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Laurel Lake

Birding in Massachusetts

Laurel Lake
Lenox, Massachusetts 01240
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Berkshire County

Laurel Lake
Coordinates: 42.3256811, -73.268013
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About Laurel Lake
Laurel Lake, which is fed by Sergeant Brook, straddles the town line between Lenox and Lee. Its watershed lies mostly in the two towns. Although the lake is natural in origin, a dam constructed by Schweitzer Paper Company has enhanced its size and depth. In addition to the dam and spillway, the company controls a 12-inch intake pipe at the outlet allowing the company to adjust the water level of the lake. The lake’s outlet stream flows south to the Housatonic River.

The lake is accessible on the eastern shore from a boat ramp as well as from the 16-acre Edith Wharton Park owned jointly by Lee and Lenox.

Boat Ramp to North End
The Public Access Board owns a paved ramp and large parking lot located on the southern tip of the lake. The ramp is suitable for small trailer boats, car-top boats, and canoes, and there is no fee to launch.
Launch at the boat ramp and turn northwest, right. There is a large rock and the water becomes deep. You will pass two small coves and some houses. The second cove is Lenox town beach at about 0.6 miles. Turn north into the small bay.

Northwest Cove
This cove is bordered by small homes. At about 0.7 miles, Sergeant Brook enters. At 1.1 miles the shore turns south and becomes the Edith Wharton Park open to the public.

West Side
Follow along the farm field. If it is late in the day you may even see a fox as I have. 1.5 miles you will begin to pass close to Laurel Lake Road. This dirt road is popular with shore anglers as there is little public access to other places; this road is in the town of Lenox.

Southwest to Lee Town Beach
As you leave Laurel Lake Road shore, you will travel to the southeast along a shore that becomes more and more wooded. High Lawn Farm owns this land. There are two small brooks that enter here. At about 2.2 miles, you will come upon the town beach with bathrooms, a guarded swimming area, and a volleyball court. This beach is open only to town residents.

South Point to Dam to Boat Ramp
After the beach, a wooded point of land forces travel to the north. Again, this land is owned by High Lawn Farm. Follow the shore around. At 2.5 miles, you should see the end of the lake. At 2.7 miles you will reach an earthen dam with a spillway. The water becomes very shallow and filled with small fish.

As you turn north, a Hotel called the Black Swan is on your right with a nice Indian restaurant. Follow the shore past a number of homes and then back to the boat ramp.​
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