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Swan Point Cemetery

585 Blackstone Boulevard
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
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Providence County

Swan Point Cemetery
Coordinates: 41.852497, -71.38611
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About Swan Point Cemetery
Established in 1846 and still active, Swan Point Cemetery is a tranquil, meticulously maintained, 200-acre garden cemetery located in the northeast corner of Providence, Rhode Island.

Extending from Blackstone Boulevard easterly to the shore of the Seekonk River, our grounds are a pleasant combination of lawns and drives, forest trees, and a luxurious undergrowth of laurel, rhododendrons, azaleas and other flowering shrubs. There are steep banks and deep ravines by the riverside, and from the open places, there are peaceful vistas of the river and the surrounding countryside. Swan Point’s expansive grounds make up the largest green space in the city of Providence.
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