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Los Alamos County

Birding in New Mexico

All Hotspots in Los Alamos County

6th Street Pond
Acid Canyon
Ancho Spring
Ashley Pond
Bandelier National Monument
Bandelier National Monument–Apache Springs Trail
Bandelier National Monument–Burnt Mesa Trail
Bandelier National Monument–Frey Trail
Bandelier National Monument–Juniper Campground
Bandelier National Monument–Ponderosa Campground
Bandelier National Monument–Ponderosa Trail
Bayo Canyon Trail
Blue Dot Trail
Canyon Rim Trail
Confluence of Pueblo and Acid Canyons
County Line Bosque
Fuller Lodge
Gonzales Canyon
Graduation Canyon
Guaje Pines Cemetery
Los Alamos Nature Center
Los Alamos–End of San Ildefonso Road on North Mesa
Los Alamos–Stables
Lower Pueblo Canyon
Lower Water Canyon
North County Mud Hole
Overlook Park–Overlook Platform
Pajarito Mountain
Pajarito Nordic Ski Trails
Pinon Park
Playground Mesa
Pueblo (School) Canyon
Pueblo Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall and Wetland
Quemazon Trail Nature Loop
Red Dot Trail
Red Dot Trail–Pajarito Spring
River Trail between Ancho Canyon and Chaquehui Canyon
River Trail between Blue Dot Trail and Red Dot Trail
River Trail between Blue Dot Trail and The County Line Bosque
River Trail between Chaquehui Canyon and Frijoles Canyon
River Trail between Red Dot Trail and Water Canyon
River Trail between Water Canyon and Ancho Canyon
Rover Park
Santa Fe National Forest–Cañon del Valle Trail
Santa Fe National Forest–Lower Rendija Canyon
Santa Fe National Forest–Sawyer Hill
Trick Tank Grasslands
Upper Los Alamos Canyon
Upper Pajarito Canyon
Upper Water Canyon
White Rock Wastewater Treatment Plant