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University of New Mexico–North Golf Course

Birding in New Mexico

University of New Mexico
North Golf Course

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
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Bernalillo County

UNM–North Golf Course
Coordinates: 35.098239, -106.621195
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About University of New Mexico North Golf Course
The North Golf Course is located on the North Campus.

About University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico is a public research university in Albuquerque. Founded in 1889, UNM offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs. The Albuquerque campus encompasses over 600 acres.

The main campus is located on 600 acres on the heights a mile east of Downtown Albuquerque, and is split in three parts – central, north, and south. The central campus is situated between Central Avenue on the south, Girard Boulevard on the east, Lomas Boulevard on the north, and University Boulevard on the west, and is home to the main academic university. The North Campus, which includes the medical, nursing, pharmacological, and law schools as well as the University of New Mexico Hospital, is located on the north side of Lomas across from the central campus. The South campus is located a mile south of the central campus, centered around the intersection of University Boulevard and Avenida César Chavez, and includes most of UNM’s athletic facilities. The central campus is noted for its unique Pueblo Revival architectural style, with many of the buildings designed by former university architect John Gaw Meem, who is credited with imbuing the campus with its distinctive Southwestern feel. The central campus is also home to the University of New Mexico Arboretum, which contains some 320 species of woody plants.
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