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Coos County

Birding in New Hampshire

All Hotspots in Coos County

13 Mile Woods, Errol
Airport Marsh, Whitefield
Akers Pond, Errol
Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail
Androscoggin River At 7 Islands, Errol/Cambridge
Androscoggin River at Errol Bridge
Androscoggin River At Errol Dam
Androscoggin River at Mechanic Street, Gorham
Androscoggin River Between Dam and Boat Launch, Errol
Androscoggin River Dam, Gorham
Androscoggin River, Bridge Street Area, Berlin
Androscoggin Wayside Park, Errol
Back Lake, Pittsburg
Back Pond, Stewartstown
Base Station Road, Jefferson
Bear Rock Road Fields, Colebrook
Beaver Brook Falls Natural Area, Colebrook
Berlin Airport, Milan
Big Brook Bog, Pittsburg
Boundary Pond, Pittsburg
Bretton Woods X-C Ski Area, Carroll
Carter-Moriah Trail (Part of Appalachian Trail), Beans Purchase
Chickwolnepy Road, Milan
Clarksville Pond, Clarksville
Colebrook Wastewater Treatment Plant
Coleman State Park–Campground, Stewartstown
Connecticut Lakes
Connecticut Lakes State Forest, Pittsburg
Coon Brook Bog, Pittsburg
Crawford Connector, Carroll
Crawford Depot, Carroll
Crawford Path
Day Road, Perry Stream, Pittsburg
Deer Mountain State Park, Pittsburg
Dixville Notch–Route 26 Pulloffs
Dixville Notch–Wildlife Viewing Area
Dixville Turbines to Route 26 Via West Branch Clear Stream Road
Downtown Errol
Downtown Gorham
Dummer–Entire Township
Dummer Pond Road
Durand Lake, Randolph
East Inlet, Pittsburg
East Inlet–Dam, Pittsburg
East Side River Road, Milan
Eisenhower Memorial Wayside Park, Carroll
Errol Dam Outflow Pool
Farrar Tract, Randolph Town Forest
First Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Forest Lake, Dalton
Fort Hill Wildlife Management Area, Stratford
Fourth Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Glen Boulder Trail, Sargents Purchase
Great Glen Trails (Cross-Country Skiing), Greens Grant
Greenough Pond Road, Errol
Groveton Wastewater Treatment Plant, Groveton
Hall Stream Road, Pittsburg
Hill Road Meat Pile (At Ferry Road), Dummer
Hurlbert Swamp, Stewartstown
Indian Stream and Jesse Young Road, Pittsburg
Indian Stream at Connecticut River, Pittsburg
Jefferson Meadows, Route 115A
Jericho Lake, Berlin
Lake Francis State Park, Pittsburg
Lake Francis, Pittsburg
Lake Umbagog–North End, Errol
Lancaster Wastewater Treatment Plant
Localizer Drive at Mount Washington Regional Airport
Magalloway Mountain, Pittsburg
Magalloway Road, Pittsburg
Magalloway River Bend (Parsons Landing), Errol
Magalloway River Cut-off at Dead Diamond Road, Wentworths Location
Magill Bay, Androscoggin River, Dummer
Martin Meadow Pond, Lancaster
Mile Long Pond, Androscoggin River, Errol
Mollidgewock Road, Errol
Mollidgewock State Park, Errol
Moose Brook State Park, Gorham
Moose Brook State Park–Campground, Gorham
Moose Pond Road, Pittsburg
Moose Pond, Pittsburg
Mount Crescent Trail, Randolph
Mount Pierce and Mizpah Spring Hut Loop Via Crawford Path
Mount Washington
Mount Washington–Alpine Garden Trail/Area
Mount Washington Auto Road
Mount Washington Auto Road at Signal Corps Site
Mount Waumbek, Kilkenny
Mountain View Campground, Pittsburg
Nansen Wayside Park, Milan
Nash Stream Forest, Stratford/Odell
Old Cherry Mountain Road, Carroll/Jefferson
Old Greenough Pond Road/Dupuis Trail, Errol
Paul Bofinger Wayside State Park Boat Launch, Dummer
Pond of Safety, Randolph
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, Jefferson/Whitefield
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Cherry Pond Access Trail, Whitefield/Jefferson
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Cherry Pond, Jefferson
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Little Cherry Pond, Jefferson/Whitefield
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge–Mud Pond, Jefferson
Pontook Reservoir, Dummer
Reflection Pond, Shelburne
Rhubarb Pond, East Inlet Road, Pittsburg
River Road Bridge, Pittsburg
Route 135 Farm Fields, Lancaster
Route 16 Boreal Bog (4 Mi. from Route 26), Errol
Scott Bog, Pittsburg
Scott Bog Road, Pittsburg
Second College Grant–Entire Township
Second Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Smith Brook Road, Pittsburg
Sophie’s Lane, Pittsburg
South Bay Bog, Pittsburg
South Ponds, Stark
Steamer Diamond Boat Launch, Errol
Success Pond, Success
Success Pond Road, Success
Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, Stratford
Tabor Road, Pittsburg
Third Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg
Turbine Access Road North from West Branch Clear Stream Road, Millsfield/Dixville
Umbagog Lake State Park Campground, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge (Overall)
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Chewonki Marsh, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Harpers Meadow, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Headquarters, Wentworths Location
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Leonard Marsh, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Leonard Pond, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Magalloway Canoe Launch, Wentworths Location
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Magalloway River Trail, Wentworths Location
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Magalloway/Androscoggin River Junction, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Sweat Meadow, Errol
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge–Wentworths Location
Unknown Pond, Kilkenny
Upper Coos Recreational Trail– Colebrook to Welcome Center
Upper Magalloway River, Wentworths Location
Weeks State Park, Lancaster
Whaleback Ponds, Errol
White Mountain National Forest–19 Mile Brook Trail To Wildcat Ridge
White Mountain National Forest–Androscoggin Ranger Station, Gorham
White Mountain National Forest–AMC Highland Center and Trails, Carroll
White Mountain National Forest–Caps Ridge Trail
White Mountain National Forest–Carter Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Davis Path
White Mountain National Forest–Dolly Copp/Pinkham B Road
White Mountain National Forest–Glen Ellis Falls
White Mountain National Forest–Jefferson Notch Road
White Mountain National Forest–Lakes of The Clouds Hut
White Mountain National Forest–Mizpah Spring Hut
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Adams, North Side
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Jackson
White Mountain National Forest–Mount Madison North Side
White Mountain National Forest–Nineteen Mile Brook Trail, Gorham
White Mountain National Forest–Pinkham Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Rail Trail .5 Mi Section East of Dolly Copp/Pinkham B (Closed Winters)
White Mountain National Forest–Square Ledge Trail, Pinkham Notch
White Mountain National Forest–Starr King Trail, Jefferson
White Mountain National Forest–Tuckerman Ravine Trail
White Mountain National Forest–Valley Way Trail, Randolph/Low/Burbanks Grant
White Mountain National Forest–Wildcat Ridge Trail, Pinkhams Grant/Beans Purchase
Wildcat Mountain Ski Area, Pinkhams Grant
York Pond, Berlin