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Portal–Cave Creek Ranch

Portal, Arizona 85632
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Cochise County

Portal–Cave Creek Ranch
Coordinates: 31.9041957, -109.1561556
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Birding in Arizona

About Cave Creek Ranch
Cave Creek Ranch occupies 7 secluded acres at the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon, with spectacular views of the rhyolite cliffs of the canyon. Our hummingbird feeders, seed feeders, and pond attract many Arizona specialty birds. Nearby habitats range from pine-oak woodlands and sycamore riparian areas to grassy meadows and Chihuahuan desert. Canada-like evergreen forests are less than 10 miles away. Benches are scattered about the grounds. Hiking trails lead to the top of the canyon.

Resident and seasonal birds include Painted Redstart, Bridled Titmouse, and Sulphur-Bellied Flycatcher, as well as numerous Elf and other owls and up to 12 hummingbird species in the summer, 2 in the winter. Elegant Trogons nest nearby; in spring and summer, they have been seen foraging in our trees. In winter, exciting hawk and sparrow watching can be found in the valleys around the Chiricahuas.

The front porch of the Cave Creek Ranch office is a popular spot from which to observe the feeders.

In his book, Location Checklist to the Birds of the Chiricahua Mountains, Richard Cachor Taylor writes “The yard list for Cave Creek Ranch rivals any in the United States. It is deservedly famous for its hummingbirds and has hosted nearly every hummingbird species found in Arizona.”
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About Portal
Portal is a tiny community on the eastern slope of the Chiracahuas and is a very popular birding area. In fact, there are places of lodging that cater specifically to the needs and interests of birders.