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Boston National Historical Park–Charlestown Visitor Center

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Boston National Historical Park
Charlestown Visitor Center

Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129
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Boston National Historical Park
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About Charlestown Visitor
The Charlestown Navy Yard built, repaired, modernized, and resupplied ships for 174 years. From here ships and the sailors serving aboard set off to places around the globe. The ships that left this yard represented the United States on every continent and defended the nation through both times of war and peace. The generations of workers at this yard took pride in the significance of what they contributed and the work that they completed. For many sailors, this was the last place they might touch American soil for months, years, or perhaps never again.

Operationally, the yard saw many periods of expansion and decline as the policies of the United States changed over the course of two centuries. Technologically, the yard saw the constant transformation and acted as a hub of innovation. When the yard opened it serviced wooden sailing ships and employed tradesmen such as carpenters, ropemakers, and ship riggers. When the yard closed in 1974, the yard had welders, electricians, machinists, ironworkers, pipefitters, and engineers.

Today, explore the heart of the original Navy Yard. Visit the Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center where there are park staff available to answer questions, interactive exhibits, and public restrooms. Walk the decks of two historic warships that call the Navy Yard home: the undefeated sailing frigate USS Constitution and the 20th-century Fletcher-class destroyer USS Cassin Young. Further engage with this naval history at the USS Constitution Museum. For more information to help you prepare for your visit to the park, see Know Before You Go.
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About Boston National Historical Park
This 43-acre historical park encompasses portions of Downtown Boston, Charlestown, and South Boston. In addition to managing its properties that are a part of the park, the Park operates two visitor centers at Faneuil Hall and in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The park also works and cooperates with many different partner organizations which comprise the Freedom Trail.
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