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Greenhouse Trail #248 to Winn Falls

Coronado National Forest
San Simon, Arizona 85632
Greenhouse Trail #248 to Winn Falls webpage
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Cochise County

Greenhouse Trail #248 to Winn Falls
Coordinates: 31.8769746, -109.2532825
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About Greenhouse Trail #248 to Winn Falls
Many Forest visitors, upon driving the road to Herb Martyr Campground and seeing Winn Falls tumbling 400 feet off the north shoulder of Sanders Peak, start looking for a way to get a closer look. The best way to get a close look, relatively speaking, is via the Greenhouse Trail. This route from canyon bottom to high country starts at the end of a 4-wheel drive road (FR-713) off the Herb Martyr Road (FR-42A) and switchbacks its way into the Chiricahua high country. Along the way, it passes an overlook that presents a fine view of the falls. Remember that in early summer it’s liable to be dry and in winter it becomes a 400-foot icicle, but even if it’s only a bare cliff, it’s still worth a look. Beyond the Winn Falls viewpoint, the Greenhouse Trail continues climbing to a high divide between Cima and Greenhouse canyons that presents more good views. From this scenic vantage point, the trail follows a more gradual course into a mossy basin where big trees and wildflowers flourish on the moisture provided by a perennial stretch of Cima Creek. In this idyllic setting, you’ll find a couple of old Forest Service cabins where Forest officers once spent spring and summer. It is a restful spot to view history before completing the last stretch of the 1,600-foot climb to the Crest Trail #270 at Cima Park. An alternate way to access the Greenhouse Trail is via the Basin Trail off FR-42. This friendly pathway follows a moderate gradient through oak/pine woodland, past Welch Seep, to a junction with the Greenhouse Trail at the end of FR-713. The Basin Trail is a good place to see white-tailed deer and other wildlife. This trail is also accessible via the Ash Spring Trail #247A out of Herb Martyr Campground.
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