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Bradford Bog, Bradford

Birding in New Hampshire

Bradford Bog
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
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Merrimack County

Bradford Bog, Bradford
Coordinates: 43.1972181, -72.0096297
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About Bradford Bog
The Bradford Bog is a great and easy walk in a rare environment. The Bog was given to the town of Bradford in 1971 by the New England Floral Society, which had purchased it as a sanctuary for White Cedar and other rare florals.

It is one of the most northwestern habitats of the White Cedar, which grows in freshwater coastal environments. This is a forested bog; the mat, which is formed by thousands of years of plants growing over each other and sinking into the bog, has become thick enough to support the growth of trees.

Planks line the path through the rich fauna, like Rhodera, Bog Rosemary, Mountain Holly, Pitcher Plants, and Sundews, for 0.6 miles; it’s an easy walk along the planks.

At the end is an observation tower to view the bog from above. Warblers and other birds are heard chirping and tracks from deer, moose, and fox show who’s been there.
From Hiking Bradford Bog webpage