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James Turner Reservoir

Rumford, Rhode Island 02916
James Turner Reservoir brochure and map

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Providence County

James Turner Reservoir
Coordinates: 41.8409803, -71.3413697
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About James Turner Reservoir
To explore Truner Reservoir, put-in on the south side of Newman Avenue. Turner Reservoir was created in 1935 with the building of the Turner Dam, which the City of East Providence used for their drinking supply until the 1960s. Turner Reservoir is now open to the public for recreation. Paddle south along the shore. In the southeast corner of the reservoir, you will see twin boulders at a clearing, this is a takeout to a trail network that circles the reservoir. Past here to the west is a small red house, the control house for the Turner Dam. Opposite the house is the last of the fish ladders, as with all dams keep a safe distance. Take out here is hard but possible at the rip-rap dam. Trails from here lead to Bridgham Farm (1767) and to the Newman Oak, a tree said to be 300 years old, the trunk of this tree is 15 feet around.
From James Turner Reservoir brochure and map