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Anchorage Trail

Louisville, Kentucky 40223
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Jefferson County

Anchorage Trail
Coordinates: 38.2666738, -85.5401262
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Tips for birding Anchorage Trail
The Anchorage Trail is located at Evergreen Road and Station Road in Anchorage. This two-mile paved trail goes through a diverse habitat of woods, fields, farm crops and wetlands including a lake. The birding is good all year round but especially during spring and fall migrations. 187 species have been recorded for this fairly new trail.
From Beckham Bird Club

About Anchorage Trail
The Anchorage Trail is a 2 mile paved path that forms a loop for walking, running, family biking and the observation of nature’s best. It starts in downtown Anchorage and winds through trees, over creeks, and by farm fields. Many local residents walk their dogs and get their exercise on the conveniently located 10 foot wide trail. It is home to a wide variety of bird species, wildflowers, and various other wildlife. Willow Lake is adjacent to the Trail and is home to a swan, geese, and ducks. Evergreen Real Estate has planted and harvested thousands of pumpkins over the years on the Trail and Farm fields. The Amphitheater has hosted scout groups, church services, as well as weddings. Students have attended outdoor studies created by Anchorage Public School. In 2008, the Trail was awarded the National Trails Corporate Award. It is a gift that is an evolving and growing part of the Anchorage community. It promises to leave a legacy for generations to come. The Trail is privately owned, but open to the public.
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