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All Hotspots in Washington County

Addison Marsh & Flats
Addison–Knowles Brook Flats
Amazon Rd.
Back Bay, Milbridge
Bad Little Falls Park, Machias
Bar Harbor whale/pelagic trip–Ballpark to Petit Manan Island
Beals Island Maine
Birch Point Rd., Roque Bluffs
Boat trip, Cutler – Machias Seal Island
Boat trip, Jonesport – Machias Seal Island
Bog Brook Cove Preserve (MCHT)
Boot Head Preserve, Lubec (MCHT)
Bucks Harbor, Machiasport
Burn Rd., Topsfield
Calais Cemetery
Calais Waterfront Walkway
Carrying Place Cove, Harrington
Cathance Lake – Sunrise International Base
Chandler River, Jonesboro
Cobscook Bay Cottages, Perry
Cobscook Bay SP
Cobscook Bay WMA, Horan Head Unit, Lubec
Cobscook Bay WMA, Morong Point Unit, Lubec
Cobscook Community Learning Center, Trescott
Columbia Blueberry Barrens
Columbia Falls Dam
Cove Trail, Pike Lands, Lubec (DCC)
Crooked Brook Flowage, Danforth
Cross Island NWR
Crowley Island Bridge
Cutler (village)
Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land
Cutler Harbor
Cutler Naval Station
Cutler Naval Station–Great Pond Cove
Cutler Naval Station–Sprague Cove
Cutler Naval Station–Sprague’s Neck
Cutler Naval Station–Thornton Pt.
Devil’s Head Conservation Area, Calais
Down East Sunrise Trail, Machias
Downeast Salmon Federation
Dyer Cove, Addison
Eagle Hill Institute
East Machias River
East Side Road
Eastland Motel pond, Lubec
Eastport–Carrying Place Cove
Eastport–Friar Roads
Eastport–Shackford Head SP
Englishman River, Roque Bluffs
Ferry, Bar Harbor – Yarmouth NS (Maine waters)
Flake Point Bar, Jonesport
Flat Bay, Harrington
Flat Island, Addison
Frank E. Woodworth Preserve, Harrington (MCHT)
Ft. O’Brien Beach, Machiasport
Gardner Lake Rd.
Gleason Cove Boat Launch, Perry
Grand Falls Flowage – Smoking Rivers
Gray’s Beach
Great Bar, Jonesport (shore access)
Great Wass Island
Great Wass Island Preserve (TNC)
Great Wass Island–Alley Bay
Hamilton Cove Preserve, Lubec (MCHT)
Hardscrabble River, Pembroke
Hillside Cemetery
Holmes Bay flats
Huckins Beach Trail, Pike Lands, Lubec (DCC)
Hwy 9, East Machis R. Rest Area
Ingersoll Point Preserve, Addison (DCC)
Jasper Beach
Johnson Cove shorebird roost
Jonesport Campground
Jonesport Marina
Jonesport–Sawyer Cove
Klondike Mtn. Preserve, Lubec (DCC)
Libby Islands
Little Machias Bay flats
Looks Cannery, Whiting
Loring Cove, Perry
Lubec Flats
Lubec Flats–Mowry Beach Park (DCC)
Lubec Flats–Quoddy Head Rd.
Lubec Flats–South Lubec Sand Bar
Lubec Jetty
Lubec Mud Flats
Machias Motor Inn
Machias Seal Island
Machias–head of Yoho Creek
Mason Bay Conservation Area — Jonesboro
McLellan Park, Milbridge
Mill Creek, Machiasport
Mill Pond, East Machias
Mistake Island
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division–Charlotte Rd. Boardwalk
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division–Charlotte Rd. Observationn Deck
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division–Cross Dike Rd.
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division–Headquarters Area
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division–Woodcock Trail
Moosehorn NWR, Barring Division–Railroad Marsh Walk
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–Crane Mill Rd
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–North Trail
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–North Trail West of Weir Rd
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–South Trail Wilderness
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–Timberdoodle Trail
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division–Youngs Cove
Moosehorn NWR–Baring Division
Moosehorn NWR–Goodall Heath Rd
Musquash Esker
Narraguagus River bridge, Milbridge
Newcomb Point
Old Sow Whirlpool
Over Point, Steuben
Patrick Lake
Pennamaquan River
Petit Manan NWR
Petit Manan NWR–Birch Pt Trail
Petit Manan NWR–Chair Pond
Petit Manan NWR–Hollingsworth Trail
Petit Manan NWR–Petit Manan Island
Petit Manan NWR–Petit Manan Pt.
Pike’s Puddle and shore, Lubec
Pinkham Bay, Steuben
Pond Island
Reversing Falls Park, Pembroke
Reynolds Marsh Overlook (DCC)
Ripley Neck Flats, Addison
Robbinston Red Beach–Boat Launch
Robbinston Red Beach–Mill Cove
Roque Bluffs SP
Salt marsh, East Machias
Salt marsh, Machias
Sanford Cove, Roque Bluffs
Schoppee Pt., Roque Bluffs
Shipyard Cove, Machiasport
Sipayik Trail — Pleasant Point
Sipp Bay Preserve, Perry (MCHT)
St Croix River launch point
St Croix River–Lake Spednic
St Croix River–Porters Meadows – Smoking Rivers
St. Croix River–Lewis Cove
St. Croix River–Mill Cove
Starboard Cove, Machiasport
Stream House
Sunset Point Campground, Harrington
Sunset Point Campground, Lubec
The Great Heath
Tide Mill Creek Conservation Land (DCC)
Township 19 MD BPP
University of Maine at Machias
Upper & Lower Wass Coves, Harrington
West Carrying Place Cove, Harrington
West Quoddy Head SP
Western Head Preserve, Cutler (MCHT)
Whiting area
William Island Flats, Edmunds
Woodruff Cove, Machiasport