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Lewis Lake Park, Winthrop

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Lewis Lake Park
Winthrop, Massachusetts 02152
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Suffolk County

Lewis Lake Park, Winthrop
Coordinates: 42.3742711, -70.9754562
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About Lewis Lake Park
One might trace the beginnings of Lewis Lake Park to the construction of the Washington Ave pile bridge in 1883-84. this bridge stretched from Washington Ave. to Sturgis and Shirley Streets at Winthrop Beach. This bridge for the first time introduced a barrier across Crystal Cove and set a precedent for the eventual enclosure of this waterway. The cove seems to have become a lake or large pond (1907-1912), with the filling in of land on either side of Washington Ave. This area was set aside as a park in the late 1920s when extensive improvements were being conducted along several parts of the town’s shoreline, It was named for Winthrop real estate developer Orlando E. Lewis, who served as a Town Selectman and had a great appreciation for the natural beauty of the town.
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