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Alphabetical Index

Birding in Michigan

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5 Mile Rd. marsh
5th Ave. beach
8th Avenue Park
9th St. Dam
10 Mile Rd. marsh
11 Mile Rd. marsh
11th St. lake
13 Mile Rd & Berrigan Ave (flooded field)
17 Mile Rd marshes
23 Mile Rd. flooded field
29 Mile and Omo Rds. mitigated wetlands
40 Mile Point Lighthouse
44th Ave–46th St to 41st St
58th Ave. and 38th St. area
60th and Segwun wetland reclamation (no entry)
62nd St & 128th Ave Field
64th St. & 116th Ave. field
66th St. fields at 126th Ave.
84th and Wilson (celery flats)
92nd and Patterson (flooded field)
92nd St. flooded field
114th Ave Road End
116th Ave and 8th St. wetland
120th Ave. potholes
121st St. end
128th Ave. at Bingham St.
146th Ave. at 10th St.


AAA Turf Farm (Ottawa Co.)
Abbot Road Park
ABR Ski Trails
Ackerson Lake
Ackley Lake–boat launch (Calhoun Co.)
Ada Cemetery
Ada Covered Bridge/Leonard Field
Ada Township Park
Adams Street Landing
Adams Township SGA
Addison Millpond/Hillside Cemetery
Addison Oaks Park
ADM Grain fields
Agate Beach
Ah Nab Awen Park
Ahmeek Marsh
Ahmeek Sewage Ponds
Al Sabo Preserve
Alcona Park
Alcona Park–East Primitive Area
Alcona Park–West Primitive Area
Alder Falls
Alegan SGA–Round Lake
Alger Woods
Algonac SP
Algonquin Cross-Country Ski Trail
Allegan Mountain Bike Park
Allegan State Game Area (General)
Allegan State Game Area–36th Street Seasonal Wetland
Allegan SGA–44th St. wetland
Allegan SGA–46th St (116th Ave to 118th Ave)
Allegan SGA–46th St. between 118th Ave. and 121st Ave.
Allegan SGA–Allegan Dam
Allegan SGA–Ely Lake CG
Allegan SGA–Farm Unit
Allegan SGA–Goose Lake
Allegan SGA–Highbanks Unit
Allegan SGA–Hoffman Landing
Allegan SGA–M-89 Kalamazoo River Bridge & Boat Launch
Allegan SGA–Mud Lake
Allegan SGA–Pipeline Landing
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek (112th Ave. to 116th Ave.)
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek (116th Ave to Swan Creek Pond)
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek (118th Ave. to Highbanks Unit)
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek at 116th Ave
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek Marsh
Allegan SGA–Swan Creek Pond
Allen Rd. boat launch
Aloha SP
Alpena Marina
Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary–Duck Park/Island Park
Alton D. McGaw Nature Sanctuary
Aman Park
American Center Marsh
American Legion Memorial Park
Amigo Centre
Anchor Bay (St. Clair County)
Anchorage Marina
Anderson Park
Anderson Rd. terminus
Anderson Woods Preserve
Andrews University
Andrews University–Beaver Point
Andrews University–Dairy
Andrus Lake Campground
Andy Ammann Woodcock Reserve
Ann Arbor Landfill/Wheeler Service Center
Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
Anna River (stakeout Crested Caracara 2016)
Antenna Farm
Antrim Creek Natural Area
Apio & Elmwood Lakes Walking Path
Apple Trail
Aquinas College
Arb/Gallup Bike Pathway
Arbor Hills Nature Area
Arcadia Beach Natural Area
Arcadia Dunes Grasslands
Arcadia Dunes Nature Preserve
Arcadia Dunes–Baldy Trails
Arcadia Dunes–St. Pierre Trailhead
Arcadia Dunes–Swamp Rd. Trailhead
Arcadia Lakeshore/Chamberlain Rd.
Arcadia Marsh
Arcadia Overlook
Argo Nature Area
Arkona Rd. marsh
Armory Arts Walk/Lions Park
Arthur Dodd Memorial Park
Arthur E. Sytek Roadside Park/Alpena Bi-Path
Ash Carleton Park
Ashmun Bay Park–boat launch
Ashmun Creek Natural Area
Ashwood Reserve
Asylum Lake Preserve
Atlantic Mine Sewage Ponds
Atlas County Park
Au Gres Delta Nature Preserve
Au Gres River Mouth
Au Sable Institute
Au Sable River Breakwall
Au Sable River–Holy Waters
Au Sable River–Lower Landing
Au Sable River–Mio Dam
Au Sable SF–Au Sable River CG
Au Sable SF–Big Creek Rd.
Au Sable Twp. Shoreline Park
Au Train Lake
Au Train–Beach
Au Train–Songbird Trail
Auburn Park
Aune-Osborn CG
AuSable River–Camp Ten Rd. bridge
AuSable River–Mio to Comins Flats
Austin Lake
Averill Preserve
Avis Farms–ponds
Avis Farms–south
Avis Farms–Woodlot


B2B Trail–Dexter to Hudson Mills Metropark
Backus Creek Flooding–dam
Bailey County Park
Bailey Park
Bailey-Lagerstrom Nature Preserve
Baker Woods Preserve
Bald Mountain SRA–north unit
Bald Mountain SRA–south unit
Bald Mountain SRA–west unit
Baldwin Lake
Baldwin Park
Ball Perkins Park
Bancroft Park
Bandemer Nature Area
Bandermer Park
Bangor Twp. Independence boat launch
Baraga Marina
Baraga Plains
Baraga Sewage Ponds
Baraga vicinity
Barnes County Park
Barnes Park
Barney’s Lake Nature Preserve
Barnum Lake
Barnum Park
Barry SGA
Barry SGA–Dagget Lake
Barry SGA–Fish Lake Unit
Barry SGA–Havens Rd. extension
Barry SGA–Otis Lake
Barry SGA–Peets Rd.
Barry SGA–Sager Rd. area
Barstow Woods Park
Barton Nature Area
Barton Pond
Barvicks Sand Dunes Nature Sanctuary
Bass Lake (Kent Co.)
Bass Lake (Mason County)
Bass River RA
Bass River SRA
Batteese Lake
Battjes Park
Bauman Rd. wetlands
Baw Beese Lake
Baxter Bridge CG
Bay City Lake CG
Bay City SRA
Bay City–Middlegrounds
Bay Co. Riverwalk/Railtrail System–Bay City loop
Bay Co. to Saginaw Co. River Rail Trail
Bay Port Fishing Access
Bay St. terminus (Tuscola Co.)
Bayfront Park (Petoskey)
Bayshore Marina
Beal Botanical Garden
Bear Butt Inn (Eckerman)
Bear Creek Nature Park
Bear Creek/Witham Dr. marsh
Bear Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Lake Natural Area
Bear River Valley RA
Bearchase Mountain Bike and Snowshoe Trail
Beaudette Park
Beaumont Wildlife Areas
Beaver Island–Camp 3 Trail
Becker Rd. ponds
Beechwood Park
Begole St. pond
Belding Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)
Bell Creek Nature Preserve
Bell Landing
Belle Isle
Belle Isle–Belle Isle Nature Zoo
Belleville Lake–Belleville Rd. access
Belleville Lake–Van Buren Park
Belvidere Township Park (First Lake)
Ben D. Jeffs River Park
Bengel Wildlife Center
Bennett Lake
Bennett Park
Benona Township Park
Bentley Marsh Flooding WMA
Bergland Dam
Bergland Dock boat launch
Bergland Sewage Ponds
Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary–Doty Native Wildflower Trail
Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary–Meadow and Marshland Trail
Berrien Springs Fish Ladder
Berrien St. lake access
Bertha Brock Park
Bessemer Sewage Ponds
Besser Natural Area
Bete Grise
Bete Grise Preserve
Betsie Lake
Betsie River Bike Trail
Betsie River–Lewis Rd. access
Betsie Valley Trailway (Thompsonville area)
Bewabic SP
Bicentennial Park
Big Bass Lake
Big Bass Lake Public Access
Big Bay Point Lighthouse
Big Bear Trail
Big Blue Lake
Big Bradford Lake boating access site
Big Crooked Lake
Big Iron River mouth
Big Lake
Big Lake Boat Access Site
Big Lake Campground
Big Lake Public Access
Big M Cross Country Ski Trails
Big Marsh Rd. ponds
Big Pines Day Use Area
Big Star Lake DNR Access
Big Traverse harbor
Bill Wagner Memorial CG & 7 Bridges Trail
Binder Park Zoo
Birch Lakes
Bird Hills Nature Area
Bird Hills Nature Area–North
Bird Rd Sewage Ponds
Birge Nature Preserve–Loon Lake Trail
Birge Nature Preserve–Woodland Trail and Northern Wetlands
Bishop International Airport
Bishop Park
Bishop’s Bog Preserve
Black Creek Sanctuary
Black Hole Nature Preserve
Black Lake Park
Black Pond Woods Nature Area
Black Rd. grasslands & wetlands
Black River Harbor
Black River Preserve
Blake Point
Blanche Hull Park
Blandford Nature Center
Bliss Riverfront Park
Bloomer Park
Bloomer Park
Blue Heron Environmental Area (restricted access)
Blue Lake
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Blue Water River Walk
Bluegill boat launch
Bluff Creek Flooding SWMA
Bluffs Nature Area
Boardman Lake Trail
Boardman Lake–Logans Landing
Boardman River at 8th St.
Boardman River Nature Center
Bob G. Caldwell Municipal Boat Launch
Bob Lake
Bobcat Lake
Bogue Flats Recreation Area
Bohne Rd. pond
Bolles Harbor of Refuge
Bolles Harbor of Refuge–north
Bond Falls
Bonner’s Landing
Boston Lake
Bostwick Lake Park
Botsford Recreational Preserve
Boulder Creek Ponds
Boutell Rd. terminus
Bow in the Clouds Nature Preserve
Bowman Bridge Recreation Area
Boyle Lake WA
Boyne River Dam Trail
Boyne River Flooding
Boyne Valley Twp. Cemetery
Bradford Dickinson White Nature Preserve
Brady Park
Brandenburg Park
Brandybrook Semiprimitive Area
Branstrom Park
Brauer Preserve
Bray Creek SF CG
Brevoort Lake
Brevoort Lake CG
Brewer Park
Brewer Woods Nature Sanctuary
Bridge Lake
Bridge View Park
Bridgeton, Michigan Campground
Bridgman Sewage Ponds
Briggs Pond
Brighton SRA
Brighton SRA–Bishop Lake
Brighton SRA–Cabin Rd.
Brighton SRA–Headquarters
Brighton SRA–Murray Lake Campground
Brighton SRA–Schafer Rd.
Brimley SP
Bristol Cemetery
Brockway Mountain
Brockway Mountain Sanctuary-Owen Krumm Trail
Brokaw Nature Area
Bronson Lake
Bronson Roadside Park
Brookfield Twp. No. 1 SGA
Brooks Nature Area
Brookside Cemetery
Bross Rd.
Broughton Rd. fields
Brower Lake Preserve
Brown Bridge Dam
Brown Lake
Brown Park (Mary Beth Doyle Park)
Brown Sanctuary
Browns Lake
Brunette Park
Brush Lake
Buchanan Dam Lower Access
Buck Creek Nature Trail/Lemery Park
Buck Creek Trail
Buell Lake
Buell Rd. fields
Buffalo Rd.–Avery Rd. to Beaver Dam Rd.
Buffalo Rd–Dayton Rd to Mt. Zion Rd
Buhr Park
Bullhead Lake Natural Area
Bullock Ranch State WMA
Bumbletown Hill
Bunker Nature Preserve
Bur Oak Landing Park
Burcham Park
Burchfield Park
Burgess Farm
Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center
Burnside Rd. marsh
Burns-Stokes Preserve
Burr Oak Park
Burt Lake SP
Burtchville Park
Burton Ridge pond
Burton’s Landing
Bush Lake
Butler Rd. marshes
Butterworth Landfill Prairie (Kent Trails)
Byron Lake (SW of 68th & Burlingame)
Byron Millpond
Byron Rd./Perry Se. farmlands
Bysterveld County Park


