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Sonoita Creek State Natural Area

Patagonia, Arizona 85624
Sonoita Creek State Natural Area website
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Also, see Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve

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Santa Cruz County

Sonoita Creek State Natural Area (permit required)
Coordinates: 31.4850643, -110.8817886
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About Sonoita Creek State Natural Area
Established in 1994, Sonoita Creek State Natural Area’s mission is to preserve this fragile riparian area and its surrounding environment. Encompassing a major portion of the Sonoita Creek and Coal Mine Spring watersheds, this is the State of Arizona’s first significant Natural Area.

The Natural Area protects not only the endangered Gila Topminnow and serveral special-status birds, but also historical and cultural relics. Low impact recreations such as hiking, and bird watching co-exist with education and scientific research of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area.

Sonoita Creek State Natural Area is unique in that, within a relatively small area, seven distinct vegetative communities are present ranging from Semi-Desert Grasslands to Riparian Deciduous Forests. The visual and biological characteristics of these communities are markedly different, and their combined presence in a relatively small area is quite rare.

The Natural Area is located in a transitional zone between the Sonoran Desert and the Chihuahuan Desert. Representative species from each zone can be observed within its boundaries.
From Sonoita Creek State Natural Area website