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Pima County

All Hotspots in Pima County

Agua Caliente Park
Ajo Sewage Ponds
Amado Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ann Day Community Park
Anza Trail–Abrego Drive Trailhead
Arivaca Lake
Arizona Inn
Arizona Trail–Pistol Hill Road
Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Marana
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Arroyo Chico–Lost Barrio
Arthur Pack Regional Park
Ash Creek (Pima Co.)
Ash Creek (Pima Co.) mile 8.8-13
Avra Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant
Avra Valley–Reservation Road
Baboquivari Canyon
Bear Grass Tank
Box Canyon
Brandi Fenton Memorial Park
Bravo Park
Bud Walker Park
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Aguirre Lake
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Arivaca Cienega
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Arivaca Creek
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Brown Canyon
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Carpenter Tank
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Headquarters Area
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Honnas Pond
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Mormon Lake
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge–Triangle Pond
Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge
Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge–Daniels Arroyo
Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge–San Cristobal Wash
Canada Del Oro Riverfront Park
Canoa Ranch Conservation Park
Canyon Del Oro Wash–Along Tucson National Golf Course
Case Natural Resource Park
Catalina Mountains–Sycamore Reservoir
Catalina Neighborhood Park
Catalina Regional Park–Pond
Catalina State Park
Central Arizona Project Recharge Basin–Mile Wide Road
Christina-Taylor Green Memorial River Park
Christopher Columbus Park
Cienega Creek Preserve
Cienega Creek Preserve–Colossal Cave Road
Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Continental Maintenance Yard
Continental Ranch Park
Continental Reserve Park
Continental Wash
Corona De Tucson Wastewater Treatment Plant
Dan Felix Memorial Park
De Anza Trail–Elephant Head Road
Desert Shadows Park
East Box Canyon Road–Arizona Trail to Greaterville Road
El Mesquital Restaurant
El Rio Open Space Preserve
Elephant Head Pond
Esmond Station Regional Park
Esteven Park
Evergreen Cemetery
Feliz Paseos Park
Finger Rock Canyon
Florida Canyon–Lower
Florida Wash
Florida Wash at Madera Canyon Road
Florida Wash–Corral at Junction FR-488 and 62A
Fort Lowell Park and Pantano Wash
Forty Niner Country Club
Francisco Elias Esquer Park
Freedom Park
George Mehl Foothills District Park
Gibson Neighborhood Park
Grasslands Between Proctor Road and Florida Wash
Greasewood Park
Greaterville Road–Between Highway 83 and Box Canyon Road
Green Valley Country Club Estates
Green Valley Wastewater Reclamation Facility
Green Valley–Desert Meadows Park
Green Valley–Madera Highlands
Harold Bell Wright Park
Highway Tank
Hilton El Conquistador
Himmel Park
Hoffman Park
Honey Bee Canyon Park
Houghton Road and I-10
Ina Road Settling Basin
Iron Horse Park
Ironwood Forest National Monument–Ragged Top
Isabella Lee Natural Preserve
Jacobs Park
James D. Kriegh Park
Jesse Owens Park
Joaquin Murrieta Park
Kennedy Park
Kentucky Camp
Kitt Peak
Kitt Peak–Lower Foothills
Kitt Peak–Picnic Area
La Madera Park
La Mirage Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant
La Posta Quemada Ranch
Lakeside Park
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (Pima County)
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area–Cottonwood Tanks
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area–Empire Gulch
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area–Fortynine Wash Access Road
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area–Forest Road 6904 (Prairie Dog Colony)
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area–Maternity Well
Limberlost Family Park
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park–Atturbury Wash
Linda Vista Trail
Lisa Frank Avenue
Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Los Morteros Conservation Area
