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Worcester County

Birding in Massachusetts

All Hotspots in Worcester County

Albee Preserve
Arcade Pond
Asnebumskit Hill
Athol Treatment Plant Road
Auburn Sportsmans Club (Restricted Access)
Bartlett Pond, Northborough
Bartlett Pond Conservation Area
Bearsden Forest Conservation Area
Beaver Brook Pond
Blackstone Gorge
Blackstone River Greenway Bike Path
Blackstone River State Park
Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area–Bolton
Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area–Lancaster
Bolton Office Park
Bowers Springs Conservation Area
Boynton Park
Breakneck Brook Wildlife Management Area
Breakneck Hill Conservation Land
Brierly Pond
Brigham Hill Wildlife Area and Williams Woods
Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Brooks Woodland Preserve
Buffumville Lake Park
Butler Farm
Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary
Cass Meadow Conservation Area
Central Mass Rail Trail–Whitehall Road, Rutland
Chaffin Pond
Chestnut Hill Farm (TTOR)
Coachlace Pond, Clinton
Coes Reservoir
Coggshall Park
Cohasse Brook
Cold Harbor Brook F.C.
College of The Holy Cross
Community Harvest Fields, Grafton
Connor Pond
Cook Conservation Area
Cooks Canyon Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Cormier Woods
Cowdrey Nature Center
Crane Swamp Conservation Area
Cross Street Powerlines
Crystal Lake, Gardner
Dark Brook Reservoir
Dean Park Pond
Deer Park Preserve
Delaney Pond
Delaney Wildlife Management Area
Dexter Drumlin
Dodge Park
Dorothy Pond
Douglas Center Cemetery
Douglas State Forest
Doyle Conservation Area
Dresser Hill Road Fields
Dunn Brook
Dunn State Park
Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Eagle Lake, Holden
Eagle Reserve Conservation Area, Royalston
East Street Cemetery, Petersham
East Waushacum Pond, Sterling
Electric Pond, Northbridge
Elm Hill Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon) (Restricted Access)
Elm Park
Evergreen Cemetery, Douglas
Fairview Cemetery, Grafton
Fall Brook Reservoir
Federated Womens Club State Forest
Fisher Park and Ferry Street Park
Fitchburg Airport
Fitchburg City Forest
Fitchburg Riverfront Park
Fitchburg State University Campus
Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Flint Pond, Edgemere
Foundation Field
Four Corners Town Hayfields Conservation Area
Fruitlands Museum
Fyfeshire (BCT)
Gardner Airport
Garfield Woods
Gates Pond, Berlin
Glen Valley Cemetery
Great Meadow, Grafton
Great Oak Farm (SVT)
Green Hill Park
Green Street Conservation Trailhead, Northborough
Greenbriar Recreation Area
Gummere Woods, Grafton
Hadwen Arboretum
Hardwick Pond
Hartwell Street Powerline Cut
Harvard Forest
Harvard Pond, Petersham
Haynes Reservoir
Heins Farm
Heirloom Harvest CSA Fields
Henrys Grove (East Quabbin Land Trust), Hubbardston
High Ridge Wildlife Management Area
High Ridge Wildlife Management Area–Old Gardner Road Entrance
High Ridge Wildlife Management Area–Smith Street Entrance
Hobbs Brook
Hodges Village Dam
Holden Town Center
Holden Town Forest
Hope Cemetery
Hopedale Pond
Horse Meadows Knoll, Harvard
Hubbardston State Forest
Hubbardston Wildlife Management Area
Indian Lake
Inman Hill Wildlife Conservation Area
Institute Park, Worcester
Institute Road, Grafton
Jewell Hill
Jewett Road Rookery, Sterling
Jordan Dairy Farms
Jordan Pond
Keith Hill Forest
Kettle Brook Reservoir Number Four
Lake Dennison
Lake Lashaway
Lake Quinsigamond
Lake Quinsigamond–Edgemere Swamp
Lake Rohunta
Lake Shirley
Lake Singletary
Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Lakeview Cemetery
Lamberton Brook, Warren
Leominster State Forest–Crow Hills Pond
Leominster State Forest–Gate 10
Leominster State Forest–Paradise Pond
Lincoln Woods Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Linwood Pond, Northbridge
Little Chauncy Area
Louisa Lake
Lunenburg Town Forest
MA-84 South–Sturbridge Rest Area
Mandell Hill, Hardwick
Maple Farm Sanctuary (Restricted Access)
Mare Meadows Reservoir
Martha Deering Wildlife Management Area
Massachusetts Audubon–Sibley Farm
Mass Central Rail Trail and Spruce Grove
Mass Central Rail Trail–Holden
McKinstry Brook Wildlife Management Area
Meetinghouse Pond
