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Pelham Park Riding Ring

Birding in Massachusetts

Pelham Lake Park
Rowe, Massachusetts 01367
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Pelham Park Riding Ring
Coordinates: 42.708268, -72.8836414
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About Pelham Lake Park
In December 1955, Percy W. Brown, a longtime summer resident, gave to the town most of his real estate, comprising some 485 acres, to be maintained as a town forest, public park, and recreational area, which includes Pelham Lake and Dam, most of Adams mountain, and the Mill Pond in the village.

The town of Rowe lies roughly in the middle of the Appalachian Mountain chain, a geological feature that extends at least from Alabama to Newfoundland. The rocks of the Appalachians have been folded, faulted, heated, squeezed, and injected with molten granite, which can be seen in the rock formations along the many park hiking trails. The Adams and Todd Mountain range was often called “The South Mountain,” but Adams Mountain was presumably named for the landowner, John Adams. This mountain rises to an altitude of 2140 feet, the highest point in Rowe.

The beautiful lake in the center of Rowe, which many residents boat, fish, or swim in was almost lost in 1925. In 1925 the dam on Pelham Lake, owned and operated by the Mineral Products Company through the Foliated Talc mine, was condemned. This meant the opening of the dam gates that regulated the lake’s water flow, without this dam, there is no lake. The town voted to try and save the dam but was unable to raise the necessary funds needed. In 1927 Percy Brown acquired the Foliated Talc property and began improvements, the rebuilding of the Mill Pond Dam and Pelham Lake dam, thus restoring the lake – all to the great good fortune of the Town of Rowe.
From Pelham Lake Park brochure and map