Cable’s Creek Trail
Caledonia Lakeside Park
Caledonia Sewage Ponds (park outside gate; foot traffic only)
Calumet Lake (Houghton Co.)
Calumet Lakeshore Rd.
Calumet Sewage Lagoons
Calumet Waterworks Park
Calvin College campus
Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve
Cameron Bridge
Camp Agawam
Camp Au Sable
Camp Friedenswald
Camp Lake
Camp Lake Ellen
Camp Lake Ellen–Short Crotch Lake Trail
Camp Michigania
Camp Newaygo–Wetland Trail
Camp Pinewood
Camp Tamarack
Campau Lake
Campbell Lake
Campbell Rd. wetland
Canadian Lakes
Canal Park
Cannon Creek Dam
Cannon Township Trail (north section)
Cannonsburg SGA
Cannonsburg Ski Area
Canterbury Garden Marsh
Canton Landfill Marsh
Canton Rouge River Trail
Canyon Falls Roadside Park
Capital City Bird Sanctuary
Capital Region International airport
Carl A. Gerstacker Nature Preserve
Carl Creek Crossing Preserve
Carp River CG
Carp River Rd. Fishing Access
Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve
Carter Lake
Carter Lake Preserve (SWMLC)
Cartier Park
Cascade Falls Hiking Trail
Cascade Peace Park
Cascade Township Park
Cascades Falls area
Casco Twp. Nature Preserve
Caseville Beach County Park
Caseville Jetty
Caseville Township Cemetery
Casnovia Sewage Ponds (limited access)
Cass River M-13 boat launch
Cass River Roadside Park
Cat Harbor
Cavanaugh Lake
Cecil Bay
Cedar Bend Nature Area
Cedar Campus
Cedar Hedge Lake
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake Campground
Cedar Rail Wetlands area
Cedar River State Harbor
Cedarville Bay
Cedarville Wastewater
Centennial Heights Pond
Centennial Park (Chassell)
Center Lake–5th St. boat launch
Central Meridian Uplands Preserve
Central Park
Centreville Wastewater
Chaboiganing Nature Preserve
Chaffee Woods
Charity Island
Charles A. Ransom Nature Preserve
Charles and Ida Harper Memorial Park
Charles Ilsley Park
Charlevoix jetty
Charlton Park
Charter Sanctuary (restricted access)
Chase Lake (limited access)
Chase Place
Chassell Sewage Ponds (restricted access)
Chatham Sewage Lagoon
Cheboygan Marsh/Gordon Turner Park
Cheboygan River Lock
Cheboygan River mouth/marina
Cheboygan SP
Chelsea SGA–Four Mile Lake
Cherry Beach (Harbert)
Cherry Capital Airport
Cherry Capitol Airport east
Cherry Hill Nature Preserve
Cherry Lane Nature Area
Chi-Bro Park
Chief Hazy Cloud Park
Chikaming Township Park
China Twp. Belle River Access Park
Chipman Preserve
Chipp-A-Waters Park
Chippewa Lake
Chippewa Nature Center
Chippewa Nature Center–Chippewa River Access site
Chippewa Nature Center–Ridge Area
Chippewa Nature Center–River Point
Chippewa Nature Center–Wetlands
Chippewa Run Natural Area
Chippewassee Park
Chocolay Bayou Nature Preserve
Chocolay River–Bayou St.
CIS Trail–Muir area
City of Alma Wastewater Treatment Plant
Civic Center Park (Auburn Hills)
Civic Center Park (Southfield)
Clam River Dam Park
Clark and Avis Spike Preserve
Clark and Butler Rd. wetland
Clark Lake
Clark Lambros Beach Park
Clark’s Marsh
Clay Cliffs Natural Area
Claybanks Township Park
Clear Lake
Clear Lake
Clear Lake County Park
Clear Springs Nature Preserve
Clifford Sewage Lagoons
Clinton River Park
Clinton River–Canal Park and Trails to Dam and Budd Park
Clous and Schneider Rds. wetlands
Cloverdale and Broadway Rds. grassland
Cloverdale Lake
Clowry Truck Trail
Clyde’s Meadow
Cochran Lake Public Access
Cold Brook County Park
Coldwater Lake (Branch Co.)
Coldwater Lake (Isabella Co.)
Coldwater Lake SP
Coldwater River County Park
Coldwater Springs Nature Area
Cole’s Creek mouth
Columbia Sanctuary
Columbiaville Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)
Columbus County Park
Commerce Twp. Community Library fields
Compeau Creek Gravel Pits
Concord Millpond
Conner Bayou Park
Conrad Rd. marsh
Conservancy Farm
Consuelo Diane & Charles L. Wilson Jr. Working Forest Reserve
Consumer’s Energy Hot Ponds
Cook Island Preserve
Cook Valley Blvd Wetland
Cooke Dam
Coolbough Natural Areas
Cooper Creek Park
Cooper Woodland Preserve
Coopersville Goose Field
Coopersville Landfill (restricted access)
Coopersville WTP (access temporarily suspended)
Cooper-VanWieren Park
Cope Bridge
Copper Harbor (town)
Copper Harbor marina
Copper Harbor Sewage Ponds
Cordwood Point
Corey Lake
Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center
Cornerstone University Campus
Cornish SGA
Cornwell Grade Rd. boat launch
Corsair Hiking/X Country Ski Trail–Wright’s Lake trailhead
Cosner-Barnes Nature Preserve
Cottage Grove Launch Ramp
Cottonwood Park
County Farm Park
County Rd. 438
Covell Park
Coverdale lake
Covered Bridge Park
Covert Township Park
Cox Pond
Crahen Valley Twp. Park
Craig Lake
Craig Lake SP
Cranberry Farm
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake Park
Cranberry Marsh
Cranbrook Institute of Science
Crandell Park
Craven Pond
Crawford Lake
Crawford Rd. marsh
CRC Conference Grounds
Creekside Park
Crego Park
Crescent Park
Crockery Creek Natural Area
Crooked Lake
Crooked Lake
Crooked Lake–Little Traverse Township Park
Crooked River Lodge trail
Crosswinds Marsh
Croswell Cemetery
Croswell Sewage Ponds
Croton Dam
Crow Island SGA–East Unit
Crow Island SGA–West Units
Crystal Falls sewage lagoons
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake (Iron Mountain)
Crystal Lake DNR access
Crystal Mountain
Crystal River
Crystal Sewage Ponds
Crystal Valley Ski Trail
Culhane Lake SF CG
Cummingston Park
Cunningham Lake–Beck Rd
Currie Golf Course/Pomranky Rd.
Curtiss Park
Cutler Rd. and Dunn Rd. wetland


D Dr. S. flooded field
Dafter Dump
Dafter Post Office
Dahlem Center
Dalton Rd. area
Daly Rd. pond
Danford Island Park
Dan’s Point
Dansville SGA
Darnton Family Nature Preserve
Dauner Martin Sanctuary
David St. retention ponds
Days River Nature Trail
Days River Pathway
Dayton Wet Prairie
De Tour Peninsula Nature Preserve
De Tour Roadside Park
De Tour SF CG
De Tour State Harbor
De Tour Village boat access site
Dead River Basin area
Dead River marshes
Dead River mouth
Dead River–Granite Ave. access
Dean Lake
Dearborn Ford Plantings–Ford & Mercury
Dearborn Ford Plantings–Headquarters
Dearborn Ford Plantings–Hubbard & Southfield
Dearborn Ford Plantings–Rotunda & Southfield
DeBuck’s Sod Farm (permission required)
DeBucks Sod Farm and Sedge Marsh
Deep Lake
Deep Water Point
Deepwater Point Natural Area
Deer Creek County Park
Deer Lake and the Bete Grise Preserve
Deerfield Hills Nature Area
Deerfield Nature Park
Deford SGA
DeGraaf Nature Center
Delaware Park
Delhi Metropark
Delhi Overlook
Delta Co. landfill (permission required)
Delta College–nature trails
Delton Kellogg High School
Denton Creek Flooding
Desmond Landing
Detroit Country Day Middle School (restricted access)
Detroit Metro Airport (restricted access)
Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
Detroit River IWR–Fix Unit
Detroit River IWR–Gibraltar Bay Unit
Detroit River IWR–Gibraltar Wetlands Unit (restricted access)
Detroit River IWR–Humbug Marsh (restricted access)
Detroit River IWR–Visitor Center (opening 2018)
Detroit Zoo
DeVine Preserve
DeVries Nature Conservancy
Dexter Huron Metropark
DeYoung Natural Area
Dhu Varren Woods Nature Area
Diamond Lake County Park
Diamond Point CG
Dicken Woods Nature Area
Dingell Park
Dingman Marsh
Discovery Preserve at Euclid Park
Dishno Road
Dixon Lake Public Access
Dodge Brothers No. 4 SP
Dodge Park
Dolan Nature Sanctuary (Baker Ave. Coldwater River Sanctuary)
Dollar Lake
Dollarville Flooding–DNR access site
Dolph Nature Area
Dolph Nature Area–South
Donald Lamoreaux Park
Douglas Beach Park
Douglas Lake
Douglas Walker Park
Dow Gardens
Dow Ponds (no access)
Dowagiac Woods
Dowling Creek
Dr. Gordon Guyer Augusta Creek SWA
Dr. T. K. Lawless Park
Drake Rd. mudflats
Drake Sports Park
Draper Twin Lake Park
Draper-Houston Meadows Preserve
Drayton Plains Nature Center
Driggers Nature Preserve
Dryburg & Teets Rd. grasslands
Dryden Sewage Lagoons
D-Town Farm
Duck Hunter’s Memorial
Duck Lake
Duck Lake Dam
Duck Lake SP
Duck Lake WTP
Dunbar Forest
Duncan Park
Dutch Settlement Rd. wetland
Dutton Pond
Dyer Swamp
Dyer Truck Trail


E. Dansville Rd. fields
E. Fawn River Rd. canoe park
E. L. Johnson Nature Center
Eagle Bay public access
Eagle Harbor (town)
Eagle Harbor Cemetery
Eagle Harbor Marina
Eagle River (town)
Eagle Valley landfill (restricted access)
East Bay Harbor Marina
East Branch Fox River CG
East China Park
East Grand River Park
East Paris Nature Park
East Park
Eastmanville Bayou County Park
Eastmanville Farm County Park
Eau Claire Sewage Ponds (limited access)
Eberwhite Woods
Echo Lake Nature Preserve
Eckerman Trout Pond
Edger Waterfowl Production Area
Edison Lake Dam
Edison Park
Edison Sault Power Plant
Edmore SGA
Edmore SGA (Isabella Co.)
Edward M. Golson Boat Launch and Nature Area
El Cajon Bay
Elberta Beach
Elberta Marsh
Eliason Nature Reserve
Eliza Howell Park
Eliza Lake
Elizabeth Park (Trenton)
Elk Rapids Harbor
Elk Rapids Treatment Ponds
Elkland Township Cemetery
Ella Sharp Park
Elliot-Patchett Nature Preserve
Elliott Donnelley Wilderness Tract
Ellis Lake and beaver pond
Elmer Johnston Nature Preserve
Elmwood Cemetery
Elmwood Wildlife Observation Area
Enchanted Forest Tree & Game Farm
end of Rosedale Rd.
Ensley Nature Preserve
Environmental Education Laboratory
Erie Marsh Preserve (Gun Club)
Erie Marsh–Michigan Shore
Erie SGA
Escanaba boat launch (N. 30th)
Escanaba City Forest
Escanaba Meijer mitigation ponds
Escanaba River Hydroelectric Dam
Esrey Park
Ess Lake State Forest CG
Estivant Pines
Evart Wastewater and Nature Trail
Evergreen Cemetery


