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Birding in Utah

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11800 S
11th Ave Park
1200 W 1700 N (Cache Co.)
16-16 Pond
20-20 Ponds
21st St Pond
2700 N Pond
3200 West (SLC Airport to 3200 N)
36th Street Trailhead
3way Pond
4000 West & Lake Shore (Utah Co.)
4000 West 2700 South, Syracuse, UT 84075
4200 N Fields
4400 West 5200 South in Lakeshore (Utah Co)
5600 West Traps (Salt Lake Co.)
5th West Sportsman Access
8000 West 2200 South Trap (Salt Lake Co.)
8600 West–Portage to Nucor Steel


Abajo Mountains — West Side
Abajo Mountains–Foy Lake
Abajo Mountains–Monticello Lake
Abajo Mountains–Rd 101 North Slope
Adagio Apartments Pond
Adair Lake
Adams Park
Adelaide Campground
Affleck Park & Campground
Airport Rd
Allen Park
Allred’s Pond
Alpine Loop Rd.
Alpine Loop Rd.–Mutual Dell
Alpine Loop Rd.–Pine Hollow Trailhead
Alpine Loop Rd.–Timpooneke CG & Trailhead
Alpine Loop Scenic Byway–Aspen Grove TH
Alpine Loop Scenic Byway–Summit Trail
Alta Canyon Park (incl. Woodlot @ 9800 S 1900 E)
Amalga Barrens
Amalga Barrens Sanctuary
Amalga Cheese Plant Pond
Amalga city and surrounding fields
Ambassador Duck Club (private)
American Fork Boat Harbor Area
American Fork Canyon
American Fork Canyon–Granite Flat CG
American Fork Canyon–Martin & Roadhouse Picnic Areas
American Fork Canyon–Mouth
American Fork Canyon–Silver Lake Hike
American Fork Canyon–Swinging Bridge Picnic Area & Trail
American Fork Canyon–Timpanogos Cave Trail
Amethyst Basin
Anderson Park
Andy Adams Community Fishery
Angel Canyon Rd (.incl Best Friends Animal Society)
Angela Heddlesten Memorial
Anhder Park
Ant Flat Rd
Antelope Dr.
Antelope Flat Campground
Antelope Island SP
Antelope Island SP–Antelope Island (island only)
Antelope Island SP–Bridger Bay Campground
Antelope Island SP–Buffalo Point
Antelope Island SP–Causeway
Antelope Island SP–Frary Peak Trail
Antelope Island SP–Garr Ranch
Antelope Island SP–Lady Finger Point
Antelope Island SP–Lady Finger Point
Antelope Island SP–Marina
Antelope Island SP–Road to Garr Ranch
Antelope Island SP–South
Antelope Island SP–Visitor Center & Loop Rd.
Antelope Island SP–White Rock Bay & Corrals
Antelope Spring (Millard Co)
Antelope Springs Rd.
Antimony Fields (Garfield Co.)
Antimony Fields (Piute Co.)
Apex Mine Rd
Arch Canyon
Arches NP
Arches NP–Balanced Rock
Arches NP–Broken Arch Trail
Arches NP–Courthouse Wash
Arches NP–Delicate Arch Rd.
Arches NP–Delicate Arch Trail
Arches NP–Delicate Arch Trailhead
Arches NP–Delicate Arch Viewpoint
Arches NP–Devil’s Garden CG
Arches NP–Devil’s Garden Trail
Arches NP–Fiery Furnace Trail
Arches NP–Garden of Eden
Arches NP–Park Avenue
Arches NP–Salt Valley
Arches NP–Tower Arch Trail
Arches NP–Windows Trail
Arches Trail
Arrow Trailhead to Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve
Art Dye Park & Fox Hollow GC
Ash Creek Reservoir
Ashley Nature Park
Aspen-Mirror Lake
ATK Ranch–North Pond
ATK Ranch–South Pond
Avon Pass Rd (Weber Co.)


Bair Park
Baker Reservoir
Bald Mountain Trail (N. Slope Uintas)
Ballard Springs
Bar M Trails
Barker Reservoir
Bartholomew Park
Bate’s Canyon Rd
Battle Creek Canyon
Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge TH
Bear Hollow–Rob’s Trail
Bear Lake Overlook Rest Area
Bear Lake–Cheney Creek Rest Stop
Bear Lake–East Shoreline
Bear Lake–Marina
Bear Lake–Rendezvous Beach SP
Bear Lake–Southwest Shoreline
Bear Lake–West Shoreline
Bear River Bay
Bear River Hunting Club
Bear River MBR–Auto Tour Loop
Bear River MBR–Visitor Center
Bear River MBR–Yates Tract (permit required)
Bear River Meadows–Crawford Mountain Rd.
Bear River–2400 W Bridge
Bear River–3800 N Bridge
Bear River–Horseshoe Sloughs
Bear River–Lower Outlook
Bear River–Oxbow 3000 N/Black Rock Rd.
Bear River–SR142 Trenton Bridge
Bear River–SR30 Hampton Crossing
Bear River–SR61 Cornish Bridge
Bears Ears National Monument–The Bears Ears
Beaver (town)
Beaver Basin
Beaver Canyon
Beaver Canyon–Lower (up to S curve)
Beaver Dam Mtns–Gravel Pit Rd
Beaver Dam Slope (incl. Lytle Ranch Rd)
Beaver Dam Slope–East of Hwy 91
Beaver Mountain Ski Area
Beef Basin
Bell Canyon Gulley
Bells Canyon–Reservoir
Bells Canyon–Upper
Ben Franklin Park
Ben Lomond GC
Ben Lomond Peak & Willard Basin Area
Benjamin Slough
Benson Marina
Benson RR Trail
Benson Water Trough Ponds
Benson–N 3200 W
Beryl (town)
Beryl Junction
Beus Pond & Beus Forest Green Park
Bicentennial Park
Bicentennial Park
Bicknell Bottoms–400 W
Bicknell Bottoms–Bicknell Circle Rd.
Bicknell Bottoms–Posey Lake Rd.
Bicknell Bottoms–Riparian along Hwy 24
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Beartrap Fork to Desolation Lake
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton Loop Rd.
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton Ski Resort
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton to Twin Lakes Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Broads Fork
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Butler Fork/Mill A Basin
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Donut Falls
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Guardsman Pass & Jupiter Peak Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Guardsman Pass Rd.
