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Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Newbury

Birding in New Hampshire

Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary
New Hampshire Audubon Society

Newbury, New Hampshire 03255

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Merrimack County

Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Newbury
Coordinates: 43.3523951, -72.0064545
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About Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary
Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary of the New Hampshire Audubon Society.

The Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Newbury began when a small group of local landowners became concerned about the loss of wildlife habitat from the rapidly increasing development of the Lake Sunapee area. This group decided to do something about it and in 1988, approached Audubon with a large donation to help purchase the Sanctuary from a logging company. The original 362 acres are in two disjunct areas about .5 miles apart from each other along Chalk Pond Road: the northern area is 236 acres and the southern area is 126 acres. In 2001, another 86.5 acres were acquired, again with assistance from local landowners. This parcel is across Chalk Pond road from the 126-acre southern area of the Sanctuary and increases the Sanctuary to a total of 448.5 acres. Across Chalk Pond road from the 236-acre northern areas of the Sanctuary are two large pieces of the property conserved by the Hay family, including the John Hay National Wildlife Refuge. Like pieces in a land protection puzzle, these conservation lands form larger blocks of wildlife habitat and create wildlife travel corridors to offset habitat fragmentation that results from development.

Hilly and forested, the Sanctuary is predominantly deciduous (mostly northern hardwoods) and mixed forest. There are a number of woodland streams, including tributaries of Ring Brook, and a large marsh/shrub swamp along Blodgett Brook. The Sanctuary provides enough quality wildlife habitat to support fauna that includes black bear, moose, deer, and excellent bird diversity, including the Pileated Woodpecker.
From Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary brochure and map