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Shirkin Road Swamp

Fremont, New Hampshire 03044

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Rockingham County

Shirkin Road swamp, Fremont
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About Shirkin Road Swamp
Location: Shirkin Road, Fremont. From NH-101 exit 6, take Beede Road south, passing from Epping into Fremont, for .5 mile to Shirkin Road, and turn right. Go .2 mile west on this dirt road past the overgrown swampy area to a pull off for parking.

Target Birds: Spring/summer/fall birding. Great Blue Herons nest in the rookery. Wood Duck and Mallard in the open water swamp. Winter Wren, Cedar Waxwing, and Yellow-rumped Warbler in fall in the overgrown swamp. Rusty Blackbird in migration. Swamp birds rest of year.

Description: First portion of the swamp, immediately past a house at the corner of Beede and Shirkin, is overgrown with little open water. The second portion, just past a car pull out, has much more open water and the rookery. The far side of this portion is probably in the Town of Epping

It is recommended that one walk back along the road to bird the overgrown portion of the swamp, return to your car, and walk forward to view the open water swamp where a scope is very helpful. Also, check the small swamp on the other side of the road from the open-water swamp. There may be occasional trucks along the road going to and from the commercial mulch operation just past the open-water swamp.