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Boscawen Town Forest

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Boscawen Town Forest
Boscawen, New Hampshire 03303
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Merrimack County

Boscawen Town Forest
Coordinates: 43.2776514, -71.6297255
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Tips for birding Boscawen Town Forest
The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike at Boscawen Town Forest.

About Boscawen Town Forest
The City of Concord bought the land off Weir Road, where this trail is located, from Carter Hill Associates with open space funds. Previously, the land had belonged to Walter E. Sweatt. Part of it was probably on the Weir Farm, now part of the Boscawen Town Forest. The old stonewalls are relics of a time when these woods were clear and were part of an important dairy farm that provided milk to southern Boscawen and Penacook.

Robert and Hannah Hoit sold the Weir farm to James William John Landrick Weir and his sister in June 1854. It remained in the Weir Family and was fully operational until the late 1930s when John Weir had to give it up for health reasons. The remaining foundation of the farmhouse is an interesting feature of this trail.

The Boscawen Town Forest is owned and managed by the Town of Boscawen, which began to amass the Town Forest property in the 1930s. The majority of the forest consists of the 230-acre former Weir farm and the 180-acre Barnard lot. The land was designated as a Town Forest in 1975 and in 1982 the Boscawen Conservation Commission was given permission to manage the forest and established a Town Forest Management Fund.
From Boscawen Town Forest Trails (TrailFinder) webpage