Fairlane Green Retention Ponds
Fairvew Park
Fairview Cemetery/Homer Sewage Ponds
Fallasburg Covered Bridge Park
Fallasburg Park
Falling Waters Trail (west end)
Falling Waters Trail–Lime Lake vicinity
Farm Truck Trail
Farmers Creek at Oakdale Park
Farmer’s Dock boating access site
Farmstead Park
Farrel Rd. pond
Farview Township Park
Father Marquette National Memorial
Fay Lake
Fayette SP
FCA North America
Fegan Nature Preserve
Fenner Nature Center
Fennessy Lake
Fennville Sewage Ponds (restricted access)
Fernwood Botanical Gardens
Festival Park
Field Of Dreams marsh
Fife Lake
Fighter Rd. & Sisson Rd. marsh
Filion Rd. terminus
Fine Lake
Firefighters Park
First St. pier
Fish Hatchery Park
Fish Ladder Park
Fish Point SGA–East Unit
Fish Point SWA
Fish Point SWA–King Rd. access
Fisherman’s Island SP
Fisherman’s Paradise boat launch
Fisk Knob
Fitzgerald Park
Five Channels Dam
Five Lakes
Flaherty Park
Flat Iron Lake Preserve (restricted access)
Flat River Bluff Park
Flat River Rail Trail (McPherson to 3 mile)
Flat River SGA–Bricker Rd. at Flat River (Ionia Co.)
Flat River SGA–Bricker Rd. at Flat River (Montcalm Co.)
Flat River SGA–County Line Flooding
Flat River SGA–Ranney Rd.
Flat River–Riverside Dr. area
Flat Rock Highveld
Fletcher Pond
Fletcher Rd. area (Crawford Co.)
Fletcher Rd. area (Kalkaska Co.)
Flintsteel River mouth
Florence Maxwell Audubon Woods Preserve
Flower Creek Dunes Preserve
Flushing Park
Flushing Riverview Trail
Flushing Township Nature Park
Flynn Nature Center
Folkstone Park
Fontinalis Rd.
Foote Dam Pond
For Mar Nature Preserve
Ford Center
Ford Field Park
Ford House
Ford Lake
Ford Lake — Bridge Rd. Dam
Ford Lake — Cliffs Dr
Ford Motor Co. Fields
Ford River mouth
Forest Hill Nature Area
Forest Hills HS–Northern Campus
Forest Lake
Forest Lake State Forest CG
Forest Lawn Landfill (restricted access)
Forest Nature Area
Forest Road 3145
Forest Road 3344
Forester Park
Forestview Natural Area
Fort Custer National Cemetery
Fort Custer SRA
Fort Gratiot County Park
Fort Gratiot Nature Preserve
Fort Wilkins Historic SP
Foster Nature Area
Founder’s Landing
Four Mile Pond
Four-Mile Rd. and Stephan Bridge Rd.
Fourteen Mile Point
Fourth Lake
Fox Memorial Park
Fox Science Preserve
Foxfire West Park
Frances Park
Frankenmuth Dam
Frankenmuth Insurance Nature Preserve
Frankfort Harbor
Frankfort Marsh
Fred Meijer Flat River Trail–Long Lake Rd.
Fred Meijer Heartland Trail–Cedar Lake area
Fred Meijer Heartland Trail–Stanton
Fred Russ Forest
Freda–Lake Superior shoreline
Frederik Meijer Gardens
Freeman Rd ponds
Fremont High School
Fremont Lake Park
Fremont Wastewater Treatment Facility (no access)
French Farm Lake
French Paper Mill Dam
Friendship Park
Frinks Pond Sanctuary
Fritz Park
Frog Island Park
Fruitland Duck Creek
Fruitland Township Park
Fumee Lake Natural Area
Furstenberg Park


Gabriel Richard Park
Gales Pond
Galien River County Park
Galien Wastewater
Gallagher Creek Park
Gallup Park
Garber Rd. wetlands
Garbow Rd. ponds
Garden Bay
Garey Lake Trail Camp
Garfield Park
Gateway Park
Gay Park Rd.
Gaylanta Lake Public Access
Geddes Dam
Gene’s Pond SF CG
General Motors CCA Headquarters
General Motors LDT Nature Preserve (check-in at visitors center)
General Squier Memorial Park–Forest Hall
General Squier Memorial Park–Old Mill
Genesee Recreation Area (Irish Rd. area)
Genevieve Casey Nature Sanctuary
Gentex–Riley St. wetlands
Gerald E. Collamer/Hopkins Lake Park
Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center
Gerald R. Ford Airport (s. Kraft Ave. access)
Gerber Hill Park
Gilcher-Crissman Park
Gilkey Lakes
Gilletts Lake
Gilligan Lake
Gilmore Farms
Gitche Gumee Ecolodge
Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area (Vandermark Rd. access)
Gladstone Bay CG
Gladwin Co. RA
Gladwin SF–Eastman Rd. terminus
Gladwin SF–Katzer Rd. wetland
Gladwin SF–White Feather Rd.
Glengary Marsh
Glovers Lake & Letteau Rds.
Goetzville fields
Gogebic Ridge Trail–Cascade Creek Headwaters Swamp
Golden Days Loon Preserve (Loon Nursery)
Good Harbor Bay Trail
Goodhart Farms Nature Preserves
Gooding Rd Sod Farm
Goose Creek Grasslands Sanctuary
Goose Lake SGA
Gordon Lake
Goshorn Lake
Gosling Lake
Gotfredson Rd. Marsh
Goulette Park
Gourdneck SGA
Gourdneck SGA–Hampton Lake trail
Graafschap Cemetery (Ottawa Co.)
Grace Lake (Visteon Pond)
Graham-Greene Park
Grand Blanc Commons
Grand Haven City Beach
Grand Haven North Pier
Grand Haven SGA–Bruce Bayou–129th St.
Grand Haven SGA–Bruce Bayou–132nd Ave.
Grand Haven SGA–Bruce Bayou–Cypress St.
Grand Haven SP
Grand Isle Park
Grand Marais
Grand Marias–East Bay
Grand Mere SP
Grand Mere SP–North Lake Park
Grand Rapids Charter Township Park
Grand Reserve Subdivision ponds
Grand River channel (Grand Haven)
Grand River Nature Trail
Grand River Open Space
Grand River Park
Grand River Ravines Park
Grand River Valley Rail Trail (Ionia)
Grand River–6th St. Bridge Park
Grand River–Abrigador Trail
Grand River–Canal Park
Grand River–David Hwy
Grand River–DNR Park (Plainfield Charter Twp.)
Grand River–Fulton St. access
Grand River–Myrtle St. NW
Grand River–Portland Dam
Grand Traverse Bay
Grand Traverse Commons
Grand Trunk Launch Ramp
Grand Valley State University campus
Grand Woods Park (Eaton Co.)
Granger Meadows Park
Granskog Creek Marsh
Grass Bay Preserve (restricted access)
Grass Lake
Grass Lake
Grass Lake Sanctuary
Grass Lake State Forest Campground
Grass River Natural Area
Gratiot Community Airport
Gratiot Lake
Gratiot River County Park
Gratiot-Saginaw SGA
Grayling Sewage Ponds
Grayling SF–M-72 at S. Staley Lake Rd.
Great Lakes Adventist Academy
Great Lakes Memorial Marina Park
Great Lakes National Cemetery
Great Sand Bay
Green Acres Turf Farm
Green Lake (Allegan Co.)
Green Park
Green Pine Lake Pathway
Green Point Dunes Nature Preserve
Green View Point
Greenfield Village (Dearborn)
Greenwood Cemetery
Gregory Rd Pond
Gregory SGA
Greig Park and Nature Trail
Grevers Nature Preserve
Grewes Lake
Grindstone City (town)
Grindstone City–Quarry Rd.
Grosse Ile Parkway
Grosse Ile Wildlife Sanctuary
Grove Park (Lake Chapin Overlook)
Guide’s Rest
Gull Harbor
Gull Lake Yacht Club
Gull Lake–Baseline Rd. boat launch
Gun Lake
Gun River Aggregates gravel pit lake (restricted access)
Gwinn Sewage Ponds


Haakwood State Forest CG
Haehnle Sanctuary
Hagar Park
Hagensville Rd. marsh
Hager Park
Haight Rd. flooded field
Halfway Creek Boat Launch
Hallam Rd. at Butternut Creek
Hall’s Lake
Halsted Rd.
Halyard Dr. pond
Hamburg Lake
Hamilton High School Pond and Natural Area
Hamilton Lake Nature Area
Hammond Bay Biological Station
Hannah Park
Hansen Nature Area
Harbert Road Nature Preserve
Harbor Beach (general)
Harbor Beach–Pack St.
Harbor Beach–Trescott St. pier
Harbor Beach–Waterworks Park
Harbor Island
Harbor Island NWR
Harbor Springs Marina
Harbor West Yacht Club (Greilickville)
Hardy Dam Rustic Nature Trail
Harley Ensign Memorial Boating Access Site
Harlow Lake
Harmon-Partridge Park
Harrieta Mountain
Harris Nature Center
Harrisville Harbor
Harrisville SP
Harsens Island
Hart Waste Water Treatment Facility
Hartley Outdoor Education Center
Hart-Montague Bike Trail (Hart area)
Hartrick Park
Harts Lake
Hartwick Pines SP
Hartwick Pines SP–Au Sable River Trail
Hartwick Pines SP–Bright and Glory Lakes
Hartwick Pines SP–Mertz Grade Trail
Harvey (town)
Hatlem Creek Preserve
Haunted Forest Preserve
Hawk Island County Park
Hawk Meadows Park
Hawk Woods Nature Center
Hawkins Rd.
Haworth Wetland Restoration
Hawthorn Pond Natural Area
Haybridge Rd. bridge
Hayden Park
Hayhoe Riverwalk
Haymarsh SGA–Haymarsh Campground
Hazel Devore Park
Head of Keweenaw Bay (pulloff)
Hebard Park
Heimbach Rd. area
Helder Park
Hemlock Crossing Park
Henderson Lake Nature Center
Henderson Park
Henderson Rd. pond
Henning Park
Henry Fine Park
Henry Ford College
Heritage Landing
Heritage Park
Heritage Park
Heritage Park (Adrian)
Herman Vogler Conservation Area
Herrick RA
Hess-Hathaway Park
Hewen’s Creek Park
Heymarsh Bridge
Hiawatha Forest Park
Hiawatha NF–Chamberlain Rd.
Hiawatha NF–Hovey Lake area
Hickory Creek Preserve
Hickory Meadows
Hidden Cove Park
Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake Gardens
Hidden Marsh Sanctuary
Hidden Oaks Nature Sanctuary (permission required)
Hidden Pond Preserve
Highland Oaks County Park
Highland Park
Highland SRA
Highland SRA–Moore Lake
Hi-Land lake
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens
Hillman Sewage Ponds
Hilts Landing
Hines Park
Hines Park–Middlebelt Rd.
Hodenpyl Dam
Hodenpyl Woods
Hoeft SP
Hoffman Pond
Hofma Park – Ferris St. entrance
Hofma Preserve
Hogback Hills (Genesee Co.)
Hogback Hills (Lapeer Co.)
Hogset Lake
Holland Energy Park
Holland Ponds
Holland SP
Holliday Nature Preserve–Tonquish Trail
Holloway Reservoir (Genesee Co.)
Holloway Reservoir (Lapeer Co.)
Holly SRA
Holly SRA–Rood Rd.
Holton Motorcycle Trail
Holy Cross Cemetery
Honker’s Pond
Hope College campus
Hope College Nature Preserve (restricted access)
Hope Lake
Hope Sports Complex
Hopkins WTP
Horner-McLaughlin Woods/Raymond F. Goodrich Preserve
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Houdek Dunes Natural Area
Houghton Lake Flats Flooding
Houghton Lake Sewage Ponds
Houghton Lake WRA–Nellsville Rd. boardwalk
House Lake State Forest CG
Howard B. Dunton Park
Howard Christensen Nature Center
Howell Nature Center
Howell Township WTP
Howlett Park
Hubbardston Mill Pond Park
Hubble Farm
Hubscher Ponds
Huckleberry Hills
Hudson Mills Metropark
Hudsonville Nature Center
Huff Park
Hulbert Bog
Hunters Orchard Park
Hunter’s Point boat launch
Hunter’s Point Trail
Huntington Woods
Huntoon Lake
Huron Bay Field Station
Huron Co. Nature Center–Wilderness Arboretum
Huron County Airport
Huron Dunes Park/Hammond Harbor
Huron Hills Golf Course
Huron Lake
Huron Landfill
Huron Meadows Metropark
Huron NF–Chase Bridge Rd.
Huron NF–Island Lake CG
Huron NF–Loon Lake Day Use Area
Huron NF–Wagner Lake
Huron NWR
Huron Parkway Nature Area
Huron River–Delhi Rapids to Tubbs Rd. Bridge
Huron River–Superior Rd.
Huron View Rd. forests
Huron-Manistee NF–Pines Point
Hutchins Lake
Huyser Farm Nature Preserve


