route 273 from the Sunrise Turnoff. This area is DAY USE ONLY and is a delightful picnicking spot! Fishing is available. Trailers under 22 feet are accommodated. The managed Season is from May through November.
From Sheep Crossing webpage

The West Fork of the Little Colorado River is fed by springs at the top of Mt. Baldy (second highest peak in Arizona) and flows to Sheep’s Crossing into Greer.
From Little Colorado River in Greer webpage