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Ipswich River–Asbury Street to IRWS Canoe Landing

Birding in Massachusetts

Ipswich River
Asbury Street to Ipswich River Watershed Association Canoe Landing

Topsfield, Massachusetts 01983

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Essex County

Ipswich River–Asbury Street to IRWS Canoe Landing
Coordinates: 42.6408045, -70.9093988
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About Ipswich River
Ipswich River is a small river in northeastern Massachusetts. It held significant importance in early colonial migrations inland from the ocean port of Ipswich. The river provided safe harborage at offshore Plum Island Sound to early Massachusetts subsistence farmers, who were also fishers.

The upper river runs through and drains at least parts of Burlington, the lower river forms part of the borders between towns. The wide swamps along the river made it impossible to ford the stream anywhere east of Wilmington in colonial times. The only route north out of Boston to the northeast (today called the Northshore) was via the Andover Road, an often muddy track, later made a wagon road which forded the stream just below the confluence of Lubbers and Maple Meadow brooks.
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