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Blanche/Mill B South Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Mary
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Mary Trail
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Ledgemere Picnic Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mill D North (Dog Lake Hike)
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mouth
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mule Hollow Trail
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Silver Lake
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Silver Lake to Lake Solitude Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Solitude Ski Resort
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Spruces CG
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Storm Mountain Picnic Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Twin Lakes to Lake Solitude
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Willow Heights
Big Cottonwood Park
Big Cottonwood Regional Park–Softball Complex
Big John Flat
Big Mountain Pass (Morgan Co.)
Big Mountain Pass (Salt Lake Co.)
Big Mountain Summit
Big Rocks Rd.–Fremont River Marsh
Big Sand Wash Reservoir
Big Spring Road
Big Water
Big Willow Canyon & Sawmill Trail
Birch Canyon Rd
Birch Creek
Birch Creek CG
Birch Creek Rd.–Lower (WY border to ~8200 ft)
Bird Refuge Rd.
Birdsong Trail
BlackHawk Park
Blackridge Reservoir
Blacksmith Fork @ Hwy 165 (Nibley Main St)
Blacksmith Fork Canyon–Marshes
Blanding City Cemetery
Blanding WTP
Blanding–Universe Road Farms
Blanding–Westwater Creek
Bloomington Hills North Park
Bloomington WTP
Blue Creek Reservoir
Blue Creek Spring
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lake & Salt Springs WMA (Tooele Co.)
Bluff — Cottonwood Wash Rd
Bluff — Navajo Twins Ponds
Bluff — San Juan River & Mission Road
Bluff — Town (Incl. San Juan River)
Bluffdale Ponds
Bonneville GC
Bonneville Hills (neighborhood)
Bonneville Ridge GC
Bonneville Seabase
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Cache Co.)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Coldwater Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Fernwood Dr to North Fork Kays Creek
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–North of AF Canyon (Utah Co.)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–North of Provo Canyon (Utah Co.)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–North Salt Lake
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Ogden Nature Center North
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Parley’s to Big Cottonwood Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Parrish Creek Trailhead (Davis Co.)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Red Butte Canyon to Emigration Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–South of I-80
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Terrace Hills
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Willard Canyon to Pearsons Canyon
Book Cliffs — Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Boots Cox Park
Boren Mesa Trail
Boulder Mountain (Garfield Co.)
Boulder Mountain (Wayne Co.)
Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch and Creek
Boulder Mountain Lodge & Pond
Boulder Mountain–Big Lake & vicinity
Boulder Mountain–Carcass Creek
Boulder Mountain–Cook Lake to Grass Lake
Boulder Mountain–Deer Creek Lake & Trail
Boulder Mountain–Donkey Point
Boulder Mountain–Garkane Power Plant Access Rd.
Boulder Mountain–Larb Hollow Overlook
Boulder Mountain–North Slope Rd (>8900′)
Boulder Mountain–North Slope Rd (8000′-8900′)
Boulder Mountain–Oak Creek
Boulder Mountain–Singletree CG
Boulder Mountain–White Canyon
Boulder Mountain–Wildcat Meadow
Boulder Mtn — North Slope Rd (7000′-8000′) – Lower Meadows And Pinyon Junipers
Boulder Town–Anasazi SP
Bountiful CG & Picnic Area
Bountiful Landfill
Bountiful Memorial Park Cemetery
Bountiful Peak
Bountiful Pond
Box Elder Canyon
Box Elder CG
Boynton Overlook
Brazier Canyon
Brian Head (town)
Brian Head Resevoir
Brian Head Ski Resort
Bridal Veil Falls Overlook
Bridgerland Park
Brigham City Cemetery
Brigham City–1000 W & Wilson Ln Intersection
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University–Bean Museum
Brigham Young University–Harrison Arboretum
Brim Trail
Bronson Rd.–Juniper Patch
Brooks Nature Park
Brough Reservoir
Brown’s Park WMA
Bryce Canyon City Ponds
Bryce Canyon Lodge–Rim Trail
Bryce Canyon NP
Bryce Canyon NP–Agua Canyon
Bryce Canyon NP–Black Birch Canyon
Bryce Canyon NP–Bristlecone Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Bryce Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Bryce Point to Natural Bridge
Bryce Canyon NP–Fairyland Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Fairyland Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Farview Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Inspiration Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Mossy Cave
Bryce Canyon NP–Natural Bridge
Bryce Canyon NP–Navajo Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–North Campground to Bryce Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Paria Viewpoint
Bryce Canyon NP–Piracy Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Ponderosa Canyon
Bryce Canyon NP–Queen’s Garden Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Rainbow Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Riggs Spring Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Sunset CG
Bryce Canyon NP–Sunset Point
Bryce Canyon NP–Swamp Canyon Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Swamp Canyon Overlook
Bryce Canyon NP–Tropic Trail
Bryce Canyon NP–Visitor Center
Bryce Canyon–Bryce Canyon Lodge
Bryce Lodge – Old Bryce Town Loop
Buckhorn Reservoir
Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel
Buckskin Gulch
Bud Phelps WMA
Buffalo Ranch Pond
Bulldog Rd Pond @ 2400 N
Bullet Canyon–Jailhouse Spring & Ruin
Bullfrog Basin Campground
Bullock Reservoir
Burbank Hills–Cedar Pass
Burr Trail Rd.–Big Thompson Mesa
Burr Trail Rd.–Deer Creek CG
Burr Trail Rd.–Draw Rd Pond
Burr Trail Rd.–Long Canyon & vicinity
Burr Trail Rd.–The Gulch
Burraston Ponds
Burro Pass
Buttercup Park
Butterfield Canyon–Lower (canyon bottom)
Butterfield Canyon–Upper (switchbacks to pass)
Butterfield Peaks Trail
Butterfield Peaks Trail (Salt Lake Co.)
Butterfield Peaks Trail (Tooele Co.)