Lower Mountain Hopkins Road (Pima County)
Luckett Road Pond
Madera Canyon
Madera Canyon–Pima County
Madera Canyon–Madera Picnic Area
Madera Canyon–Proctor Road
Madera Canyon–Whitehouse Picnic Area
Mansfield Park
Marana High Plains Effluent Recharge Project
Marana Pecan Grove
Marana River Heritage Park
Marana Wastewater Treatment Plant
McCleary Wash (Historical Buff-Collared Nightjar Spot 1985-1994)
McCormick Park
McDonald District Park
Meadowbrook Park
Mendoza Canyon
Menlo Park
Michael Perry Park
Miramonte Natural Resource Park
Mission Garden
Mission Manor Park
Mitchell Park
Morris K. Udall Park
Mount Hopkins Road
Mount Lemmon
Mount Lemmon–Aspen Vista Point
Mount Lemmon–Babad Do’Ag Vista
Mount Lemmon–Bear Canyon
Mount Lemmon–Bear Canyon (Cypress, Middle Bear, Chihuahua Pine Picnic Areas)
Mount Lemmon–Bear Canyon (General Hitchcock Campground)
Mount Lemmon–Bear Wallow
Mount Lemmon–Butterfly Trail
Mount Lemmon–Control Road-Upper
Mount Lemmon–Geology Vista
Mount Lemmon–Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Area (Prison Camp)
Mount Lemmon–Hoodoo Vista
Mount Lemmon–Incinerator Ridge
Mount Lemmon–Inspiration Rock Picnic Area
Mount Lemmon–Loma Linda Picnic Area
Mount Lemmon–Manazanita Vista
Mount Lemmon–Marshall Gulch
Mount Lemmon–Molino Basin
Mount Lemmon–Molino Canyon Vista
Mount Lemmon–Mount Bigelow Road
Mount Lemmon–Oracle Ridge Trail
Mount Lemmon–Palisades Area
Mount Lemmon–Rose Canyon and Lake
Mount Lemmon–San Pedro Vista
Mount Lemmon–Seven Cataracts Pulloff
Mount Lemmon–Ski Valley
Mount Lemmon–Soldier Canyon
Mount Lemmon–Spencer Canyon
Mount Lemmon–Summerhaven
Mount Lemmon–Sunset Trailhead
Mount Lemmon–Thimble Peak Vista
Mount Lemmon–Upper
Mount Lemmon–Willow Canyon
Mount Lemmon–Windy Point
Naranja Town Park
Ora Mae Harn Park
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Alamo Canyon
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Arch Canyon
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Bates Well
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Bull Pasture
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Diablo Canyon
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Estes Canyon
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Main Campground and Sewage Ponds
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Puerto Blanco Drive
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Quitobaquito Springs
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument–Red Tanks Tinaja Trail
Ormsby Park
Oro Valley Marketplace–Big Wash Trail
Paige Creek
Paige Creek–Mile 14-14.8 (Concrete Tank)
Painted Hills Trailhead
Palo Verde Park
Pantano River Park
Picture Rocks Park
Pima Canyon
Pima Canyon Trailhead
Pima County Conservation Area
Pima Prickly Park
Pinecrest Park
Proctor Road Dispersed Campground
Purple Heart Park
Pusch Peak Trail
Quail Creek Country Club
Quail Creek Veterans Municipal Park
Quincie Douglas Park
Randolph Golf Course and Hardesty Building
Redington Pass
Redington Pass–Alambre Tank
Redington Pass–Bellota Ranch Lake
Redington Pass–Bellota Ranch Road
Redington Pass–Chimney Rock Area
Redington Pass–Woods Tank
Redington Pass–Yellowstone Tank
Reid Park
Richardson Park
Rillito River Park–1st Avenue to Campbell Avenue
Rillito River Park–Childrens Memorial Park
Rillito River Park–Columbus Weed Patch
Rillito River Park–Curtis Park
Rillito River Park–Flowing Wells Park
Rillito River Park–Oracle Road to First Avenue
Rillito River Park–Shamrock Trailhead
Rillito River Park–Swan to Craycroft
Rillito River–Swan Road to Alvernon Way
Rincon Mountains
Rincon Mountains–Miller Creek Trail
Rincon Mountains–Turkey Creek Trail
Rincons–Miller Creek Trailhead Area
Rincon Vista Sport Complex
Rio Vista Natural Resource Park
Roger Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility (closed 2014)
Roger Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility–Ruthrauff Pond (historical–dry since 1992)
Rolling Hills Park
Rudy Garcia Park
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area
Sabino Dam and Downstream Riparian
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park–Broadway Trailhead
Saguaro National Park–East–Bridal Wreath Falls