Iargo Springs Interpretive Site
Imerman Memorial Park
Independence Lake County Park
Independence Oaks County Park
Indian Lake
Indian Pines Park
Indian Point
Indian Springs Metropark
Indian Springs Metropark–Biking and Hiking Trail
Indian Trail Sewage Lagoon
Indian Trails Crossing Park
IN-MI River Valley Trail (Niles)
Inspiration Point Pathway
Interlochen Center for the Arts Wastewater Treatment Ponds (restricted access)
Interlochen SP–Green Lake CG
Inter-Urban Pathway
Inwood Rd. fields
Ionia Fairgrounds
Ionia Sandstone Quarry
Ionia SRA
Ionia SRA–Old Hartwell wetlands
Ionia SRA–Session’s School pond
Iron lake
Iron Mill Pond
Irving Pond
Irving Road MDNR Access
Isaacson Bay
Island Beach Rd.
Island Lake SRA
Island Lake SRA–East (Oakland Co.)
Island Park
Island Park
Island Park
Island Park and lake
Isle Royale NP
Isle Royale NP–Duncan Bay portage
Isle Royale NP–Lane Cove CG
Isle Royale NP–Lane Cove Trail
Isle Royale NP–Passage Island
Isle Royale NP–Raspberry Island
Isle Royale NP–Rock Harbor Trail
Isle Royale NP–Rock Harbor VC
Isle Royale NP–Scoville Point Trail
Isle Royale NP–Tobin Harbor Trail
Isle Royale NP–Windigo VC
Ithaca Sewage Treatment Ponds
Ives Road Fen Preserve


J.C. Nelson Park
J.W. Wells SP
Jack R. Smiley Nature Preserve
Jackson College Campus
Jackson Lake State Forest CG
Jacob’s Drain Regional Nature Preserve
Jacobsville vicinity
James E. Heddon Park
Jasper Dairy Rd. Park
Jean Klock Park
Jenks County Park
Jeptha Lake Fen Preserve
John Arthur Woollam Preserve
John Ball Zoo
John Henes Park
Johnson Park
Jolly Rd. and Hulett Rd. ponds
Jones Lake State Forest Campground
Jones Rd. boat launch
Jonesville Rail Trail (north section)
Jonesville Roadside Park and Marshes
Jordan Lake
Jordan Lake DNR boat access site
Jordan Lake Trail–Lake Odessa phase
Jordan River National Fish Hatchery
Jordan River Rd.
Joseph Delia Park
Joseph M. Soehnel Nature Trail
Jubb Bayou Park
Jung Nature Area
Justin’s Marsh


K & W Landfill
Kakuk Bridge
Kalamazoo Lake
Kalamazoo Nature Center–fields
Kalamazoo Nature Center–Market Barn
Kalamazoo Nature Center–Prairie (Bluebird Trail)
Kalamazoo Nature Center–Visitors Center
Kalamazoo River mouth
Kalamazoo River Valley Trail–Mills St. to King Hwy.
Kalamazoo River Valley Trail–River Oaks to 35th St.
Kalamazoo River–63rd St. boat launch
Kalamazoo River–63rd St. boat ramp
Kalamazoo River–Morrison Bayou
Kalamazoo River–Newport Harbor
Kalamazoo River–Old New Richmond Bridge
Kalamazoo River–Tyler Bayou
Kalamazoo Valley River Trail–Mosel Rd. vicinity
Kal-Haven Trail SP
Kal-Haven Trail–South Haven end
Kalkaska Evergreen Cemetery
Kalkaska Public School Forest
Karl Chen Memorial Nature Sanctuary
Karn Plant (restricted access)
Karner Blue Sanctuary
Katakitckon Indian Village
Kate Palmer Wildlife Sanctuary
Kate’s Grade
Kawkawlin Wildlife Flooding
Keegan Nature Park (goldeneye roost)
Keehne Environmental Area
Kehl Lake Natural Area
Kelderhouse Cemetery
Kellogg Bird Sanctuary
Kellogg Experimental Forest
Kellogg Farm
Kellogg Field–East Airport Rd.
Kellogg Woods Park
Kelly Lake
Kelly Lake Park
Kemps Point
Ken-O-Sha Park
Kensington Metropark (Livingston Co.)
Kensington Metropark (Oakland Co.)
Kensington Metropark–Dawson Rd. bridge
Kensington Metropark–Group Camp
Kensington Metropark–Nature Center
Kent City Sewage Ponds (limited access)
Kenwood Park
Keppel Forest
Kesling Preserve (Forest Lawn Rd.)
Ketchum Park
Kettunen Center
Keweenaw Park RA
Kids Corner Park
Kiefer Park
Kimball Twp. Park
Kinawa Woods
Kinderhook Sewage Lagoons
King Lake State Forest CG
King Preserve
King’s Highway Wetlands
Kingsbury Country Day School
Kingston Lake SF CG
Kingston Plains
Kingswood Lake
Kingswood Park
Kinney Waterfowl Production Area
Kinross Rd. private feeders
Kipling boating access site
Kirk & Loomis Rds. marsh
Kirk in the Hills
Kirk Park
Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve
Kiwanis Trail (Adrian to Tecumseh)
Kiwanis Youth RA/Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary (Cranefest)
Kleinke Park
Kleinstuck Preserve
Klinger Lake Rd.
Kneff Lake Camp
Koenn Preserve
Kokosing Rd. pine barrens
Kolb Park
Kollen Park/Heinz Waterfront Walkway
Konkle Dr. Grand River access
Kosch-Headwaters Preserve and Springhill Nature Preserve
Kouw Park
Krossroads Park
Krull Rd. pond
Krumwiede Forest Reserve
Kuebler Langford Nature Area
Kuebler Trail
Kuker-van Til Nature Preserve


L. M. Wise Educational Preserve
Lac La Belle
Lac La Belle–boat landing
Lake 16
Lake Allegan
Lake Bailey
Lake Bailey Sanctuary
Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary
Lake Breeze Nature Preserve
Lake Chapin
Lake Chemung
Lake City Sewage Ponds (restricted access)
Lake Columbia (east)
Lake Columbia (west)
Lake Delta Park
Lake Dubonnet
Lake Erie Metropark
Lake Erie Metropark–Detroit River Hawk Watch
Lake Erie Metropark–Marshlands Nature Center
Lake Eva
Lake Fanny Hooe
Lake Fenton
Lake Gogebic County Park
Lake Gogebic SP
Lake Harbor Park
Lake Hudson SRA
Lake Independence
Lake Isabella
Lake Kathleen
Lake Lansing
Lake Lansing Park North
Lake LeAnn
Lake Leelanau Boat Launch
Lake LeVasseur
Lake LeVasseur/Lake Kawbawgam
Lake Linden Recreation Park
Lake Linden Sewage Ponds
Lake Macatawa–Chippewa Point
Lake Macatawa–Fire Dock
Lake Macatawa–west end
Lake Margrethe–West Access
Lake Mary
Lake Medora
Lake Michigan College
Lake Michigan RA
Lake Michigan Shores Roadside Park and Boat Launch
Lake Mine
Lake Odessa Sewage Ponds (Lakewood Wastewater Authority)
Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods
Lake Orion
Lake Perrault (Houghton Co.)
Lake Skegemog, Kalkaska County
Lake St. Clair Metropark (Metro Beach Metropark)
Lake Ste Kathryn CG
Lake Superior Nature Sanctuary
Lake Superior SF–Natalie CG
Lake Superior State University campus
Lake Templene
Lake Upson
Lakelands Trail SP–Horseshoe Creek marsh
Lakelands Trail–Pinckney area
Lakenenland Sculpture Park
Lakeport SP
Lakeport SP–Day Use Area
Lakeshore Dr. guardrail
Lakeside Cemetery
Lakeside Cemetery/Bush Lake
Lakeside Park
Laketown Township Park
Lakeview Ave Road End
Lakeville Swamp Nature Sanctuary
Lakewood Nature Area
Lamar Park
LaMarre Park/Alpena Bi-Path
Lamberton Lake Fen Nature Preserve
Lancaster Lake boating access site
Landslide Creek Wetlands
Langley Covered Bridge
L’Anse vicinity
Lansing River Trail–downtown Lansing
Lansing River Trail–Kruger’s Landing
Lapeer SGA–Central Unit
Lapeer SGA–East Unit
Lapeer SGA–Farnsworth Rd. fields
Lapeer SGA–Field Trial Area
Lapeer SGA–Headquarters area
Lapeer SGA–Northwest Unit
Lapeer SGA–Sawdel Lake access
Lapeer SGA–Sawdell Unit
Lapeer SGA–Sno Den Trail
Lapeer SGA–Watz Lake access
Lapeer Township Hall Park
Laporte Cemetery
Larks Lake–Kaz Rd. access
Laughing Whitefish Lake Preserve
Laur Big Salt River Park
Lavender Hills Farm
Lebourdais Rd. terminus
Leelanau SP–North
Leelanau SP–South
Lefglen Nature Sanctuary
LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve
Legg Park
Leila Arboretum
Leland harbor
Leo Creek Preserve
Leonard Preserve
Leoni Millpond
Lepard Preserve
Leslee Niethammer Saline River Preserve
Leslie E. Tassell Park
Leslie Woods Nature Area
Levan Knoll
Leverentz Lake SF CG
Lewis Emery Park
Lexington Harbor
Lexington Park (donation requested)
Lighthouse Ann Arbor Park
Lighthouse County Park
Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse West Natural Area
Lightning Bend Park
Lillian Anderson Arboretum
Lillie Park
Limestone Grasslands
Lincoln Brick Park
Lincoln Lake
Lincoln Lake
Lincoln Lake Ave./12 Mile wetland
Lincoln Township Park
Linden County Park
Linden Millpond
Linden Park
Lindley Rd.
Lindsley Lake
Lions Park
Lions Park
Lions Park Beach
LISD Center For A Sustainable Future
LISD Tech Center
Litchfield Nature Trail
Litchfield Twp. Park
Little & Big Bankson Lakes
Little Bear Lake
Little Black Lake
Little Garlic Balds Preserve
Little Girls Point
Little Glen Park
Little Gratiot River mouth
Little Lake
Little Pine Lake Road & Glass Creek
Little Platte Lake
Little Prairie Hunt Club
Little Sable Point
Little Sand Bay Nature Preserve
Little Wolf Lake County Park
Littlefield Lake (stakeout Pacific Loon 2017)
Littlejohn Lake County Park
Livingston Conservation District Nature Center
Livingston County Airport
Livingston County Airport
Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center
Loch Erin
Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary
Londo Lakes
Lone Pine Trail–Keystone Pond
Long Lake
Long Lake Bay
Long Lake boat launch
Long Lake County Park
Looking Glass MNA Sanctuary
Loon Lake
Loon Lake Nature Park
Lost Lake Nature Park
Lost Lake Nature Preserve (Oakland Co)
Lost Lake Nature Sanctuary (Ogemaw Co.)
Lost Lake Trail
Lost Nation SGA
Lost Peninsula
Lost Twin Lakes Pathway
Lotus Rd. mudflats
Loud Dam
Love Creek County Park and Nature Center
Lovejoy Rd. at County Line Rd.
Lovejoy Rd.–marsh
Lowell SGA (Ionia Co.)
Lowell SGA general (Kent Co.)
Lowell SGA–Grindle Dr. access
Lowell SGA–McPherson St. access
Lowell SGA–Montcalm Ave. south access
Lowell SGA–Montcalm Dr. north access
Lower Crooked Lake
Lower Crooked Lake Park
Lower Huron Metropark
Ludington Harbor
Ludington Municipal Marina & Waterfront Park
Ludington Park
Ludington Pumped Storage Overlook
Ludington South Breakwall
Ludington SP
Ludington WWTP (restricted access)
Luella Collins Community Center
Lumberjacks Park
Lumberman’s Monument
Luna Pier (town)
Luneack County Park
Luton Park
Lutz County Park
Luzerne Boardwalk
Lyon Oaks County Park
Lyons Dam


