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Strafford County

Birding in New Hampshire

All Hotspots in Strafford County

Adams Point Wildlife Management Area, Durham
Ayers Pond, Barrington
Babe Ruth Field, Rochester
Baldwins Way Pond, Farmington
Beaver Pond, Farmington
Beckwith Ballfields and Trails, Dover
Bellamy Reservoir, Madbury
Bellamy River Wildlife Sanctuary, Dover
Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area, Dover
Bennett Road Wildlife Management Area, Durham
Blackwater Brook Swamp, Quail Drive, Rochester
Blue Job Mountain, Farmington
Bow Lake, Northwood
Cocheco River Reservoir, Rochester
Coldrain Pond, New Durham
College Woods, Durham
Doe Farm, Durham
Dover Community Trail
Dover Community Trail: Transportation Center to Fisher Street
Dover Community Trail: Watson Road to Fourth Street
Durham Point Road at Horsehide Brook Marsh, Durham
Eliot Bridge, Gulf Road, Dover
Ellis R. Hatch, Jr. Wildlife Management Area–Jones Brook Pond, Brookfield/Middleton
Five Corners Reserve, Lee
Foss Farm, Durham
Foss Farm–East, Durham
Foss Farm–West, Durham
Franklin-McElheny Preserve, Rollinsford
Garrison Hill Park Hawkwatch, Dover
Gile Road Marsh, Lee
Goodwill Conservation Area, Barrington
Hanson Pines Park, Rochester
Hilton Park, Dover Point
Isinglass River Park and Gonic Trails, Rochester
Jacksons Landing, Durham
Joe B. Parks Riverwalk Public Gardens, Dover
Kenneth Hill Pond Area, Strafford
Lamprey River Preserve, Durham
Little River Park, Lee
Longmarsh Preserve–Colby Marsh, Durham
Malley Farm, Somersworth
Marsh Pond, New Durham
Maud Jones Forest, Lee
Mill Pond, Durham
Moose Mountain Reservation, Middleton/Brookfield
North River Pond, Northwood
Old Mill Road (Mitigation Area), Lee
Oyster River Forest, Durham
Oyster River Landing, Durham
Oyster River Park, Durham
Parker Mountain, Strafford
Pickering Ponds, Rochester
Pine Grove Cemetery, Farmington
Powder Majors/Madbury Town Forest, Madbury/Durham/Lee
Roberts Road Fields, Rollinsford
Rochester Common
Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant
Route 155A Farm Fields (Moore/Tecce), Durham
Samuel A. Tamposi Water Supply Reserve East–Calef Highway Trailhead, Barrington
Samuel A. Tamposi Water Supply Reserve West–Tibbetts Road Trailhead, Barrington
Spaulding Pond, Salmon Falls River, Milton/Rochester
Spinney Lane and Durham Reservoir
Stonehouse Forest–Marison Trail, Barrington
Stonehouse Forest–South/Locke Trails, Barrington
Stonehouse Pond, Barrington
Strafford County Farm Complex, Dover
Surrey Lane Marsh, Durham
Thompson Forest, Durham
University of New Hampshire–Main Campus, Durham
University of New Hampshire Organic Dairy Farm, Lee
Vision Park, Farmington
Wagon Hill Farm, Durham
Wheelwright Pond, Lee
Willand Pond, Somersworth/Dover
William H. Champlin Forest Reservation, Rochester
Woodridge Park, Durham

stakeout Acadian Flycatcher, Bennett Rd., Durham (2014)
stakeout Mississippi Kite nest, Durham (2018, 2021)
stakeout Mississippi Kite nest, Durham (2019 – 2020) – Location kept secret
stakeout Sandhill Crane, Coppal House Farm, Lee (2017) – Private