Saguaro National Park–East–Cactus Forest Drive Loop
Saguaro National Park–East–Cactus Forest North Trailhead
Saguaro National Park–East–Desert Ecology Trail
Saguaro National Park–East–Douglas Spring Trail
Saguaro National Park–East–Freeman Homestead Trail
Saguaro National Park–East–Javelina Picnic Area
Saguaro National Park–East–Juniper Basin Campground
Saguaro National Park–East–Loma Alta Trails
Saguaro National Park–East–Loma Verde Trailhead
Saguaro National Park–East–Lower Chiminea Canyon
Saguaro National Park–East–Lower Monument Wash
Saguaro National Park–East–Mica View
Saguaro National Park–East–Rincon Mountain Visitor Center
Saguaro National Park–East–Rincon Mountains Unit (historical, please do not use for current lists)
Saguaro National Park–East–Wildhorse Canyon Area
Saguaro National Park–Hugh Norris Trail
Saguaro National Park–Manning Camp
Saguaro National Park–West–Cam-Boh Trail
Saguaro National Park–West–Desert Discovery Trail
Saguaro National Park–West–King Canyon Trail
Saguaro National Park–West–Red Hills Visitors Center
Saguaro National Park–West–Signal Hill
Saguaro National Park–West–Tucson Mountains Unit
Sahuarita Lake
Sahuarita–North Santa Cruz Park
Sahuarita–Parque Los Arroyos
Sam Lena Park and Kino Ecosystem Restoration Project
San Xavier Del Bac Mission
Santa Cruz River
Santa Cruz River–Ajo Way to Irvington Road
Santa Cruz River–Avra Valley Road
Santa Cruz River–Congress Street to Silverlake Road
Santa Cruz River–Cortaro Mesquite Bosque
Santa Cruz River–Cortaro Road
Santa Cruz River–Crossroads at Silverbell District Park
Santa Cruz River–Drexel Road to Valencia Road
Santa Cruz River–El Camino Del Cerro
Santa Cruz River–Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard
Santa Cruz River–Ina Road
Santa Cruz River–Irvington Road to Drexel Road
Santa Cruz River–Juhan Park
Santa Cruz River–Marana
Santa Cruz River–Orange Grove Pond
Santa Cruz River–Paseo De Las Iglesias (Silverlake Road to Ajo Way)
Santa Cruz River–Sanders Road
Santa Cruz River–South End of Renaissance Doctor
Santa Cruz River–Speedway Boulevard to Congress Street
Santa Cruz River–Sunset Road
Santa Cruz River–Sunset Road to Camino Del Cerro
Santa Cruz River–Sunset Road to Orange Grove Road
Santa Cruz River–Trico Road
Santa Cruz River–Trico-Marana Road
Santa Cruz River–Twin Peaks Road
Santa Rita Park
Sarah Ann Miller Park
Sarasota Trailhead
Sells–Big Pond
Seneca and Ridgeway Area
Sentinel Peak Park
Shannon-Broadway Desert, Tucson
Silverbell Recharge Basins
South Indian Agency Road and Los Reales Road
South Lawn Cemetery
Steam Pump Ranch
Stefan Gollob Park
Sunset Point Park
Swanway Park
Sweetwater Wetlands
Sycamore Canyon Neighborhood Park
Tahoe Park
Tanque Verde Wash
Tanque Verde Wash–Tanque Verde Loop Road
Tanque Verde Wash–Wentworth Road
The Lakes at Castle Rock
Thomas Jay Regional Park
Todd M. Harris Sports Complex
Tohono Chul Park
Tucson Audubon Mason Center
Tucson Audubon Society Office
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson International Airport
Tucson Mountain Park
Tucson Mountain Park–David Yetman Trail-Camino de Oeste Trailhead
Tucson Mountain Park–Gates Pass
Tucson Mountain Park–Gilbert Ray Campground
Tucson Mountain Park–Ironwood Picnic Area
Tucson Mountains–Sweetwater Preserve
Tumamoc Hill
Turkey Creek Trailhead Road
University of Arizona Campus Farm–East of Campbell Avenue
University of Arizona Campus Farm–Roger Road
University of Arizona
Ventana Canyon
Vesey Park
Villa Serena Park
Vista Del Prado Park
Vista Del Pueblo Park
Waterman Mountains
West Box Canyon Road–Desert Scrub and Mesquite Grasslands
West Lambert Lane Park
West Silverbell Mountains
Whitehouse Canyon Road
Why–BLM Gunsight Wash Campground
Wild Burro Canyon Trailhead
Wild Outdoor World of Arizona Bed and Breakfast
Wilshire Park
Winston Reynolds-Manzanita District Park
Winterhaven Neighborhood
Woodland Road, Tucson

stakeout Buff-collared Nightjar, Buenos Aires NWR (2018-9)
stakeout Burrowing Owls, Irvington Rd Circle K (2017)
stakeout Five-striped Sparrow, Box Canyon (2017-9)
stakeout Lewis’s Woodpecker, Mt. Lemmon–mp 16.4 (2017)
stakeout Pine Flycatcher, Aliso Spring (2016)
stakeout Streak-backed Oriole, Tucson (2018)