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Cochise County

All Hotspots in Cochise County

3 Canyons Boulevard Grasslands
Amerind Foundation
Apache Station Wildlife Area
Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary
Ash Canyon Road
Ash Canyon, South Fork
Ash Creek (Cochise Co.) mile 6.4-8.8
Banning Creek Field Station
Barfoot Junction
Barfoot Lookout
Barfoot Park
Battiste Bed and Breakfast
Bear Creek
Benson Sewage Treatment Plant
Benson–San Pedro Golf Course-Patio Overlook
Brown Canyon Ranch
Calvary Cemetery
Carr Canyon
Carr Canyon Road–Lower Paved Section
Carr Canyon Road–Between Reef Townsite and Ramsey Vista Campgrounds
Carr Canyon–Comfort Spring
Carr Canyon–Old Sawmill Spring
Carr Canyon–Ramsey Vista Campground
Carr Canyon–Reef Townsite Campground
Carr House Info Center (only, not all of Carr Canyon)
Casa De San Pedro Bed and Breakfast
Cave Creek Canyon
Cave Creek Canyon–Herb Martyr Campground
Cave Creek Canyon–Idlewild Campground
Cave Creek Canyon–John Hands Campground
Cave Creek Canyon–South Fork
Cave Creek Canyon–Southwestern Research Station
Cave Creek Canyon–Stewart Campground
Cave Creek Canyon–Sunny Flat Campground
Cave Creek Canyon–USFS Visitor Center
Chiricahua National Monument
Chiricahua National Monument–Bonita Canyon Campground
Chiricahua National Monument–Bonita Creek Trail
Chiricahua National Monument–Echo Canyon Loop Trail Only
Chiricahua National Monument–Faraway Ranch
Chiricahua National Monument–Massai Point
Cochise College (Douglas Campus)
Cochise College (Sierra Vista Campus)
Cochise Stronghold
Cochise Stronghold Campground
Cochise Trail–Cochise Stronghold Campground to Stronghold Divide
Copper Canyon
Coronado National Memorial
Coronado National Memorial–Montezuma Pass
Curtis Flats Road (Saint David)
Davis Road at Central Highway
DD Gamble Guest Lodge and Ranch
Douglas–8th Street Park
Douglas–10th Street Park
Douglas–15th Street Park
Douglas–Airport Park
Dragoon Mountains–Council Rocks
Dragoon Mountains–Slavin Gulch Trail
Dragoon Mountains–West Stronghold Canyon
East Turkey Creek at Forest Road 42 and Forest Road 42B
East Turkey Creek–Forest Road 42B
East Whitetail Canyon
Elfrida–Courtland Road West of Highway 191
Elfrida–Gleeson Road West of Highway 191
Faria Dairy Pond
Fort Bowie National Historic Site
Fort Huachuca (Historical, Please Do Not Use For Current Lists)
Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery
Four Bar Cottages
Forest Road 42–East Turkey Creek to Onion Saddle
Forest Road 42–Past Herb Martyr Road to East Turkey Creek
French Joe Canyon
French Joe Canyon Road (Grasslands)
French Joe Canyon–Trail to Spring
Garden Canyon (historical, please do not use for current lists)
Garden Canyon Road–Fishing Ponds
Garden Canyon Road–Grasslands Only
Garden Canyon Road–Between Upper Picnic Area and Sawmill Canyon
Garden Canyon–Lower Picnic Area
Garden Canyon–Middle Picnic Area
Garden Canyon–Upper Picnic Area
Greenhouse Trail #248 to Winn Falls
Guadalupe Canyon (Cochise County)
Guindani Canyon
Herb Martyr Road 42A
Hereford–Birders Vista Bed and Breakfast
Horseshoe Canyon
Huachuca Canyon
Huachuca Canyon–Lower Picnic Area
Hunter Canyon
Hunter Canyon Road (Huachuca Mountains)
Hunter Canyon Trail
I-10 Eastbound San Simon Rest Area
I-10 Westbound San Simon Rest Area
Ida Canyon
Ironwood Road, Highway 191 to Stronghold Road
Ironwood Road, Stronghold Road to Cochise Stronghold Campground
Johnny Ringos Gravesite and West Turkey Creek Road Pond
Kansas Settlement
Kansas Settlement Road
Kansas Settlement–Arzberger Road
Kansas Settlement–Kimzey Road
Kartchner Caverns State Park
Keiller Park
Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge
Lower Carr Canyon Picnic Area
Lower Oversight Canyon
Lower Rhyolite Canyon Trail
Lutz Canyon (Trail #104)
Maley Street Ephemeral Pond
Mescal Road and I-10
Mescal Road–Railroad Tracks to Mile 6.4
Miller Canyon
Miller Canyon Road–Paved and Residential Portion
Miller Canyon Trail
Miller Canyon–Beattys Guest Ranch
Miller Canyon–Lower (Below Beattys)
Mormon Ridge Trail (West Turkey Creek)
Morse Canyon Trail #43
Muleshoe Ranch Preserve
North Fork of Rucker Canyon
Onion Saddle
Palominas Pond
Palominas Birdwalks (Scheduled Walks Only)
Paradise Cemetery
Paradise–George Walker House
Parker Canyon Lake
Pine Canyon
Pinery Canyon
Pinery Canyon Road
Pole Bridge Canyon Trail
Polly Drive Migrant Trap
Portal Road–East of Town
Portal–Big Thicket
Portal–Bob Rodrigues Yard (Dave Jaspers Old Yard)
Portal–Cathedral Rock Road at Creek Road
Portal–Cave Creek Ranch
Portal–Dave Jaspers New Yard (Opened 2015)
Portal–Foothills Road
Portal-Paradise Road
Portal–Quailway Cottage
Portal–Spoffords Feeders
Portal–Willow Tank
Price Canyon
Price Canyon Road
Price Canyon Trail
Ramsey Canyon
Ramsey Canyon Inn (Opened 1988)
Ramsey Canyon Preserve (Formerly Mile Hi Ranch)
Ramsey Canyon Road–Mesquite and Grassland Habitat
Ramsey Canyon–Hamburg Meadow
Road Between Onion Saddle and Barfoot Junction
Rob G’s House
Rucker Canyon
Rucker Canyon–Cypress Campground
Rustler Park
Salzman Farms
San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge
San Pedro River Inn
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Charleston Bridge
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Escapule Wash
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Fairbank
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Generic
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Hereford Bridge
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Highway 92 Bridge
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Kingfisher Pond
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–Murray Springs Clovis Site
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area–San Pedro House and Trails
San Simon Cienega (Arizona)
Saulsbury Canyon Trail (West Turkey Creek)
Sawmill Canyon
Scheelite Canyon
Scotia Canyon Trail
Scotia Canyon–Upper
Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park
Silver Creek at Portal-Paradise Road
Silver Peak Trail
Slaughter Ranch
Saint David Cienega
Saint David
Saint David–Golden Bell Road
Saint David–Holy Trinity Monastery
Stateline Road (Cochise County)
Sulphur Springs Valley
Sulphur Springs Valley–North of Willcox (Cochise County)
Sulphur Springs Valley–South of Sunizona
Sunnyside Canyon
Sunsites Sewage Ponds
Sycamore Campground (West Turkey Creek)
Tex Canyon Road (Desert Grassland Flats)
Tex Canyon Road (Riparian and Woodland and Grassland)
Texas Canyon Rest Area
Upper Hunter Canyon Trail
Upper Oversite Canyon Trail
Veterans Memorial Park, Sierra Vista
West Turkey Creek
West Turkey Creek Road–Arizona 181 to Sunglow Road
West Turkey Creek Road–National Forest Boundary to Road End
West Turkey Creek Road–Sunglow Road to USFS Boundary
Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area
Willcox Playa Wildlife Area
Willcox–Lake Cochise and Twin Lakes Golf Course

stakeout Berylline Hummingbird, Crystal Cave Trail #382
stakeout Harris’s Hawk, Sierra Vista, E Choctaw Dr
stakeout Rufous-capped Warbler, Hunter Canyon (2013-2019)
stakeout Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Moson Rd (2016)
stakeout Slate-throated Redstart, Pinery Canyon (2016-8)
stakeout Tufted Flycatcher, Upper Ramsey Canyon (2015-18)
stakeout White-eared Hummingbird, Herb Martyr CG–Cima Creek (2019)