Bywater Park


Cainville — Sweetwater Rd
Calder Reservoir
Camelot 1900 W Pond
Camelot Woods & Frontage Rd
Camp Fife
Camp Floyd Cemetery
Camp Hunt BSA
Camp MIA Shalom
Canal Trail
Cane Wash
Canyon Country Discovery Center
Canyon Glen Park
Canyon Park
Canyon Park
Canyon Rd Path — Canyon Blvd to 600 E
Canyon Rim Park
Canyon Rim Trail
Canyonlands Field Airport
Canyonlands NP–Aztec Butte Trail
Canyonlands NP–Big Spring-Squaw Canyon Loop
Canyonlands NP–Buck Canyon Overlook
Canyonlands NP–Cave Spring Trail
Canyonlands NP–Chesler Park
Canyonlands NP–Devils Kitchen
Canyonlands NP–Druid Arch Trail
Canyonlands NP–Elephant Hill Road
Canyonlands NP–Grand View Point Overlook
Canyonlands NP–Horseshoe Canyon
Canyonlands NP–Island in the Sky
Canyonlands NP–Maze District
Canyonlands NP–Mesa Arch Trail
Canyonlands NP–Murphy TH
Canyonlands NP–Needles District
Canyonlands NP–Pothole Point
Canyonlands NP–Shafer Canyon Overlook
Canyonlands NP–Slickrock Trail
Canyonlands NP–Squaw Flat CG
Canyonlands NP–Squaw-Lost Canyon Loop
Canyonlands NP–Upheaval Dome Overlooks Trail
Canyonlands NP–Visitor Center–Island in the Sky
Canyonlands NP–Willow Flat CG & Green River Overlook
Canyonlands Research Center
Canyons Complex Pond
Canyons of the Escalante RV Park
Canyons Resort (Summit Co.)
Capital Reef NP — Cathedral Valley CG
Capital Reef NP — The Oxbow
Capitol Reef NP
Capitol Reef NP–Capitol Gorge Trail
Capitol Reef NP–Cohab Canyon Trail
Capitol Reef NP–Fruita CG
Capitol Reef NP–Fruita Picnic Area
Capitol Reef NP–Grand Wash
Capitol Reef NP–Lower Muley Twist Canyon
Capitol Reef NP–Lower Pleasant Creek
Capitol Reef NP–Merin Smith Place
Capitol Reef NP–Notom Rd.–Near Sheets Gulch
Carbon Country Club
Carmel CG
Carolina Hills Trailhead
Cascade Falls Trailhead
Cascade Scenic Drive
Cascade Springs
Castle Rock Pond
Castle Valley — La Sal Loop Rd
Causey Reservoir
CCC Campground
Cedar Breaks NM
Cedar Breaks NM–Alpine Pond Trail
Cedar Breaks NM–Ramparts Trail
Cedar Canyon
Cedar Canyon CG
Cedar Canyon–Junction with Ashdown Creek
Cedar Canyon–Lower (aka Canyon Trail)
Cedar Canyon–SR 14 & Right Hand Canyon Rd. Jct.
Cedar Canyon–Zion Overlook
Cedar City Regional Airport
Cedar Fort
Cedar Hill Pond
Cedar Hills GC
Cedar Hills Parkway GC
Cedar Meadows
Cedar Mountains — Hastings Pass Rd
Cedar Valley Bottoms
Center Creek Canyon & Bald Knoll
Centerville Community Park
Centerville Swamp
Central Lehi Fields
Central Valley GC
Chalk Creek
Charleston City Park
Chekshani Cliffs & Camp Creek
Cherry Canyon Logging Trail
Cherry Creek Canyon
Chester Ponds
Chew Ranch
Chicken Creek Reservoir
Chimney Rock Pass
Christmas Meadows CG
Chuckwalla & Paradise Canyon Trails
Circle V Meat Pond
Cisco (town)
Cisco Boat Launch
City Creek Canyon (Cache Co.)
City Creek Canyon–Above Bonneville Blvd
City Creek Canyon–Above Rotary Park
City Creek Canyon–Memory Grove
City Creek Canyon–Rotary Park
Clark’s Pecan Orchard
Clarks Valley Reservoir
Clay Hill Rd. (incl. Treatment Ponds)
Clay Slough
Clay Spring & Marshes
Clear Creek Canyon
Clear Creek Trail
Clear Lake WMA
Clear Lake WMA–Parking Area 2
Clear Lake WMA–Parking Area 3
Clear Lake WMA–Spring Lake
Clegg’s Pond
Cleveland Cemetery & Riparian
Cleveland Reservoir Campground
Cliff Dweller Flat
Clinton Pond Park, Clinton US-UT
Clover Lake
Clover Springs CG
Coalpits Wash
Coldwater Lake
College of Eastern Utah
Colorado River Overlook (4WD Road Only)
Colorado River–Dolores River Confluence
Colorado River–Goose Island Trail & CG
Colorado River–Hittle Bottom to Takeout Beach
Colorado River–Little Dolores River Confluence
Colorado River–Oak Grove CG
Colorado River–Red Cliffs Lodge
Colorado River–Scenic Byway (SR-128)
Colorado River–Sorrel River Ranch
Colorado River–Spanish Bottom
Colorado River–Upper Big Bend Campground
Colrado River–Dewey to Hittle Bottom
Comb Wash
Community Park and River Trail
Confluence Park
Co-op Creek & FR-092
Copperton City Park
Coral Canyon Golf Course
Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP
Corinne Bridge
Corinne Skating Pond
Corinne–6800 W (Snow Goose Location)
Corner Canyon Creek Trail
Cornish Cemetery
Corona Arch
Cottonwood Cove Park
Cottonwood Reservoir
Cottonwood Wash @ SR 9
Cougar Park
Courthouse Wash & Pond
Cove Canyon
Cove Fort
Cove Fort – West Side Reservoir
Covey Point
Cowley Walk-in Access
Cowley Walkin Access — 4600N in Cache Junction
Coyote Gulch
Coyote Hollow
Coyote Spring
Coyote Spring
Coyote Spring (Millard Co.)
Crawdad Canyon Climbing Park
Creekside Park
Crescent Junction (incl. I-70 Rest Stop)
Crescent Junction Rest Area
Crestwood Park
Cricket Mountains–Headlight Canyon
Cricket Seeps
Crosby Canyon
Crouse Reservoir
Crystal Hot Springs
Crystal Peak
Crystal Springs
Currant Creek Canyon
Currant Creek Reservoir & CG
Curtis Creek Trail
Cutler Canyon
Cutler Marsh–Boat Launch Area
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp 2600 N Walk-In Access
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp 3200 W Walk-In Access
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp Logan River Recreation Area
Cutler Marsh–via canoe access
Cutler Reservoir — Cache Jct
Cutler Reservoir — Dam


Daddy Canyon (Carbon Co.)
Dairy Fork WMA
Dalton Springs
Dalton Wash Rd.
