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Sages Ravine

Birding in Massachusetts

Sages Ravine
South Egremont, Massachusetts 01258
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Berkshire County

Sages Ravine
Coordinates: 42.050886, -73.4371662
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About Sages Ravine
Sages Ravine tumbles down a beautiful section of forest and rock along the extreme western tip of Connecticut and Massachusetts’ borderline. When there has been a lot of rain or snowmelt, the series of falls and cascades are breathtaking. Even during times of drought, a quiet, peaceful world can be found. Dark forest and steep hills nearly cover the ravine and the splicing of sunlight through the trees only adds to the drama. Though not the Grand Canyon by any stretch of the imagination, Sages Ravine is truly unique around these parts and a must-see spot for all hikers. And if you happen to be there on a day when there aren’t other visitors, you’ll feel a lot more remote than you actually are.

The Appalachian Trail runs alongside the ravine and this section of trail is popular and well known to most seasoned hikers.
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