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Gano Park

Providence, Rhode Island 02906
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Providence County

Gano Park
Coordinates: 41.823722, -71.3885067
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About Gano Park
This boat ramp, opened in 2014, provides access to the Seekonk River from the Providence side for both hand-carried and trailered boats. Most people launching here will probably be planning to head north up the Seekonk. At the boat ramp, the Seekonk is over 1000 feet wide but still feels somewhat river-like. Further north the Seekonk is as much as half a mile wide and feels more like an estuary than a river. While the Seekonk is in the midst of urban northern Rhode Island it’s a surprisingly wild-feeling place, with long stretches of wooded shoreline. At the far northern end of the Seekonk, 3.5 miles from the boat ramp, the Seekonk narrows down and leads up to the mouth of the Blackstone River in Pawtucket.

Heading south from the ramp quickly takes you into the narrows between India Point and Bold Point and on into the Providence River, and the Port of Providence.

This put-in is on the Roger Williams Trail that traces the route Roger Williams and his followers took in 1636 when they paddled by canoe from what is now East Providence to Providence, to settle and found what would become the state of Rhode Island.
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