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Marks Wildlife Management Area, Alton/New Durham

Birding in New Hampshire

Marks Wildlife Management Area
Alton, New Hampshire 03809
Powdermill Hatchery Lands webpage

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Belknap County
Alton and New Durham

Marks WMA, Alton/New Durham
Coordinates: 43.4757816, -71.1873722
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About Marks Wildlife Management Area
The Marks Wildlife Management Area is managed with the Powdermill Hatchery Lands.

The Marks WMA was purchased from George Marks in 1977 using Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration funding from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. The adjacent Powdermill Fish Hatchery is 102 acres, most of which was purchased from George and Celine Taylor in 1971. Approximately 25 acres of the Powdermill Hatchery property support hatchery operations, the remainder is managed as part of the Marks WMA.
From Powdermill Hatchery Lands webpage