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Dillant-Hopkins Airport, Swanzey

Birding in New Hampshire

Dillant-Hopkins Airport
80 Airport Road
Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446
Dillant-Hopkins Airport webpage

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Cheshire County

Dillant-Hopkins Airport, Swanzey
Coordinates: 42.9010558, -72.2696972
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Airport Rd., Swanzey
Coordinates: 42.8974579, -72.2757906
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About Dillant-Hopkins Airport
The Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport was established in 1943. It covers approximately 1,000 acres and has two runways. The primary runway is 6,200 feet long and is equipped with an instrument landing system. The crosswind runway is 4,000 feet long. The Airport also operates an automated weather observation system and is equipped with precision approach path indicators. It can accommodate all types of aircraft up to and including large commercial jet airliners.

The primary role of the Airport is to serve general aviation, corporate, and commercial needs, not only of the City of Keene but the entire Southwestern region of New Hampshire. It plays a major role in the New Hampshire Statewide Airport System Plan as well as the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems. It is for these purposes that it receives funding assistance from both the State and the Federal Governments.

The Airport is one of the basic elements, in terms of the transportation infrastructure, required for economic growth and development. Its existence has resulted in the development of a wide range of services that benefit the general public. These services include flight instruction of all levels, in rotary and fixed wing aircraft, aircraft maintenance, aircraft storage and tie-down service, hangar rental, and fuel service. There are other activities that may not be so recognizable. These include aerial photography, fire surveillance flights, power line and pipeline inspection patrols, air ambulance services and law enforcement operations. All of these services aid in maintaining economic relationships with organizations locally, as well as those a great distance away.

The Airport also serves a role in fostering other activities and programs with many different and varied organizations. These include the Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scout programs, and the Young Eagles Program. Development of the Airport will continue to permit an expansion of these and other services to the community for the benefit of all.
From Dillant-Hopkins Airport webpage