Daniels Canyon
Daniel’s Summit
Dark Canyon–Sundance Trail
Davis Creek Trail
Dead Horse Point SP
Dead Horse Point SP–Big Horn Overlook
Dead Horse Point SP–Kayenta Campground
Dead Horse Point SP–Rim Trail
Dead Horse Point SP–Visitor Center
Dead Horse SP–Yurts
Decker Lake
Deep Canyon — Lower
Deep Canyon — Upper
Deep Creek Campground
Deer Creek North Shore & Open Field
Deer Creek Overlook
Deer Creek Reservoir & SP
Deer Creek Reservoir–Inlet
Deer Creek Reservoir–Island Beach
Deer Creek Reservoir–North Pullout
Deer Creek Reservoir–Rail Tracks & River Parkway
Deer Creek Reservoir–Rainbow Bay
Deer Creek Reservoir–Wallsburg Arm
Deer Creek SP Northern Trailhead
Deer Creek SP–Charleston Day Use Area
Deer Creek/Dry Creek/North Mountain TH
Deer Haven CG
Deer Valley Ponds
Deer Valley Ski Resort
Denzil Stewart Nature Park
Deseret Peak via Mill Fork Trail
Deseret Ranch
Deseret Ranch–Blue Ridge (restricted access)
Deseret Ranch–Neponset Reservoir (restricted access)
Deseret Ranch–Saleratus Ponds (restricted access)
Deseret Ranch–Stacey Hollow (restricted access)
Deseret Ranch–The Big Meadow (restricted access)
Deseret Ranch–Trail Canyon (restricted access)
Deseret Reservoir
Desert Lake WMA
Desert Springs
Desolation Lake
Devil’s Canyon CG
Devils Eye Trail
Diamond Fork Canyon
Diamond Fork Canyon — Diamond Fork CG
Diamond Fork Canyon–Red Ledges
Diamond Valley (incl. Cinder Cone Trail)
Dimple Dell Park
Dinosaur NM
Dinosaur NM–Carnegie Bone Quarry
Dinosaur NM–Green River CG
Dinosaur NM–Island Park Rd
Dinosaur NM–Josie Morris Cabin
Dinosaur NM–Petroglyphs
Dinosaur NM–Sounds of Silent Nature Trail
Dinosaur NM–Split Mountain Gorge
Dinosaur NM–Split Mountain Picnic Area
DMAD Reservoir
Dollar Lake
Donkey Flats Rd
Donkey Reservoir
Draper Amphitheater
Draper City Park
Draper Pond
Draper Recreation Center Wetlands
Dry Bread Pond
Dry Camp Valley Spring
Dry Canyon (Cache Co.)–Lower (5000′-6500′)
Dry Canyon (Cache Co.)–Upper (6500′-8500′)
Dry Canyon (Utah Co.)
Dry Creek Canyon
Dry Creek Trail Park
Dry Fork/Red Cloud Loop — East Side
Dry Fork/Red Cloud Loop — West Side
Dry Lake
Dry Wash Number Two Reservoir
Duchesne River Ponds
Duchesne WTP
Duck Creek CG
Duck Creek Village
Duck Creek Visitor Center
Duck Lake
Duck Pond Hill AFB
Dutch Hollow SP


Eagle Mountain
Eagle Rise Trail
East Bay Golf Course
East Bench Trail
East Canyon Creek–Jeremy Ranch Ponds Below Water Reclamation
East Canyon SP–Reservoir
East Canyon–Big Mtn Pass to East Canyon Reservoir
East Canyon–Henefer to East Canyon Reservoir
East Canyon–Morgan to East Canyon Reservoir (aka Thomas Canyon)
East Carbon WTP
East Carbon–Coke Ovens & Foothills
East Carbon–SR123 Sage Flats
East Duchesne River Pond
East Fork Black’s Fork Campground and Trailhead
East Fork Little Bear River WMA
East Fork Road
East Goshen Pond
East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery
East Tintic Mountains
East Tintic Mountains–Dividend Rd.
East Tintic Mountains–Homansville Pass Rd.
Eccentric BM
Echo Canyon
Echo Reservoir
Edge Of The Cedars SP
Eight Mile Spring
Eightmile Springs
Elberta Church Farm
Elberta Slant Road
Elgrove Canyon
Elk Ridge
Elmo Downtown
Ely Hwy 21 — Wah Wah Mtns
Emigration Canyon
Emma Park Rd
Ensign Peak
Enterprise City Cemetery
Enterprise Reservoirs
Entrada GC & Ponds
Erda Way
Escalante Interagency Visitor Center
Escalante Petrified Forest SP
Escalante River–Escalante Natural Bridge to Death Hollow
Escalante River–Escalante Town Trailhead Downstream
Escalante River–Upstream of Death Hollow
Escalante Sewage Ponds
Etna Reservoir
Evergreen Cemetery
Exchange Park


Fairmont Park
Fairpark Neighborhood
Fairview Canyon
Farmington Bay
Farmington Bay WMA
Farmington Canyon–Lower
Farmington Canyon–Sunset CG
Farmington Canyon–Upper (to gates)
Farmington Creek Trail
Farmington Lakes
Farmington Pond
Farnham Rd — Price River Valley
Faust Valley
Fayette River Bottoms — Bartholomew Ln
Fayette River Bottoms — Fayette River Ln
Ferguson Canyon
Ferron Reservoir
Fiddler’s Canyon
Fifth Water Hot Springs and Falls
Fillmore Wildlife Park
Firebreak Road (Davis Co.)
First Dam
Fish Creek Cove
Fish Creek Reservoir
Fish Lake
Fish Lake–Pelican Point Trail
Fish Springs NWR
Fisher Pass
Fisher Point Overlook
Fisher Towers Picnic Area
Fisher Towers Trail
Fisherman’s Access to Provo River
Fitts Community Park
Five Mile Pass (Tooele Co)
Five Mile Pass (Utah Co.)
Flaming Gorge NRA
Flaming Gorge NRA — Cart Creek Bridge Overlook
Flaming Gorge NRA–Dam
Flint Trail–Catchment Pond at ~Mile 14
Flowserve Ponds
Flume Trail
Fool Creek Reservoir
Foothill Trails
Footprinter Park
Forest Dale GC
Forest Park
Forsyth Reservoir
Forsythe Trail
Fort Buenaventura
Fort Pearce Wash
Fort Utah Park
Fountain Green Cemetery
Fountain Green State Fish Hatchery
Fountain Green WTP
Foxboro Coventry
Foxboro North Regional Park
Franklin Basin Road
Fremont Canyon (Beaver Co.)
