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Noquochoke Wildlife Management Area

Birding in Massachusetts

Noquochoke Wildlife Management Area
Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747
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Noquochoke WMA
Coordinates: 41.66787, -71.024587
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About Noquochoke Wildlife Management Area
Noquochoke Wildlife Management Area covers 255 acres. It lies between New Bedford and Fall River in the town of Dartmouth in southern Massachusetts. Shingle Island River forms the WMA’s western boundary. The largely flat terrain features abandoned farm fields and an old gravel extraction area, along with wetlands, grass fields, and woods. The WMA is essentially surrounded by slow-flowing streams and associated wetlands.

Tree species include gray birch, red maple, white pine, pitch pine, and alder. Exotic shrubs – particularly multiflora rose and autumn olive – have invaded the former farmland.

Managers work to suppress the invasives while maintaining and improving shrubland, grassland, and wetland habitats to help American woodcock, chestnut-sided warbler, blue-winged warbler, gray catbird, brown thrasher, Eastern towhee, Eastern meadowlark, American bittern, Northern harrier, spotted turtle, Eastern box turtle, marbled salamander, and several uncommon invertebrates including the frosted elfin butterfly and the chain dot geometer moth.
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