M-14 pond
M-25 Black River canal bridge
M-48 fields (129 to Pennington)
M-52 and Lehman Rd. fluddle
M-61 Farm Pond
Maas Family Nature Preserve
Maasto Hiihto Ski Trail & Churning Rapids Ski Trail
Macatawa Legends Golf and Country Club
Macatawa–South Breakwall
MacCready Reserve
Mack Lake Area
Mackay-Jaycees Park
Mackinac Bay Nature Preserve
Mackinac Island
Mackinaw City Sewage Ponds
Mackinaw City Welcome Center
Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping
Mackinaw Straits Hawk Watch site
Macomb Community College
Macomb Corners Park
Madeline Bertrand County Park
Mae Stecker Park
Magoon Creek Park
Maher Sanctuary
Main St. boat launch
Majeske Landing
Manhattan Park/Recreation Area
Manistee Blacker Airport
Manistee Lake
Manistee NF–Bear Creek Access Site (White Fence)
Manistee NF–Red Bridge
Manistee NF–Tippy Dam/Suicide Bend
Manistee NF–Upper River Rd.
Manistee River Roadside Park
Manistee River SGA (general)
Manistee River Trail–One Mile Rd. access
Manistee River–Old Stronach Rd. access
Manistee Riverwalk
Manistique Boardwalk
Manitou Island (restricted access)
Manitou Park
Manly W. Bennett Memorial Park
Manning Lake Rd. MSU research field
Mapes Rd./Big Creek intersection
Maple Bay Natural Area
Maple Lake
Maple Rd. troll bridge
Maple River SGA (Clinton Co.)
Maple River SGA (Gratiot Co.)
Maplewood Park
Marathon Rd. causeway
Marble Lake
Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve
Marine City Park
Marion Mill Pond and Dam
Markin Glen Park
Marquette Compost Yard (restricted access)
Marquette–Lower Harbor
Marquette–Park Cemetery
Marsh View Meadows Park
Marsh View Park
Marshall Field
Marshall Nature Area
Marshbank Park
Marsin Nature Area and Retreat
Martin Bay Nature Preserve
Martin Luther King Park
Martin Parkway wetland
Martin’s Bluff
Martiny Lakes
Mary Macdonald Preserve at Horseshoe Harbor
Mary McCann Park
Marysville Municipal Park
Mason Nature Area
Mason Tract
Maston Lake
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Matthaei Botanical Gardens Trail
Maxton Bay boat launch
Maxton Plains
May Lake
Maybury SP
Mayfield Pond Park
McArthur Park Arboretum
McArthur River Park
McBride Drain and Habitat Restoration
McCormick Park
McCormick Wilderness–White Deer Lake Trail
McCoy Creek Industrial Park
McCrone Rd Sod Farm
McGraw County Park
McGuire Park
McGulpin Point
McKeown Bridge Park
McLain SP
McLinden Trails
McMahon Lake Preserve
McNamara Canoe Landing
MDOT wetland (92nd west of Clyde Park)
MDOT Wetlands
Meadowview Park
Medbery Park (White Lake channel)
Medusa Creek mouth
Meinert Park
Memory Isle Park
Meridian Park
Mermaid Park
Merrell Trail
Metamora Hadley RA
Meyer Broadway Park
Meyer Nature Preserve
Michael McGraw Park
Mich-e-ke-wis Park/Starlite Beach
Michelson’s Landing
Michigan Ave. park (Old Waverly golf course)
Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Trails
Michigan Technological University campus
Michigan Wildlife Foundation Nature Preserve
Michindoh Conference Center
Middleville SGA
Midland City Forest Park
Midland Riverwalk
MidMichigan Medical Center trails
Midtown Square
Mildred Harris Sanctuary
Milham Park
Military St. access
Mill Creek Park
Mill Creek State Historic Park
Mill Iron Rd.
Mill Point
Mill Pond
Mill Pond
Mill Pond – Kellogg St. access
Mill Pond Park
Mill Pond Park
Mill Pond Park (Isabella Co.)
Mill Pond Park (Muskegon Co.)
Mill Rd. park
Millennium Park
Millennium Park–Trestle Trail ponds
Millennium Trail wetlands
Miller Creek Nature Reserve
Miller Natural Area
Miller’s Marsh
Miller-Smith Preserve
Millpond Trail
Mills Rd. Mitigation Site (restricted access)
Mills Rd. rest stop
Miltner Park
Milton Township Park
Minden SGA
Miner Lake
Miner Lake bog
Minneapolis Woods
Minnie Skwarek Nature Preserve
Mintdale Rd. wetland
Mio Dam Pond Scenic Overlook
Missaukee Lake Park
Mission Creek Woodland Park
Misty Acres: The Borwell Preserve (Benzie Co. portion)
Misty Acres: The Borwell Preserve (Manistee Co. portion)
Molasses River Flooding
Monocle Lake Campground
Monroe Harbor and Power Plant
Montibeller Park
Montreal Falls & Rivermouth
Montreal Meadows
Montreal River mouth
Montrose Twp. Barber Memorial Park
Moore County Park
Moore Rd. meadows
Moores Park
Morenci Sewage Ponds
Morgan Woods Nature Preserve
Morley Pond
Morris Bay Nature Sanctuary
Morrison Lake
Morris-Reichert Nature Preserve
Morrow Lake–Plaza Ave. access
Moskey Basin CG
Mott Bird Sanctuary
Mott Lake (Genesee Co.)
Mottville Reservoir
Motz County Park
Mount Pisgah dune boardwalk
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mroczek Sod Farm
MSU Horticultural Gardens
MSU Upper Peninsula Research Center
MSU–Baker Woodlot
MSU–Hancock Turfgrass Research Area
MSU–Inland Lakes Research and Study Area (restricted access)
MSU–Red Cedar Natural Area
MSU–Red Cedar River/Farm Ln. bridge
MSU–Sanford Natural Area
Mt. Baldhead Park
Mt. Clemens Municipal Center
Mt. Hope Cemetery
Mt. Lookout
Mt. Zion Road wetland
Mud Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake (Grand Traverse Co.)
Mud Lake Bog
Muir/Lyons Wastewater (view outside gates)
Mullett Lake–Pigeon River Bay
Mullett Village Boat Launch
Mulligan’s Hollow
Mulliken Sewage Ponds
Munising (town)
Munson Park
Munuscong WMA (Munuscong Potholes)
Munuscong WMA–Munuscong River mouth
Munuscong WMA–overlook
Munuscong WMA–South Trail
Murphy Creek Burn
Murphy Lake SGA
Murray Lake
Muskallonge Lake SP
Muskegon Lake channel
Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve
Muskegon River–High Rollaway Boat Ramp
Muskegon SGA–end of Hilton Park Rd.
Muskegon SGA–Headquarters
Muskegon SGA–Holton Duck Lake Rd.
Muskegon SGA–Lane’s Landing
Muskegon SP
Muskegon SP–Snug Harbor Marsh
Muskegon State Park–Lake Michigan CG
Muskegon Wastewater System
Muskrat Lake
Muskrat Lake
Muskrat Lake SGA
Muskrat Road
Myers Lake Park
Myron and Isabel Zucker Memorial Nature Sanctuary


N River Ave. bridge
N. Howell Rd. fields
Naas Raunecker Nature Preserve
Nahma Marsh Hiking Trail
Nan Weston Preserve
Nancy Moore Park
Nankin Lake
Nankin Mills Interpretive Center
Nara Nature Park
Nara Nature Park–Pilgrim River mouth
Narada Lake
Narrow Gauge Way
Narrow Lake
Narrow Lake Rd. wetland mitigation
Nayanquing Point SWA
Neebish Island (general)
Negwegon SP (Alcona Co.)
Negwegon SP (general)
Neithercut Woodland (Central Michigan University)
Nelligan Lake Rd.
Nelson Park
Nepessing Lake
New Buffalo
New Buffalo Harbor
New Buffalo Marsh
New Troy Cemetery
Newaygo Prairie Sanctuary
Newaygo SP
Newburgh Lake
Nichols Arboretum
Nicholson Nature Centere
Nixon Rd. drainage pond
Noah Lake
Noggle Rd. grassland
Noquemanon South Trails
Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area
Norman F. Kruse Park
Norrie Park
North Bay Park/Ford Lake Boardwalk
North Beach Access Park (The Onion)
North Beach Park (Ferrysburg)
North Canal Township Park
North Central Michigan College Natural Area
North Central State Trail (Gaylord section)
North Central State Trail (Vanderbilt section)
North Central State Trail (Wolverine section)
North Country National Scenic Trail–M-179 Trailhead
North Country Trail–Marilla Trailhead
North Higgins Lake SP (Crawford Co.)
North Manitou Island
North Manitou Island–Crescent Dock
North Manitou Island–Dimmick’s Point
North Manitou Island–Pole Bridge
North Manitou Island–Potholes
North Manitou Island–Village and Campground
North Meridian Road Park
North Ottawa Dunes Park
North Point
North Point Conservation Area
North Point Park
North Portage entry
North Prospect Park
North River Road Park
North Western State Trail (Levering)
Northend Riverside Park
Northfield Woods Preserve
Northpoint Marina
Northport (town)
Norvell Lake (east)
Norvell Lake (west)
Norway Myr Wetland Restoration
Norway Ridge Pathway
Notten Rd. railroad ponds & bog
Novi Wetlands


