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Teec Nos Pos

Teec Nos Pos, Arizona 86514
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Apache County

Teec Nos Pos
Coordinates: 36.920803, -109.085802
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Birding in Arizona

Tips for birding Teec Nos Pos
Teec Nos Pos is best known as a good place to look for Black-billed Magpie in Arizona.
From Northern Arizona Audubon Society

About Teec Nos Pos
There are several stories on how the community obtained its name. The most common story currently shared is that the name, “T’iis nazbas” was given to the are in the 1800s after several cottonwood trees that naturally stood side-by-side forming a large circle in a radius of about 50 to 60 feet in diameter. Some area residents say only one tree remains to this day. The local youths are planning on replanting some trees in the same area where those trees once existed.

The other story is that there was one tree that bloomed to a near perfect round during the summer months, what this tree was remains a mystery to this day. Some local elders say the tree was a Navajo Willow but others say the tree was a large cotton tree.

The Teec Nos Pos Chapter is part of Navajo Land District 9 and is under the Shiprock Agency. The community is situated 29 miles west of Shiprock, New Mexico, and 44 miles southwest of Cortez, Colorado. The chapter extends into three of the “Four Corner” states Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Most of the chapter population resides in the Arizona portion of the chapter area.
From Teec Nos Pos webpage