Fremont River — Locust Lane
Fremont River–Downstream of Hwy 12 bridge
French Hollow
Frontage Road between 5600 W and 7200 W


Gail’s Legacy Marsh
Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve – Bluffdale
Gandy Rd.–Gandy to Trout Creek
Gandy Warm Springs
Garden City Park
Gary L. Slot Wetland
Gates Lake Meadow
Geertsen Trail
Gemini Bridges Road
Geneva Settling ponds
George Barker River Park
Gigliotti Pond
Gilbert Lake
Gilbert Lake Trail
Gillmor Sanctuary (restricted access)
Gladstan GC
Glasmann Pond Park
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area—Sunset Pass
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area–Cow Canyon
Glen Canyon NRA–Last Chance Creek
Glen Canyon NRA–Sunset Pass
Glen Canyon NRA–Visitor Center
Glen Canyon NRA–Wiregrass Spring
Glendale Golf Course
Glenmoor GC
Glover Lane & GSL Nature Center
Goblin Valley SP (incl. Wild Horse Creek)
Golden Spike Drive — Blue Creek
Golden Spike NHS
Golden Spike NHS — Big Fill
Golden Spike NHS–West Auto Tour
Gooseberry Reservoir and CG
Goosenecks SP
Gordon Creek Upper Road (aka Beaver Creek Rd)
Gordon Creek WMA
Gordon Reservoir
Gorgoza Park
Goshen — Secret Pond
Goshen Canyon (Juab Co.)
Goshen Canyon (Utah Co.)
Goshen Canyon Rd — Mona Fields West
Goshen Cemetery
Goshen Fields
Goshen Reservoir
Grafton Road
Grand Gulch
Grand Gulch
Grand Gulch–Todie Canyon
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument–Powell Point Vista
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM — Old Sheffield Rd near Red Breaks
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Calf Creek CG
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Cannonville Visitor Center
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Devils Garden
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Egypt Rd.
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Escalante River @ Fence, Neon & Ringtail Canyons
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Escalante River @ Hwy 12
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Fiftymile Creek
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Grosvenor Arch
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Halfway Hollow to Harris Wash
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Harris Wash
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Lower Calf Creek Trail
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Skutumpah Road
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Sooner Rocks
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Toadstools Trails
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Upper Hole in the Rock Rd
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM–Upper Old Sheffield Rd.
Grandstaff Canyon Trail
Granite Creek
Grantsville City Cemetery
Grantsville City Park
Grantsville Reservoir
Grassy Mountains
Great Western Trail and Grandview Peak (Salt Lake Co.)
Great Western Trail–South of Big Mountain Pass
Green Canyon — Lower (Cache Co.)
Green Canyon (Cache Co.)
Green River — Anderson Bottom
Green River — Bownot Bend To Mineral Bottom
Green River — Crystal Geyser to Ruby Ranch
Green River — East Fields (Grand Co.)
Green River — Fort Bottom
Green River — Green River SP to Crystal Geyser
Green River — Hastings Rd (Grand Co.)
Green River — Mile 16.5
Green River — Mineral Bottom
Green River — Ruby Ranch To Bownot Bend
Green River — Silliman Lane
Green River — Tower Bottom
Green River — Water Canyon
Green River SP
Green River WTP
Green River–Main St River Crossing
Green River–Split Mountain Stretch
Green Springs Golf Course
Greenwich (including Old Red Schoolhouse Rd)
Grouse Creek Rd — Hwy 30 to Grouse Creek
Grove Creek Canyon
GSL Shoreline Preserve
Guardsman Pass–Blood Lake hike
Gunlock Reservoir & SP
Gunlock Town
Gunnison Bend Reservoir
Gunnison Bend Reservoir — Fields to the South
Gunnison Reservoir
Gunsight Pass
Gunsight Pass to Kings Peak — Alpine
Gunsight Peak


Half Way Wash
Hall’s Creek
Hanksville Airport
Hanksville–Hwy 24 & Hwy 95 Intersection
Hansen Canyon
Hardware Ranch Game Management Area
Hardy Rd.
Harker Canyon
Harley Dome Road
Harold Crane WMA
Harold Crane WMA — South Dike
Harold Crane WMA–Rainbow Unit Trailhead
Hatch — Town & Vicinity
Hatch Trading Post
Head of the Rocks Overlook
Heber City Cemetery
Heber City WTP
Heber City–1200 N Fields
Heber City–1750W
Heber Valley Camp
Hell Hole Pass Rd (aka Beaver Dam Mtn Rd)
Hellhole Canyon
Helper City Park
Helper City River Parkway
Henefer Lek
Henefer Ponds
Henefer-Echo WMA (incl. Old Hwy 30)
Henry Mtns – Dandelion Flat Picnic Area
Henry Mtns — McClellan Springs
Henry Mtns — Wickiup Pass
Henry Mtns–Starr Springs CG
Henry’s Fork Basin
Henry’s Fork Trail – Trailhead to Dollar Lake
Hepplers Ponds
Heritage Park
Heritage Park
Herriman–Shaggy Peak (access via Yellow Fork)
Heughs Canyon Trail
Hickman Flats Rd.
Hidden Haven Trail
Hidden Hollow Conservation Area
Hidden Oaks
Hidden Valley Park
High Creek
High Creek Rd — 1400 E
High Creek Trail
High Point Park
Highland Glen Park
Highline TH
Highway 23 between Valley View Highway and Mendon
Highway 30 Fields near Snowville
Historic John Jarvie Ranch
Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail (N. terminus)
Hittle Bottom CG
Hobble Creek Canyon — Left & Right Fork Junction Parks
Hobble Creek Canyon — Right Fork
Hobble Creek Golf Course
Hobble Creek Trail
Hog Spring Picnic Area
Hogle Zoo & Scumdog Pond
Holbrook Canyon
Holden Cemetery
Holladay (Band-tailed Pigeon Spot)
Holladay City Hall Park
Hollow Park
Holmes Creek Reservoir
Holmgren Nature Preserve and Trail
Hoop Lake
Hoover Rest Area
Horse Canyon Road
Horse Flat Trail
Horseshoe Springs
Horsethief CG
Hovenweep NM
Howard Slough WMA
Howell (Hwy 83 and Valley)
Huber Grove
Hunter’s Canyon — aka Kane Springs Rd
Huntington North Reservoir
Huntington WTP
Hurricane — 3 Ponds (west of Virgin River @ SR-9)
Hurricane (town)
Hurricane Fields
Hurricane–SR9 WTP
Hurricane–Zions RV Park
Hwy 12 — Red Canyon
Hwy 12 — Red Canyon CG
Hwy 12 — Thunder Mountain Trailhead
Hwy 138 — Grantsville to Stansbury
Hwy 138 — I80 to Grantsville
Hwy 18 — Cottonwood Summit
Hwy 191 — Aspen Nature Trail
Hwy 191 — Little Bush Creek
Hwy 218 — MM3 Marsh
Hwy 21–Fields West of Beaver
Hwy 23 — Wellsville to Mendon
Hwy 24–Awapa Plateau (Wayne Co.)