O Kun-de-kun Falls Trail
O.B. Fuller County Park
Oak Beach County Park
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Grove SGA
Oak Grove SGA-north
Oak Grove SGA–south
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oak Ridge Park
Oakland Heights Landfill (restricted access)
Oakland University
Oakridge Cemetery
Oakview Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Lake Township Park
Oakwoods Metropark
Oakwoods Nature Area
Ocqueoc Falls Bicentennial Pathway
Oden Fish Hatchery
Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary (open to public)
Offield Family Nature Preserve
Ogemaw Hills Pathway
Ogontz Bay
Ogontz Cemetary Rd.
Ojibwa Beach and Sand Point
Ojibwa Correctional Facility Sewage Ponds
Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse
Old Mission Point Park/Lighthouse Park
Old Oak Trail
Old Rice Lake Muck Flats
Olive Shores County Park
Oliver’s Point
Olivet Sewage Ponds
Olson Park
Omena Beach & Bay
Onaway SP
Onsted SGA
Ontonagon River mouth
Ontonogan–Lake Superior shoreline
Orchard Beach SP
Orchard Lake
Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary
Ore Creek Wetlands
Oregon Twp. fishing parking lot
Orion Oaks County Park
Ortonville SRA (Lapeer Co.)
Ortonville SRA (Oakland Co.)
Osceola-Missaukee Grasslands SGA Unit 1
Oskar vicinity
Otis Sanctuary
Otisville Sewage Ponds (permission required)
Otsego County Demonstration Garden
Otsego Lake SP
Otsego Lake Twp. Park–Leonard Jensen Nature Trail
Otsego Municipal Park
Ott Preserve
Ottawa NF–Burned Dam CG
Ottawa NF–Gardner Rd. boreal forest
Ottawa NF–Golden Lake CG
Ottawa NF–Marion Lake Campground
Ottawa NF–Paint & Robinson Lakes area
Ottawa Sands County Park
Otter Lake
Otter Lake Village Park
Outdoor Discovery Center
Oval Beach
Owen Memorial Park
Oxbow boat launch


P. J. Hoffmaster SP (Muskegon Co.)
P. J. Hoffmaster SP–Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center
P. J. Hoffmaster SP–South (Ottawa Co.)
Paavola Wetlands
Packard Park
Paint Creek Heritage Area Wet Prairie
Paint Creek Trail–Adams to Clarkston/Kern
Paint Creek Trail–Dutton to Silver Bell
Paint Creek Trail–Gallagher to Gunn
Paint Creek Trail–Gunn to Adams
Paint Creek Trail–Tienken to Dutton
Paint Creek Trail–Tienken to Ludlow
Paint River Boardwalk
Paint River Forks CG
Painter Lake (Berrien Co.)
Palmer Lake
Palmer Park
Palmer Park
Palmer Park
Palmer Woods Forest Reserve
Palms Book SP
Palomita Reserve
Papoose Lake
Papoose Lake Nature Preserve
Parent Lake
Paris Park
Parish Rd. marsh
Park Lake
Park Lyndon County Park
Park Township Airport
Parker Mill Park
Parker Rd. Park
Parshallville Mill Pond
Partridge Creek Mall and Gloede Ditch Conservation Area
Partridge Point
Patriot Park
Patterson Park
Patterson Rd. Cattle Ponds (Allegan Co.)
Patterson Rd. Cattle Ponds (Barry Co.)
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail (Eaton Co.)
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail–108th to Stimson
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail–76th St. SE to 84th St. SE
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail–east of Devine Rd.
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail–Middleville
Paul Henry Thornapple Trail–west of Devine Rd.
Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail (Middleville to Crane Rd.)
Paul Hubscher County Park
Paw Paw Lake
Paw Paw Park (east)/Macatawa Greenspace
Paw Paw Park (west)
Paw Paw Prairie Fen Preserve
Paw Paw River at Ox Creek
Paw Paw River County Park
Peach Lake
Peck Rd. Sod Farm (Shadley Sod Farm)
Pelizzari Natural Area
Pellston Airport (restricted access)
Peninsula Point
Penny Park
Penny Park (Eastlake)
Pentwater breakwall
Pentwater Lake and Harbor
Pentwater Pathway
Pentwater River SGA
Pentwater Sewage Lagoons
Pequaming (town)
Perch Lake
Perch Lake
Pere Marquette Memorial
Pere Marquette Park
Pere Marquette Rail Trail (Castor Rd. to County Line Rd.)
Pere Marquette Rail Trail (Clare area)
Pere Marquette Rail Trail (Midland)
Pere Marquette SF–Guernsey Lake
Pere Marquette SF–Norconk Rd.
Pere Marquette State Trail–Moose Lodge staging area
Peshekee Grade
Peshekee Grade (Baraga Co.)
Petersburg SGA
Peterson Creek (Beaver Pond)
Peterson Natural Area
Peterson Park
Petobego Pond
Petobego SGA
Petoskey SP
Petoskey Youth Soccer Association complex
Pettit Park
Phillip J. Huber Park
Phillips Rd. pond (Berrien Co.)
Philp County Park
Phoenix Lake
Pickens Field
Pickerel Lake
Pickerel Lake Nature Preserve
Pickerel Lake State Forest CG
Pickett Park
Pickford (Chippewa Co.)
Pickford (Mackinac Co.)
Pickford Grassland Loop
Picnic Rocks
Picture Rocks NL–Hwy 58
Pictured Rocks NL
Pictured Rocks NL–Au Sable Point
Pictured Rocks NL–Beaver Basin Overlook
Pictured Rocks NL–Chapel Falls Trail
Pictured Rocks NL–Grand Sable VC
Pictured Rocks NL–Hurricane River CG
Pictured Rocks NL–Log Slide
Pictured Rocks NL–Log Slide Area
Pictured Rocks NL–Miners Beach
Pictured Rocks NL–Miners Castle
Pictured Rocks NL–Miners Falls
Pictured Rocks NL–Munising Falls
Pictured Rocks NL–Sable Falls
Pictured Rocks NL–Sand Point Marsh Trail
Pier Cove
Pier Park
Pier Rd. Overlook
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
Pierce Lake
Pigeon Bridge State Forest CG
Pigeon Cove flooding
Pigeon Creek County Park
Pigeon Rd. terminus
Pike Lake
Pilgrim Haven Natural Area
Pinckney Mill Pond
Pinckney RA (Livingston Co.)
Pinckney RA (Washtenaw Co.)
Pinckney RA–Doyle Rd.
Pinckney RA–Embury Rd
Pinckney RA–Hankerd Rd.
Pinckney RA–Hell Creek Pines
Pinckney RA–Kelly Rd.
Pinckney RA–Silver Lake
Pinckney Wastewater Treatment/wetlands (restricted access)
Pinconning Nature Preserve
Pinconning Park
Pine Bend Park
Pine Creek Park
Pine Creek Wetlands
Pine Grove Cemetery
Pine Grove Park
Pine Haven RA
Pine Lake
Pine Lake
Pine Lake
Pine Lake
Pine River Nature Center
Pine River Park
Pine River Park and Conservation Park
Pine St. woodlot (City of Three Rivers)
Pinegrove County Park
Pinney Bridge Rd.
Pioneer Park
Pioneer Trail Park
Pioneer Woods
Pipestone Lake
Pitsch Sanitary Landfill
Pitsfield Banding Station (park 200′ before house)
Pittsfield Preserve
Pittsford Waste Water Treatment
Plains Rd. ponds
Plank Rd. and Hawkins Hwy. fields
Plaster Creek Park
Platte Lake–Deadstream Rd. access
Platte Point
Platte River State Fish Hatchery
Pleasant Lake
Pleasant Lake
Pleasant View Swamp
Plumb Lake Park
Plymouth Riverside Park
Plymouth Twp. Park
Point Abbaye
Point Betsie
Point Iroquois Light Station
Pointe Aux Peaux SWA
Pointe LaBarbe
Polly Ann Trail–Clarkston Rd. to Joslyn Rd.
Pomeroy Lake
pond north of Dollar General (US 131)
Ponderosa Land Preserve
Pontiac Lake SRA
Pontiac Lake SRA–Campground
Pontiac Lake SRA–Headquarters
Pontiac Lake SRA–Trails 20 and 21
Pontiac Municipal Golf Course
Porath Park
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP (Gogebic Co.) (please consider using a more specific location)
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP (Ontonagon Co.) (please consider using a more specific location)
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Deeryard trails
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–East End Pt.
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Gull Point Beach
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Lake Superior Trail
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Lower Presque Isle River
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Overlook and Escarpment trail
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Summit Peak
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–Union Bay
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness SP–VC Nature Trail
Port Austin harbor
Port Crescent Hawk Watch–Kinch Rd. site
Port Crescent SP
Port Hope–Stafford County Park
Port Huron (general)
Port Huron SGA
Port Huron–Allied Veterans Cemetery
Port Sanilac Harbor
Port Sanilac Sewage Lagoons
Port Sheldon Natural Area–North Loop
Port Sheldon Natural Area–West Loop
Port Sheldon–Pigeon Lake
Port Sheldon–Pigeon River outlet
Port Sheldon–Sheldon Landing
Port Sheldon–Windsnest Park (The Bubblers)
Portage Creek Bicentennial Park
Portage Lake
Portage Lake (Livingston Co.)
Portage Lake (Washtenaw Co.)
Portage Lake Park
Portage Lake Wetlands
Portage Marsh (Portage Point)
Portage Point
Portland SGA (Ionia Co. portion)
Portman Nature Preserve
Poseyville Rd. wetland
Postle Farm Preserve
Potagannissing Wildlife Flooding
Pottawattomie Park
Potter Park Zoo
Potterville Sewage Ponds (no access)
Powell Rd.
Prairie & Ponds at Oakdale Park
Prairie Farm Area
Prairie River Lake
Prairie Wolf Park
Pratt Lake
Prentiss Bay
Presque Isle Harbor
Presque Isle Park
Presque Isle Park–Black Rocks
Presque Isle Park–Moosewood Nature Center
Presque Isle Park–Presque Isle Bog Walk
Pressprich Nature Preserve
Price Nature Center
Prospect Park
Prospect Park
Proud Lake SRA
Provin Trails Park
Proving Grounds perimeter
Prudenville Sewage Lagoons
Pte. Mouillee SGA
Pte. Mouillee SGA–HQ
Pyatt Lake: The Bill Carls Nature Preserve


Quanicassee SWA (general)
Quanicassee SWA–Barney Dr. boat launch
Quanicassee SWA–Finn Rd. terminus
Quarton Lake Park
Quincy Hill fields
Quincy Park


Rabbit River Preserve
Raber Boat Launch
Raco air field
Rainbow Bend SF CG
Rainey Wildlife Area
Rainy Lake
Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center
Ramsdell Nature Park
Randall Lake
Ranger Rd. private feeders
Ransom St. Park
Rapid River boating access site
Rapid River Ski Trails
Ravenna Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)
Rea Rd. boat launch
Ready Rd. marsh
Red Cedar Natural Area (Meridian Twp.)
Red Mill Pond
Red Oaks Nature Center (Friendship Woods)
Redbud Park
Redridge vicinity
Redwyn Dunes Nature Sanctuary
Reed & Green Bridge area
Reed Lake DNR Access
Reed’s Lake
Reed’s Lake–Reed’s Lake Blvd SE
Reedsburg Dam boat launch
Reffitt Nature Preserve
Republic Landfill (restricted access)
Rice Lake
Richard A. Padgett Natural Area
Richfield Township Park
Richmond Park
Ridgepoint Church
Rifle River RA
Riley Trails Park
Ringwood Forest
River Bends Park
River Bluff Park
River County Park
River Oaks County Park
River Raisin National Battlefield Park
River Raisin Territorial Park and Ellis Library
River Rouge Park
Riverbank Park
Riverbend Natural Area
Riverbend Park (Rochester Hills)
Riverbend Preserve
Riverfront Park (Wayne Co.)
Riverside Cemetery
Riverside City Park
Riverside County Park
Riverside Natural Area
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park–North
Riverside Park–South
Rivertown Crossings Mall Ponds
Riverview Natural Area
Riverview Park
Riverview Park
Riverview St. access
Riverwalk Park
Robbin’s Pond CG
Robert H. Long Park
Robert Morris Park
Robert Williams Nature Park and Learning Center
Roberts Park
Robin Hills Farm
Robinson Creek flooding
Robinson Forest OSP
Rochester Hills Environmental Education Center
Rochester Municipal Park
Rochester-Utica RA
Rock River Ave.
Rockford Dam
Rockport Recreation Area
Rocky Gap County Park
Roethke Park
Rogers City Harbor
Rogers Dam
Rogers Family Homestead Preserve
Rogue River at Division Ave.
Rogue River Park
Rogue River SGA
Rolling Hills Park
Rolston Rd Sewage Ponds
Romeo Area R/C Aircraft Club
Rondo Boat Access
Roosevelt and McClelland Rds. wetland
Rose City Sewage Ponds
Rose Hill Cemetery
Rose Island
Rose Lake SWA
Rose Lake SWA (Shiawassee Co.)
Rose Lake SWA–Burke Lake Banding Station
Rose Oaks County Park
Roselle Park
Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve
Ross Park
Rosy Mound Natural Area
Rotary Park
Rotary Park
Rouge Plant (Dearborn)
Rouge River Channel–Dearborn
Round Island Point Nature Preserve
Round Lake
Round Lake
Rudbeckia Winery
Ruddiman Creek
Rudyard Flats Area
Rudyard Loop–Northeast
Rudyard Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)
Ruedisale Point Park
Rugg Pond
Rum Creek Nature Trail
Rush Lake
Russell and Miriam Grinnell Memorial Nature Sanctuary at Bare Bluff
Ruthven Nature Area
Ryerson Lake


