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Goodwill Conservation Area, Barrington

Birding in New Hampshire

Goodwill Conservation Area
Barrington, New Hampshire 03825
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Strafford County

Goodwill Conservation Area, Barrington
Coordinates: 43.2153101, -71.0230976
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About Goodwill Conservation Area
This 156-acre property was acquired by the town in 2007. It was purchased using money from the town’s conservation fund as a bargain sale, meaning that much of the value of the land was generously donated by its former owner, Carolyn Goodwill. It was placed in a conservation easement held by the Strafford Rivers Conservancy at the time of the sale. The easement stipulates that the property cannot be developed and can only be used for passive recreation, forestry, and agriculture.

Its most visible feature is Richardson Pond, a small dammed pond that helps provide habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. The outflow forms the beginning of Mallego Brook, which eventually flows into the Madbury Reservoir. The property is also geologically fascinating, as in the back of it there are substantial ledges of a sort found nowhere else in the area.

There is a hiking/snowmobile trail through the property, with several side trails. There is a small parking area off of NH-9, just to the right of the mailboxes at the end of Richardson Drive. The trail starts on the far side of the dam, and you have to climb over or under the gate (not hard to do) to access the trail from the parking area.

The property is open for hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting, etc., and snowmobiling. Motorized wheeled vehicles are not allowed.

The Winnie the Pooh Trail has been renovated. New signs and a new section have been added to the Pooh Trail, so feel free to get out there and see some new quotes from AA Milne’s classic and enjoy the new part of the trail that affords lovely views of Richardson Pond. The Barrington Conservation Commission and the Southeast Land Trust of NH (SELT) are delighted to announce the permanent conservation of 135 acres to be added to the Goodwill Conservation Area, nearly doubling the size of that conserved land. It is all open to the public for passive recreational activities and snowmobiling on designated trails.
From Goodwill Conservation Area webpage