Hwy 24–Peterson Creek Valley
Hwy 276 Riparian Area
Hwy 56–Leach Canyon
Hwy 95 — Butler Wash
Hwy 95–Cottonwood Creek
Hwy 95–Westwater Creek
Hwy UT21–Minersville East
Hwy UT313–Plateau Viewpoint
Hyde Park Canal Trail
Hyde Park Canyon
Hyde Park Lane
Hyde Park Warm Spring
Hyrum Cemetery
Hyrum City Hydropark
Hyrum Reservoir & SP
Hyrum SP — West End of Hyrum Reservoir
Hyrum WTP
Hyrum–500N Fields


I-15 — Exit 362 (Flying J & Vicinity)
I-15 — Perry Rest Area
I-15 — Pond at Hwy 89 & Park Lane
I-15 — Ponds @ 12000 S
I-15–Kanarraville Rest Area
I-15–MM88 Rest Area
I-15–Paragonah Pond
I15–Sevier River Crossing
I70–Ivie Creek Rest Area
I70–San Rafael Swell View Area
I70–Thompson Springs View Area
I-80 — Exit 99 Ponds
I-80 — MP104 to MP113 (west SL Co.)
I80–Echo Canyon Rest Area
I80–Kennecott Reclamation Ponds
I80–MM10 Reststop East Bound
I80–MM10 Reststop West Bound
I80–MM99 Reststop
I-84 — Weber Rest Area
ICO Mayfield
Icy Springs Rd. Pond
Indian Canyon (Carbon Co.)
Indian Creek Canyon
Indian Creek CG
Indian Creek Reservoir
Indian Peak WMA
Indian Spring
Indian Spring Tank
Indianola Canyon Rd Pond
Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve
Inlet Park
Iron Springs
Island View Park
Israel Canyon
Ivins City Park
Ivins Reservoir (Fire Lake Park)
Ivins–SW Fields & Residential


Jack’s Peak Trail
Jackson Flat Reservoir
Jackson Wash
Jacob Hamblin Home
James W Fitzgerald WMA
Jensen Bridge
Jensen Nature Park
Jensen–4000 S
Jeremy Ranch
Jeremy Ranch Bike Trails
Jeremy Ranch Rd–Big Bear Hollow
Jeremy Ranch Rd–Big Dutch Hollow
Jeremy Ranch Rd–Large Spring
Jeremy Ranch Rd–Mormon Flats
Jeremy Ranch Rd–Quaking Asp Creek
Jeremy Ranch Road — Morgan County
Jeremy Ranch Road — Summit County
Joes Valley Reservoir
Johnson Canyon Rd (Box Elder Co.)
Johnson Canyon Rd (Kane Co.)
Johnson Valley Reservoir
Jones Hole Rd — Bench near 7200′
Jones Hole Rd — Jones Hole Creek area
Jones Hole Trail
Jordan Narrows
Jordan River Parkway
Jordan River Parkway
Jordan River Parkway — Jordan Narrows to 2100 N (incl.Holding Pond)
Jordan River Parkway–10000 to 10600 S
Jordan River Parkway–10600 S to 11400 S (incl. Jordan River Front Park)
Jordan River Parkway–11400 S to 12600 S
Jordan River Parkway–12600 S to Bangerter Hwy
Jordan River Parkway–1500 N to Lehi Main St(incl. Willow Park)
Jordan River Parkway–200 S to 2100 S
Jordan River Parkway–2100 S to 2500 S (incl. Redwood Trailhead Park)
Jordan River Parkway–2100 S to 3300 S
Jordan River Parkway–2300 N to 200 S
Jordan River Parkway–3300 S to 4500 S (incl. General Holm Park)
Jordan River Parkway–4500 S to 5400 S (incl. Arrowhead Park)
Jordan River Parkway–5400 S to 6100 S (I-215)
Jordan River Parkway–6100 S to 7800 S (incl. Winchester Park)
Jordan River Parkway–7800 S to 9000 S (Big Bend)
Jordan River Parkway–9000 S to 10000 S
Jordan River Parkway–Bangerter Hwy to 14600 S
Jordan River Parkway–Center Street to I-215 (Davis Co.)
Jordan River Parkway–Fife Wetlands Preserve
Jordan River Parkway–Lehi Main St to Pioneer Crossing
Jordan River Parkway–Lehi–1500 N to 2100 N
Jordan River Parkway–Pioneer Crossing to Inlet Park
Jordan River Parkway–Redwood Rd to Davis Co. Line
Jordan River Parkway–Thanksgiving Point TH
Jordan River Parkway–Tracy Aviary’s Jordan River Nature Center
Jordanelle Reclamation Area
Jordanelle Reservoir — Perimeter Trail
Jordanelle Reservoir SP
Jump Off Canyon (Weber Co.)
Junction South Pond


Kamas (incl. west fields)
Kamas WTP
Kanab & vicinity
Kanab Creek–Hog Canyon
Kanab GC
Kanab WTP
Kanaka Lake
Kanarra Creek Canyon
Kane Creek Blvd.–Adjacent to Colorado River
Kane Gulch Ranger Station
Kane Gulch–Junction Spring & Ruin
Kane Springs (incl. Picnic Area & Hole N” The Rock)
Kaufmann Ranch (private)
Kays Creek Trail
Kays Drive Kaysville Pond
Kaysville Cemetery
Kaysville Ponds
Kaysville Wilderness Park
Keg Spring
Kennecott Discharge Delta
Kennecott Overview Rd
Kennecott Tailings Ponds
Kens Lake
Kevin Conway WMA–North Access Point
Kevin Conway WMA–South Access Point
Killyon Canyon
King Nature Park
Kingfisher Wetland Loop
Klondike Bluffs
Knight-Ideal Pond
Knudsen Park
Kodachrome Basin SP
Kolob Creek Waterfall
Kolob Rd.–Blue Springs Reservoir
Kolob Reservoir
Kolob Road–North of Kolob Reservoir
Kolob Terrace
Kolob Terrace Road Pond (~3 miles N of Virgin)
Kolob Terrace–S Curve
Koosharem Canyon
Koosharem Reservoir
Koosharem–Browns Ln
Kuhni Blvd — Provo to Springville
Kuhni Wetlands–East Bay
Kuhni Wetlands–Mystery Lake


La Sal Mountain Loop (Grand Co.)