S. Branch Rd.
S. Centerline Rd.
S. Manitou Blvd. terminus
S. Mill Rd. marsh
S. Parker Rd. marsh
S. Swanson Rd. potholes
Sabin Pond
Sac Bay Beach County Park
Saganing Nature Preserve
Sage Lakes
Saginaw Forest
Saginaw River mouth–west side access
Saginaw Valley Rail Trail–Stroebel Rd.
Saginaw Valley State University–Wetland Preserve
Saint Joseph River (Berrien Co.)
Saint Jude Wetlands Preserve
Salem Landfill (restricted access)
Salt River Cemetery
Sanborn Nature Area
Sanctuary Woods
Sand Bay
Sand Dunes Cross Country Ski Trail
Sand Lake
Sand Lakes Quiet Area
Sand Point
Sand Point Nature Preserve
Sand Point Rd.
Sand River Flooding
Sander Farm Preserved Natural Area
Sands Park
Sands Plains
Sandusky SGA
Sandy Pines
Sanford Lake Park
Sanford Road Park
Sanford Village Park and Dam
Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic Site
Sanilac SGA–Hadley Rd. bridge
Santiago Rd. boardwalk
Saranac Village Nature Park
Sarett Nature Center
Sarett Nature Center–Pine Stand
Sarett Nature Center–Prairie Loop
Saugatuck Dunes SP
Saugatuck Dunes SP–Natural Area
Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area
Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve
Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Marina
Saunders Point/Wilderness Point (Gladstone)
Saving Birds Thru Habitat Center
Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area
Schafer Family Nature Sanctuary at Roach Point
Schoenherr and 28 Mile Rds. flooded field
School Lake boat launch
School Road Marsh
School Section Lake Veteran’s Park
Schoonover WPA
Schrier Park
Schultz Park
Schwab Rd Pond
Scidmore Park
Scio Church Rd. and Parker Rd. ponds
Scio Woods Preserve
Scipio Creek marsh
Scipio Hill
Scott Point Township Park
Scott Woods Park
Scottdale Plain (stakeout Black Rail 2007)
Scotts Mill County Park
Scout Lake
Seagull Point Park
Search Bay NF CG
Searles Nature Preserve
Sebewaing County Park
Sebewaing Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)
Seidman Park
Seidman Park–North Loop
Selfridge Public Boat Launch
Seney NWR
Seney NWR–Creighton Truck Trail
Seney NWR–Driggs River Rd.
Seney NWR–Pine Ridge Nature Trail
Service Rd. ponds
Seul Choix Point
Seven Bridges Natural Area
Seven Lakes Nature Reserve
Seven Lakes SP
Seven Mile Point
Seven Ponds Nature Center
Seven Ponds Nature Center–Jonathan Woods Nature Preserve
Seven Ponds Nature Center–Richie Pond Nature Preserve
Shakey Lakes Natural Area
Shamrock Park
Shamrock Park
Shanghai Prairie
Sharon Hills Preserve
Sharon Hollow Rd. pond
Sharon Mills County Park
Sharon Shorthills Preserve
Sharonville SGA (Jackson Co.)
Sharonville SGA (Washtenaw Co.)
Sharp Park
Shavehead Lake
Shelby Sewage Lagoons
Shelldrake Campground area
Sheridan Park
Sheridan Rd. at the Muskegon River
Shiawassee Basin Preserve
Shiawassee NWR–Cass River Trail
Shiawassee NWR–Ferguson Bayou Trail
Shiawassee NWR–Green Point Env. Learning Center
Shiawassee NWR–Headquarters
Shiawassee NWR–Wildlife Drive
Shiawassee NWR–Woodland Trail
Shiawassee River SGA–north section
Shiawassee River SGA–south section
Shingleton Sewage Ponds
Shoreline Park
Shubel Park
Shumsky Rd.
Shupac Lake State Forest Campground
Sibley Prairie Nature Preserve–Beech-Daly Rd. site
Silver Beach County Park
Silver Creek County Park
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Silver Lake SP
Silver Trails Scout Reservation
Sinkholes Pathway
Sippy Rd. north section
Sischo Landing
Sister Lakes Lions Club
Skegemog Swamp
Skyline High School
Skyline Rd. bog
Slayton Arboretum
Sleeper Lake
Sleeper Lake Rd.
Sleeper SP
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL (Benzie Co.)
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL (Leelanau Co.)
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Alligator Hill Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Bass Lake/Otter Lake
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Bay View Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Boekeloo Rd.
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Dune Crossing Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Empire Bluff Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Esch Rd. at M-22
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Glen Haven
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Heritage Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Loon Lake
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Norconk Rd. fields
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–North Bar Lake
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Old Indian Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Otter Creek/Esch Rd. beach area
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Peterson Beach
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Pierce Stocking Scenic Dr.
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Platte Plains Trails
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Platte River CG
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Pyramid Point Trail
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Sleeping Bear Point
Sleeping Bear Dunes NL–Treat Farm Trail
Sleeping Bears Dunes NL–D.H. Day CG
Sleeping Bears Dunes NL–Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail
Sleepy Hollow SP (Lake Ovid)
Sloan Preserve
Smith Lakes (restricted access; fee required)
Smithville Park
Snow Woods (Dearborn)
Soderman’s Corner
Soldier & Sailor’s Park
Soldier Lake CG
Somerset SGA
Soo Junction Rd.
Sorensen Park
South Beach Park
South Branch Galien River–Lakeside Rd.
South Fox Island Lighthouse
South Haven
South Haven–North Beach
South Haven–South Beach
South Higgins Lake SP
South Kent Landfill (from 108th St.)
South Manitou Island
South Pond
South Port Oneida Rd.
South Portage Entry
Southern Links Trailway at Holloway Reservoir
Southgate Nature Center
Southwest Meridian Upland Preserve
Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
Spears Rd Marsh
Spencer Forest Park
Spencer Park
Spirit Springs Sanctuary
Sportsman’s Park
Spring Lake Park
Spring Park
Spring Valley Park
Springbrook Rd. pond/Mercedes Lake
Squaw Bay
Squiers Preserve
St. Charles Park
St. Clair Flats
St. Clair Lake-Six Mile Lake Natural Area
St. Ignace City Park Dock #3
St. Johns Marsh
St. Joseph River
St. Mary’s Cemetery
St. Mary’s Park
St. Patrick Cemetery
St. Vital’s Point
stakeout Ash-throated Flycatcher Sunrise Cabins & vicinity (2011)
stakeout Berylline Hummingbird H-58 & Adams St. (2014)
stakeout Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks Michigan Heights Dr. (2015)
stakeout Black-headed Grosbeak Dexter Rd. vicinity (2018-2019)
stakeout Black-throated Gray Warbler (2015-2016) (permission required)
stakeout Black-throated Gray Warbler 1345 Monroe Ave. NW (2007)
stakeout Black-throated Gray Warbler 61880 Bayshore Dr. (2001-2002)
stakeout Bullock’s Oriole 5789 McClements Rd. (2006)
stakeout Chuck-will’s-widow (2015-2018)
stakeout Chuck-will’s-widow (2018)
stakeout Costa’s Hummingbird 8160 5th St. (2014)
stakeout Couch’s Kingbird 9141 s. Leer Rd. (2017)
stakeout Fork-tailed Flycatcher Double Tree Dr. (2018)
stakeout Fork-tailed Flycatcher M-35 (2016)
stakeout Hepatic Tanager 2257 Seven Mile Pt. Rd. (2017)
stakeout Ivory Gull Flint River (2017)
stakeout King Rail 25 Mile Rd. (2017)
stakeout King Rail Duffield Rd. (2018)
stakeout King Rail Wynnwood Dr. (2018)
stakeout Loggerhead Shrikes (2017)
stakeout Mountain Bluebird Cornerstone Church (2007)
stakeout Painted Bunting 2844 Two Mile Rd. (2011)
stakeout Painted Bunting Baldwin Resort Rd. (2017)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird (2011/2012)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird 3475 W. Coon Lake Rd. (2018-2019)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird, 2667 Mulligan Dr. (2018)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite Elm Rd. vicinity (2017)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite Williams Rd. and Avery Rd. (2015)
stakeout Tropical Kingbird 932 W. 10 Mile Rd. (2016)
Stakeout Varied Thrush Huff Rd. (2016)
stakeout Varied Thrush Summit St. (2016)
stakeout Vermilion Flycatcher Dam Rd., Big Bay (2006)
stakeout White-eared Hummingbird 8883 River Valley Dr. (2005)
stakeout White-winged Dove Ludington Ave. (2016)
stakeout Yellow X Prairie Warbler 41st St. (2014-2018)
Stanaback Park
Standish Nature Preserve
Stannard Township Park
Stanton Sewage Lagoons
Stapp Nature Area
Star Lake
Starr Jaycee Park
Starvation Lake
State Rd. at Textile Rd.–pond
Steelcase prairie
Stephan Bridge Rd. and N. Down River Rd.
Stephens Park
Stepping Stone Falls and Picnic Area
Sterling Heights Nature Center
Sterling Island
Sterling SP
Sterling SP–Union Camp Marsh
Stinchfield Woods
Stoney Lake Walking Path
Stonington pine barrens
Stony Creek Metropark (Oakland Co.)
Stony Creek Metropark–Inwood Trails
Stony Creek Metropark–north (Macomb Co.)
Stony Creek Metropark–south (Macomb Co.)
Stony Creek Ravine Nature Park
Stony Island
Stony Lake
Stony Lake
Stony Lake–West
Straits SP
Straits State Harbor
Stratford Woods Park
Strawberry Lake
Strawberry Lake
Strawberry Marsh
Strawberry Point Nature Preserve
Stronach boat launch
Stuart Lake
Stuart’s Landing
Stump Bay
Sturgeon Point SP
Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness area
Sturgeon River mouth
Sturgeon River Rd.
Sturgeon River Sloughs WA (North Unit)
Sturgeon River Sloughs WA (South Unit)
Stutsmanville Bog Nature Preserve
Sugar Island
Sugar Island Ferry Dock
Sugarbush Park
Sugarloaf Mountain
Sumac Island
Sunset Cove Bed & Breakfast
Sunset Park
Superior Dome fields
Superior Twp. Roads
Susan Creek Nature Preserve
Sutherland Nature Sanctuary
Sutton Lake
Suttons Bay Boardwalk
Suttons Bay Sewage Ponds
Sutton’s Landing Park
Swains Lake
Swamp Lakes Preserve
Swanzy Plains
Swedetown Marsh
Swedetown Nordic Ski Trails
Swift Run Pond
Swift Sanctuary
Sycamore Creek Golf Course and Driving Range
Sylvan Glen Lake Park
Sylvan Solace Preserve
Sylvania Recreation Area
Sylvania Wilderness RA–Clark Lake Trail
Sylvatica Ecolodge


