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All Hotspots in Sullivan County

Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest
Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest–Mountain Road, Lempster
Ashuelot River Headwaters Forest–Silver Mountain, Lempster
Beaver Brook, Plainfield
Charlestown Wastewater Treatment Plant
Connecticut River at North End of River Road, Plainfield
Connecticut River opposite Herricks Cove, Charlestown
Connecticut River–Ferry Road Boat Launch, Claremont
Cornish Town Forest
Crescent Lake, Acworth/Unity
Dewey Beach, Sunapee
Duck Pond, Long Pond Town Forest, Lempster
Fall Mountain State Forest, Langdon
Gallop Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Unity/Lempster
Glovers Ledge (Antioch New England), Langdon
Great Meadow, Charlestown
Great Meadow–Lower Landing Road, Charlestown
Great Meadow–Meadow Road, Charleston
Helen Woodruff Smith Bird Sanctuary, Plainfield
Lake Gunnison, Goshen
Lake Sunapee
Long Pond, Lempster
Lower Meadows, Charlestown
McDaniels Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Springfield
Moody Park, Claremont
Morningside Farms, Charlestown
Parlin Airfield, Newport
Pillsbury State Park, Washington
Pillsbury State Park–Mad Road Trail, Washington
Saint Gaudens National Historic Site, Cornish
Sherwood Forest South of Miller Pond, Grantham
Sugar River Gordon Woolen Mill Pond, Newport
Sunapee Riverwalk
Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Trail #3 (Sunapee Town Office to Deer Hill Road), Sunapee
Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Trail #4 (Deer Hill Road to NH-114), Goshen
T-Bird Mini Mart, Newport
Trail to Leavitt Pond, Grantham
Trask Brook Road, Newport/Sunapee
Up On The Hill Conservation Area, Charlestown
Wendell Marsh State Waterfowl Management Area, Sunapee
Wetherby Road, Charlestown
Winter Street Farm, Claremont

stakeout Great Gray Owl, Sugar River Recreational Trail, Newport (2017)