La Sal Mountain Loop (San Juan Co.)
La Sal Mountains–Castleton Rd.
La Sal Mountains–Dark Canyon
La Sal Mountains–Geyser Pass Rd.–Switchbacks
La Sal Mountains–Gold Basin
La Sal Mtns–Geyser Pass
La Sal/Deer Creek Wetlands
La Verkin Park
Lake Canyon Recreation Area
Lake Hardy
Lake Mountain Rd.–Soldiers Pass to Eagle Mountain
Lake Mountains — Harbor Park Dr & East Foothills
Lake Mountains — Lake Mountain
Lake Mountains — Soldiers Pass Rd
Lake Oowah
Lake Park
Lake Powell–Bullfrog Bay
Lake Powell–Good Hope Bay
Lake Powell–Hite (San Juan Co.)
Lake Powell–Hite Overlook (Garfield Co.)
Lake Powell–Last Chance Bay
Lake Powell–Lone Rock Beach
Lake Powell–Wahweap Bay (Utah side)
Lake Powell–Warm Creek Bay
Lake Solitude
Lake View Memorial and Cemetery
Lakeshore Dr. Pond
Lakeside Preserve (restricted access)
Laketown—Big Creek Pond
Laketown–Round Valley Dr
Lakeview Parkway Shrub Patch
Lakeview Parkway–I15 to Center Street
Lamb’s Canyon
Lamb’s Canyon–Public Road End to Salamander Lake
Larkin Sunset Gardens
Latigo Wind Farm (limited access)
Layout Canyon
Layton Commons Park
Layton/Kaysville Marsh
Leamington — Hwy 132 & Tamarix Rd
Leatham Hollow Trail
LeBarron Point
Lee Creek (Salt Lake Co.)
Lee Kay Ponds
Leeds Canyon
Left Fork Rd.
Legacy Parkway
Legacy Parkway & Preserve
Lehi Frontage Rd from SR92 to 1200 W
Lehi Lakeview Estates Park
Lehi WTP
Leidy Peak–Daggett Co.
Leidy Peak–Hacking Lake
Leidy Peak–Leidy Peak Trailhead (~11kft)
Leidy Peak–Taylor Mountain Rd. (~7500-8500 ft)
Leidy Peak–Trout Creek Ranger Station (~9000-9500 ft)
Leidy Peak–Uintah Co.
Leona Spring Trail
Levan Ponds
Lewis Park (Summit Co.)
Lewis Turner Campground
Lewiston — 800 S Fields
Lewiston Cemetery
Lewiston Main & Main St. Pond
Lewiston Peak (and Flat Top Mt.) Trail
Liberty or S. Canyon Road (SR162) (Cache Co.)
Liberty Park
Liberty Park (Weber Co.)
Lick Wash
Liguori’s Knob
Limber Pine Trail
Lincoln Beach — Lincoln Point to LeBarron Point
Lincoln Beach–Boat Launch Area
Lincoln Point
Lindon Marina
Little Bear Spring
Little Black Mountain
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Albion Basin Rd.
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta Snowbird Bypass Rd.
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta to Germania Pass Hike
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta Town Office Feeders
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta’s Collins Lift Feeders
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta’s Wildcat Valley
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Cardiff Pass
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Cecret Lake Hike
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Climbers Parking Lot
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Coalpit Waterfall Viewpoint
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Gad Valley
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Grizzly Gulch
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Mouth (incl. La Caille)
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Red Pine Lake to Pfeifferhorn
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Red Pine Lakes
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Snowbird Ski Resort
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Supreme Rd. to Catherine Pass
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Tanners Flat CG
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Temple Quarry Trail (lower LCC)
Little Cottonwood Canyon–White Pine Drainage
Little Cottonwood Canyon–White Pine Lake
Little Creek Reservoir
Little Dell Reservoir
Little Hole
Little Hole Recreation Area
Little Hotel CG
Little Mill Campground and Trail
Little Montes Creek WMA
Little Mountain
Little Mountain Rail Trail
Little Ricks Canyon
Little Rock Canyon
Little Valley Rd
Little Wild Horse Canyon
Little Willow Canyon
Living Room Trail
Loa Bottoms
Loafer Canyon
Locomotive Springs WMA
Lodge Campground & Camp Lomia
Lodge Pole CG
Log Canyon — Lower
Logan — 1200 W Fields
Logan — W 1400 S Fields
Logan Canyon
Logan Canyon–Blind Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Bridger CG
Logan Canyon–Card Canyon
Logan Canyon–Cottonwood Canyon
Logan Canyon–Crimson Trail
Logan Canyon–Dugway
Logan Canyon–Forest Trail 013
Logan Canyon–Guinavah-Malibu CG
Logan Canyon–Jardine Juniper Trail
Logan Canyon–Maughan Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Rick’s Spring
Logan Canyon–Right Hand Fork
Logan Canyon–River Cliffs
Logan Canyon–River Trail
Logan Canyon–Second Dam
Logan Canyon–Spring Hollow Trail (FS 124)
Logan Canyon–Stokes Nature Center
Logan Canyon–Stump Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Temple Fork Rd.
Logan Canyon–Temple Fork Sawmill Trail (lower)
Logan Canyon–Third Dam/Spring Hollow CG
Logan Canyon–Twin Creek
Logan Canyon–Upper
Logan Canyon–Willow Creek Trail
Logan Canyon–Wind Caves Trail
Logan Canyon–Wood Camp
Logan City Cemetery
Logan City Polishing Ponds
Logan Downtown
Logan Fish Hatchery Pond
Logan Highline Trail
Logan Landfill
Logan Peak
Logan River — 1800 S
Logan River GC
Logan River GC–Riverbend
Logan River–Icon Trail
Logan Sewage Lagoons
Logan–2400 W Fields
Lone Cedar Road (Sanpete Co.)
