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Allin’s Cove Barrington

Barrington, Rhode Island 02806
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Bristol County

Allin’s Cove Barrington
Coordinates: 41.7422325, -71.3464299
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About Allins Cove Marsh
Allin’s Cove is a tidal estuary just south of Bullocks Cove in West Barrington. Most of the cove is fringed in a salt marsh, and it is fed through a 6-foot wide channel that runs approximately 75 feet into the cove from the Providence River.

Bay Spring, a neighborhood of small, converted beach houses, lies on the western side of the cove. Many of the people who live here are second and third generation residents with memories of life on the cove and the vibrant summer colony that thrived here for many years. Byway Road, a short, dead-end street with four houses on the inland side, runs along the western shore of the cove. All of the houses on the water side of the road were destroyed by the 1938 hurricane. Two more houses located near the opening of the channel were destroyed by Hurricane Carol in 1954. On the opposite, southeastern side of the cove large houses, mostly on Alfred Drowne Road and Third Street, have good sized lots that extend down to the salt marsh. Several small cottages built to the south near the mouth of the cove were destroyed by hurricanes.
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