Tabor St. boat launch
Tacoma Hills Park
Taft Rd. Short-eared Owl prairie
Tahquamenon Falls Rivermouth SP
Tahquamenon Falls SP (Chippewa Co.)
Tahquamenon Falls SP (Luce Co.)
Tahquamenon Falls SP–Clark Lake Trail
Tahquamenon Falls SP–Lower Falls
Tahquamenon Falls SP–Upper Falls
Tahquamenon River Mouth
Tahquamenon–Lone Pine Rd.
Tamarack City Sewage Ponds (restricted access)
Tamarack Creek marsh
Tamarack Lake
Tamarack Lake SGA
TART Trail east end
Tawas Bay–East Tawas
Tawas Bay–Jerry’s Marina
Tawas Lake
Tawas Point SP
Taylor Road Wilderness Park
Teal Lake
Tecumseh Park
Tecumseh Park
Ted Black Woods
Tefft Park
Teichner Preserve
Teller Rd. at 28 Mile Rd.
Tenhave Woods/Quickstad Park
Thayer Lake
The Bend Area
The Crane Pond SGA
The Dam at Lake Shamrock
The Fields Preserve
The Forks Boating Access Site
The Greenspire School
The Headlands Park
The Hill Nature Preserve
The Sands
The Timbers Recreation Area
Third Street Memorial Park
Thomas Rock Trail
Thompson County Park
Thompson Field
Thompson Lake (Howell)
Thompsons Harbor SP
Thornapple Lake
Thornapple River–84th St. dam
Thornapple Riverbend Green Space
Thorne Swift Nature Preserve
Three Lakes
Three Lakes Academy
Three Oaks Sewage Ponds
Three Oaks Twp. Conservation Area
Three Rivers Dam
Three Rivers SGA
Threemile lake
Thurston Pond
Tibbits Nature Sanctuary
Timber Creek CG
Timberland Swamp Nature Sanctuary
Timm Preserve
Timmerman Lake and wetlands
Tippy Dam Pond
Tiscornia Park
Tittabawassee Township Park
Tittabawassee Twp. Sewage Ponds
Tobico Marsh
Tollgate Farm (Michigan State University)
Tomahawk Creek Flooding–Spring Lake Rd.
Tomlinson Arboretum
Tonawanda Rd. greenway
Topinabee Lake Preserve
Torch Bay Beach
Torch Bay Nature Trail
Torch Lake
Torch River Access Site
Torrey Rd. hawk watch
Torzewski County Park
Tourist Park
Town Line Rd. Overlook
Townsend Park
Trails End Bay marshes
Trap Hills–Hacking Site Trail
Trapper’s Lake
Traver Creek Nature Area
Traverse City Marina (Clinch Marina)
Traverse City SP
Treetops Resort
Trestle Park
Tri-City Landfill (Sanilac Co.)
Trinkle Marsh
Trout Lake
Tunnel Park
Turner Rd. fields
Tuscola SGA–Washburn Rd.
Tuscola SGA–Wells Rd.
Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area
Twelvemile Beach
Twin Creek Rd. marsh
Twin Falls Preserve
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes SP
Two Hearted River access
Two Hearted River mouth
Two Rivers Green Space
Tyden Park


UM Dearborn–Environmental Interpretive Center
UM Dearborn–Rouge River Bird Observatory
Unadilla SWA
Union St. dam
Unionville Sewage Ponds
Unity Park
University of Michigan Biological Station
University of Michigan Biological Station–Carp Creek Gorge
University of Michigan Biological Station–Reese’s Swamp
University of Michigan Biological Station–Smith’s Fen
University of Michigan–Central Campus
University of Michigan–Northwood V. housing area
Upjohn Park
Upper Brace Lake
Upper Herring Lake Nature Preserve
Upper Macatawa Natural Area
Upper Macatawa Natural Area–84th Ave. access
US Army Corps of Engineers Dredge Spoils Ponds (Holland)


Valhalla Park
Valley Court Park
Valley Woods Nature Preserve
Van Atta Natural Area
Van Bragt Park
Van Buren SP
Van Buren St. dunes
Van Raalte Farm
Van Riper SP
Vanderbilt Park (Tuscola Co.)
Vandercook Lake
Vassar SGA–Washburn Rd. ponds
Vassar SGA–Wilder Rd.
Veit’s Woods (Central Michigan University)
Veldheer Tulip Gardens
Vermilion Rd.
Vermillion Point Nature Preserve
Vermillion Road–The Slab
Vermontville Sewage Ponds
Verona Dam
Verona SGA
Veronica Valley Park
Versluis Park
Vestaburg Bog/Alma College Ecological Station (permission required)
Veteran’s Memorial Community Park
Veterans Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park (Boyne City)
Veterans Memorial Park (Midland Co.)
Veteran’s Park
Veteran’s Park (Butcher’s Creek)
Vicksburg Recreation Area
Victoria Dam
Vineyard Lake
Vineyard Lake County Park
Vistula Rd. at Pigeon River
Voogt Farm (restricted access)
Voorhees Brothers Memorial Sanctuary
Voyageur Island Park
Vreeland Rd.
Vreeland Rd. pond


W W Ave. marsh
W. Bloomfield Trail–west
W. J. Hayes SP
W. Territorial Rd at Carpenter Rd
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station–Gull Lake
W.P. Thompson Pond
Wabasis Lake Park
Wade’s Bayou Park
Wadhams to Avoca Trail (paved portion)
Wadhams to Avoca Trail (unpaved portion)
Wagener County Park
Wah Sash Kah Moqua Nature Preserve
Wahlfield Park
Wakeley Lake
Waldenburg Park
Waldron Fen Nature Preserve
Waldron Rd Marsh
Walkinshaw Wetlands
Wall Lake
Wallace Stone Quarry (Bay Port Quarry)
Wallaceville Park
Walled Lake
Walter and Mary Burke Park
Wampler’s Lake
Ward’s Swamp
Warner Creek Pathway
Warner Sanctuary
Warren and Sheldon Rds. wetland
Warren Dunes SP
Warren Dunes SP–Blue Jay Trail
Warren Dunes SP–Floral Lane
Warren Dunes SP–Yellow Birch Trail
Warren Woods SP
Washington Rd. rest stop
Washtenaw Community College–East Woods
Washtenaw Community College–West Woods
Water Conservation Easement (Vreeland Rd & Prospect Rd)
Water Tower Park
Waterloo RA (Jackson Co.)
Waterloo RA (Washtenaw Co.)
Waterloo RA–Baldwin Flooding
Waterloo RA–Cassidy Rd.
Waterloo RA–Glenn Rd.
Waterloo RA–Green Lake Wetlands
Waterloo RA–Green Rd.
Waterloo RA–Hoffman Trail
Waterloo RA–List Rd.
Waterloo RA–McLure Rd.
Waterloo RA–N. Moeckel Rd.
Waterloo RA–Portage Lake Unit
Waterloo RA–Riethmiller Rd. grasslands
Waterloo RA–Sylvan Springs
Waterloo RA–Willis Rd.
Waters Landfill (restricted access)
Watershed Park
Watershed Ridge Park
Waterworks Park
Waterworks Park
Waterworks Rd. at N Dixie Hwy
Watkins Lake
Watkins Lake County Preserve
Watkins Lake SP
Wau-Ke-Na Preserve–North Trails
Way Back In CG
Weatherbee Woods Preserve/Schroter Park
Webber Dam
Wedens Bay
Weidman Mill Pond
Weiser Rd. wetlands
Weko Beach
Wendt Park
Werner Lake
West Bloomfield Nature Preserve
West Bloomfield Township Library Trails
West Commerce Dr. vicinity
West County Park
West Lake
West Lake Nature Preserve
West Lake Preserve
West Michigan Regional Airport
West Side County Park
Westcoat’s Field (restricted access)
Westcroft Gardens
Western Michigan University–Campus Mall
Western Michigan University–Valley Pass Woods
Westgate Scenic Overlook
Westnedge Ave. Retention Pond
Wetland at Wabasis Creek and 12 Mile Rd.
Wetland East of Hotel Ave
Wetland West of Hotel Ave
Wetmore Pond Boardwalk
Wetzel SP
Whaleback Natural Area
Whigville Lake (Lapeer Co.)
Whirlpool Headquarters Pond
Whiskey Creek Public Access
Whiskey Harbor
White City Park (Houghton Co.)
White Lake pathway at White Lake Dr.
White Pine (town)
White Pine Park
White River Light Station Museum
White Rock Roadside Park
Whitefish Point
Whitefish Point–Harbor of Refuge
Whitefish River mouth
Whiteford Cemetery
Whiteford Township Community Park
Whitehall Municipal Marina
Whitehall Nursing Home fluddle
Whitehouse Nature Center
Whiting Forest
Whiting Overlook Park
Whiting Power Plant
Whitmore Lake (Livingston Co.)
Whitmore Lake (Washtenaw Co.)
Whitmore Lake Preserve
Wickes Park
Wigwam Bay SWA–diked unit
Wigwam Bay SWA–Palmer Rd. unit
Wilcox Lake
Wilcox Warnes Nature Sanctuary
Wilcox-Palmer-Shah Nature Preserve
Wild Cat Rd.
Wilderness Lake Reserve
Wilderness SP
Wilderness SP–Waugoshance Point
Wildfowl Bay
Wilkinson Property (restricted access)
Willard Park
William B. Derby Jr. Nature Preserve
William Bullen Memorial Fishing Facility
William H. Haithco RA
William Milliken SP
William Mitchell SP
William Mitchell SP–Cadillac Canal
William P. Holliday Forest and Wildlife Preserve
Williams Landing
Williamsburg Meijer fields
Williamstown Township Community Park
Willow Metropark
Willow Run Airport (restricted access)
Wilson Rd. grasslands
Windmill Island Park
Window on the Waterfront
Windsor Township SGA
Winnetaska Rd./Nugent Sand Lagoons
Winslow Lake
Winstrom Preserve
Witt Sod Farm
Wittenbach/Wege Center
Wixom Habitat Park
Wixom Lake–Dundas Rd. access
Wixom Lake–Stryker’s Marina
WM Saginaw Valley Landfill
Wolcott Mill Metropark
Wolcott Mill Metropark–Mother Earth Trail
Wolcott Mill Metropark–North Branch Trails
Woldumar Nature Center
Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake Rd.
Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery
Wolf Tree Nature Trails
Wolters Woods Park
Wolverine Lake
Wood Island Landfill
Woodland Hills
Woodland Park and Nature Preserve
Woodlawn Cemetery
Woods Trail
Woollam Family Nature Preserve
Woolsey Memorial Airport
Wooster Rd. bridge (Portage River)
Wurtsmith AFB (restricted access)
Wyman Wetland



Yankee Springs RA
Yankee Springs RA–Baker Lake
Yankee Springs RA–Chief Noonday Lake
Yankee Springs RA–Deep Lake
Yankee Springs RA–Long Lake Trail
Yankee Springs RA–State Park Dr.
Yellow Dog River Falls Trail
Young Patriots Park
Young SP
Yuba Creek Natural Area


Zemmer Park
Zuidema Natural Area