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Quonochontaug Breachway

Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813
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Washington County

Quonochontaug Breachway
Coordinates: 41.3362, -71.722224
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About Quonochontaug Breachway
The boat ramp at the inner end of the Quonochontaug Breachway provides access to both Quonochontaug Pond and Block Island Sound. The pond is a large salt pond with many coves and channels to explore in a kayak or other small boat. This boat launch is the only good access to this salt pond and sees heavy use from fishers, boaters, and day-trippers. Once beyond the launch area and on the salt pond it can be a blissful to paddle the salt pond with its expansive untouched barrier beach, classic Victorian summer cottages, extensive salt marshes and bird sanctuary.

The tide runs very hard through the breachway so caution is advised in and near the breachway, including crossing the inner end of the breachway. Be especially careful when launching and landing since the boat ramp is in the breachway channel. Use the nearby sandy area to launch hand-carried boats to avoid the current in the breachway channel (and leave the ramp clear for trailered boats). In sea kayaks or other small craft, only experts should attempt to head out the breachway and onto the open waters of Block Island Sound. Breachways such as this can easily be closed even to large boats by breakers as the wind picks up or even just as a result of a change in the tide, leaving no way to back shore.

On most days the southwest wind fills in across this area in the morning and blows throughout the afternoon, so be prepared for this when planning your trip.
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