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All Hotspots in Navajo County

Alchesay National Fish Hatchery
Apache-Sitgreaves NF–Ice Cave Trail
Baca Meadow/Cemetery
Big Springs Environmental Study Area
Black Canyon Lake
Bonito Prairie (Navajo County)
Bootleg Lake
Chevelon Creek Dam
Chimney Draw Tank
Cholla Lake Park (Historic)
Clay Springs Rd.–Cottonwood Wash
Cooley Lake
Diamond Creek–BIA Rt. 61
East Bonito Prairie Tank
East Fork of the White River BIA Rt. 55 (Navajo Co.)
East Fork Road and BIA 55 Bridge
East Fork White River–Industrial Rd bridge
Fool Hollow Lake SP
Forest Rd. 86–Gentry Canyon
Fort Apache Historical Park
Hidden Tank
Holbrook Cemetery
Holbrook Rest Area
Holbrook WTP
Holbrook–Hidden Cove Golf Course
Holbrook–Hunt Park
Homolovi Ruins SP–Campground
Hwy. 277–Phoenix Park Wash
Hwy. 60/77–Corduroy Canyon safety pullout
Hwy. 60–Corduroy Creek at Long Tom Canyon
Hwy. 99–Jack’s Canyon
Jacques Marsh
Joseph City WTP
Kayenta Laguna Creek–Rte 6485 cottonwoods
Kayenta WTP
Keams Canyon
Keams Canyon Sewage Ponds
Lake of the Woods
Little Colorado River
Little Colorado River at Holbrook
McHood Park
McNary Lakes (Navajo County)
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Navajo NM
Navajo NM–Aspen Trail
Old Woodruff Rd.–Silver Creek Canyon
Overgaard–Bison Ranch pond
Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest National Park–Rainbow Forest
Pinecrest Lake
Pinetop–Billy Creek Trail
Pinetop-Lakeside–Pond Drive
Pinetop–Woodland Lake Park
Pintail Lake
Polacca STP
Rainbow Reservoir
Scott Reservoir
Sevenmile Rim (BIA Rt. 70)
Shonto WTP
Show Low City Park
Show Low Lake
Show Low WTP
Show Low—Bluff Trail
Sitgreaves NF–Gentry Lookout
Snowflake–Cottonwood Wash/Silver Creek confluence
Snowflake–Pioneer Park
Tall Timbers County Park
Taylor Cemetery
Taylor WTP
Telephone Lake and Polishing Ponds
Territorial Rd.–Chevelon Canyon bridge
Turkey Canyon (FR 487)
Twin Tank
Weaning Pen Tank
White Mountain Lake (restricted access)
White Mountain Nature Center
Winslow–La Posada Hotel garden
Woodruff (town)
Woodruff Dam–Little Colorado River and Silver Creek Confluence
Zeniff Rd.