Mendon Town Forest
Merrill Pond State Reservation
Michael P. Yellic Conservation Area
Middle River Park, Worcester
Midstate Trail–Route 16 Lot
Milford Pond
Mill Villages Park, South Grafton
Mirror Lake, Devens
Moore State Park
Moose Brook Valley
Moose Hill Wildlife Management Area
Mount Wachusett Community College
Mount Wachusett Community College Ecology Trail
Mount Watatic (Worcester County)
Muddy Brook Wildlife Management Area
Muddy Pond and Sterling Peat, Sterling
Muir Meadows Conservation Restriction
New Swedish Cemetery and Leesville Pond, Worcester
Newton Hill
Nipmuc Pond
Norcross Hill Wildlife Management Area
North Common Meadow, Petersham
Notown Reservoir
Notre Dame Cemetery
Old Country Road, Lake Wampanoag Bog
Old Howard Cemetery
Old Sturbridge Village
Old Templeton Farm Colony
Orlandos Farm
Otter River State Forest
Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge (Worcester County)
Peppercorn Hill
Pierpont Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Pine Acres Camping Resort
Pine Hill Road Grasslands
Pine Island, Hardwick
Plummers Landing
Prospect Park
Prospect Park Conservation Area
Purgatory Chasm State Park
Quabbin Reservoir–Dana Shoreline
Quabbin Reservoir–Fishing Area 3
Quabbin Reservoir–Gate 37
Quabbin Reservoir–Gate 40
Quabbin Reservoir–Gate 41
Quabbin Reservoir–Gate 42
Quabbin Reservoir–Gate 43
Quaboag Pond
Quaboag River Bridge
Quinapoxet Reservoir
Quinebaug River Reservoir
Quinsigamond State Park
Rauscher Farm Conservation Area
River Bend Farm
River Road, West Boylston
Robinson Pond, Oxford
Rock House Reservation, West Brookfield
Roosevelt Park, Blackstone
Round Meadow Pond
Route 12 Rookery, West Boylston
Route 56 Overlook, Leicester
Royalston Town Center
Rutland State Forest
Rutland State Park
Saint Johns Cemetery
Saint Josephs Abbey, Spencer
Saint Philips Cemetery
Silver Lake Park, Athol
South Athol Pond
South Douglas Cemetery
South Main Street Powerlines
South Meadow Pond, Clinton
Southbridge Municipal Airport
Southwick Pond, Leicester and Paxton
Stirrup Brook
Sudbury Reservoir
Sutton State Forest
Sutton Wildlife Management Area
Sutton-Blackstone River Waterfall Park
Tanner-Hiller Airport
Templeton State School
The Quag, Sterling
Thomas Prince School, Princeton
Thompson Family Forever Wild Preserve
Tom Swamp
Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston
Trout Brook Conservation Area
Tufts Farm Fields
Tully Lake, Royalston
Tyler Conservation Area and Brewer Brook
Union Pond, Holden
Upper Blackstone Water Treatment Plant
Upton State Forest
Uxbridge Community Gardens and Soccer Fields
Uxbridge Rice City Pond
Vaughn Hills Conservation Area
Wachusett Lake
Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Wachusett Mountain State Reservation
Wachusett Reservoir (Please Use More Refined Location)
Wachusett Reservoir–Carville Basin
Wachusett Reservoir–Clinton Dam
Wachusett Reservoir–Fletcher Street Bridge
Wachusett Reservoir–Gate 37
Wachusett Reservoir–Gate 40
Wachusett Reservoir–Greenhalge Point (Gate 35)
Wachusett Reservoir–North Dike
Wachusett Reservoir–Rainbow Cove (Gate 36)
Wachusett Reservoir–Sawyer Bluff
Wachusett Reservoir–Scar Hill Road
Wachusett Reservoir–South Bay
Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation
Warren Meadows
Wayne MacCallum Wildlife Management Area
Webster Lake
Wells State Park
West Hill Dam
West Hill Park
West Waushacum Pond, Sterling
Westboro Reservoir
Westboro–A1 Site
Westborough Wildlife Management Area
Westville Lake Recreation Area
Whalom Lake
Whipple Farm–Moose Brook Preserve
Whitin Pond, North Uxbridge
Whitin Reservoir
Whitins Pond
Whitney Pond, Winchendon
Wickaboag Lake
Williams Conservation Land, Harvard
Winimusset Meadows Wildlife Management Area
Woodbury Pond
Worcester Airport
Worcester County Memorial Park
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Campus
Wyman Pond

stakeout Northern Wheatear–Wachusett Reservoir Dike (2015)
stakeout Red-headed Woodpecker–Princeton (2020-2021)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird–Parkman Street, Westborough (2016)
stakeout Trumpeter Swan–Osgood rd, Charlton (2018)
stakeout Varied Thrush–3 Dakota Trail, Rutland (2016)
stakeout Yellow-throated Warbler–Lancaster (2020-2021)