Lone Peak & Thunder Mtn Area
Long Divide Rd
Long Hollow
Looking Glass Rock
Lookout Peak
Lost Creek — Above Reservoir
Lost Creek — Croydon
Lost Creek — Upper/Summer Headquarters
Lost Creek Rd–Guildersleeve Canyon
Lost Creek Rd–Spring Hollow
Lost Creek Reservoir SP
Lost Creek–Croydon to Lost Creek Reservoir
Lost Creek–Juniper Slope
Lower Basin Rd.
Lower Beaver Dam Slope (Utah)
Lower Beaver Dam Wash (not Lytle Ranch!)
Lower Bown’s Reservoir
Lower Hackberry Canyon TH
Lower Hobble Creek WMA
Lower Maidenwater Canyon
Lower Onion Creek Campground
Lower Provo River Parkway
Lower Provo River Parkway–Center St to Oxbow Parking Lot
Lower Provo River Parkway–Lakeshore Dr. to I-15
Lower Provo River Parkway–Oxbow to Lakeshore Dr.
Lower Red Castle Lake
Lower Round Willow Reservoir
Lower Sand Cove Reservoir
Lower Stillwater Ponds
Lower Whitmore Canyon
Loyds Lake
Lund (town)
Lund Ln
Lundstrom Park
Lundstrom Trail
Lundstrum Trail
Lynndyl — Sevier River Oxbow Lake
Lytle Ranch Preserve


Magna-Copper Park (incl. 9180 West Trap)
Magna–Utah Hwy 111
Magpie CG
Mahogany Knoll
Mahogany Mountain–NW Ridgeline Trail
Maidenwater Spring
Main Canyon
Manila Creek Park
Manning Canyon Rd
Manti City Park
Manti-La Sal NF–Seely Creek Guard Station
Manti-La Sal NF–Snow Lake
Mantua Reservoir
Many Pools Trailhead
Maple Canyon (Sanpete Co.)
Maple Canyon (Utah Co.)
Maple Grove CG
Maple lake
Mapleton Lateral Canal Trail
Mapleton Reservoir
Markagunt Plateau — Lower Mammoth Creek (Garfield Co.)
Markagunt Plateau–Midway Valley
Markagunt Plateau–Sidney Valley Rd.
Markagunt Plateau–Upper Mammoth Creek (Iron Co.)
Marsh Lake CG
Marshall Draw Wildlife Management Area
Mary Jane Canyon
Matheson Wetlands Preserve–Hwy 191 Overlook
Matheson Wetlands Preserve–Main Pond & Boardwalk
Mathis Park
Matt Warner Reservoir
Mayor’s Pond
McConkie Ranch Rd
McDonald Lake
McMahon Bay Park
McPolin Farm
McPolin Farm Openspace
Meadow Brook GC
Meadow Creek Canyon
Meadow Creek Pond
Meadow Creek Pond
Meadow Hot Springs
Mehraban Wetland Park
Memorial Hill
Mendon — W 3800 S
Mendon Bridge
Mendon Road Management Area
Meridian Rd.
Merlin Olsen Park
Mexican Hat Rock Rd
Michigan City Rd.
Mick Riley GC
Middle Basin
Middle Canyon
Middle Fork Beaver Creek (FR291)
Middle Fork WMA
Middleton Wash Trail
Midview Reservoir (Boreham Lake)
Midway — Hotsprings
Midway Downtown
Midway Lane Bridge
Midway Overlook–Cascade Scenic Dr & Decker Rd Intersection
Midway Reservoir
Milford City Park
Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail
Mill Creek
Mill Creek Pond
Mill Creek Trailhead
Mill Creek–Woodpecker Habitat
Mill Hollow Reservoir & CG
Mill Meadow Reservoir
Mill Pond
Mill Race Pond & Park
Millcreek Canyon
Millcreek Canyon–Alexander Basin Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Big/Little Water Loop (to Dog Lake Hike)
Millcreek Canyon–Bowmans Fork Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Desolation Trail/Salt Lake Overlook
Millcreek Canyon–Elbow Fork/Mount Aire Hike
Millcreek Canyon–Grandeur Peak Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Rattlesnake Gulch
Millcreek Canyon–Terrace CG & Bowman Fork
Miller Park
Mills Meadows WMA
Millville Canyon Rd
Mineral Mountain
Mineral Mountains — Ranch Canyon
Mineral Mountains — The Pass Rd
Miner’s Canyon Trail
Miner’s Draw Rd
Minersville Reservoir — North Side
Minersville Reservoir — South Side (Hwy 21)
Mirror Lake Hwy–Bald Mountain
Mirror Lake Hwy–Bald Mountain Pass
Mirror Lake Hwy–Beaver Creek CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Butterfly Lake
Mirror Lake Hwy–Camp Steiner & Scout Lake
Mirror Lake Hwy–Clegg Lake Hike
Mirror Lake Hwy–Fee Booth
Mirror Lake Hwy–Fehr Lake Trail
Mirror Lake Hwy–Kamas to Bald Mtn.
Mirror Lake Hwy–Lilly Lake
Mirror Lake Hwy–Lofty Lake
Mirror Lake Hwy–Lost Lake & Lost Lake CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Lower Soapstone Basin Road
Mirror Lake Hwy–Mirror Lake & CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Murdock Basin
Mirror Lake Hwy–Murdock Mountain
Mirror Lake Hwy–Murdock Mountain (Duchesne Co.)
Mirror Lake Hwy–North Slope of Uinta Mtns
Mirror Lake Hwy–Pass Lake
Mirror Lake Hwy–Pine Valley CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Shingle Creek CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Soapstone Basin Rd.
Mirror Lake Hwy–Soapstone CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Upper Provo River Falls
Mirror Lake Hwy–Washington Lake CG
Mirror Lake Hwy–Whiskey Creek Trail to Bourbon Lake
Mitchell Hollow
Moab — Lions Park
Moab — Mill Creek Walkway East of US191
Moab — Old City Park
Moab Golf Club
Moab Rim Trail
Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground
Moab–Mill Creek Parkway West of US191
Modena Canyon
Mojave Desert/Joshua Tree Road Scenic Backway
Mona Reservoir
Monte Cristo CG
Monte Cristo Rd — Beaver Creek Canyon
Monte Cristo Rd — Birch Creek CG
Monte Cristo Rd — Curtis Creek Rd
Monte Cristo Rd — Lower (Rich Co.)
Monte Cristo Rd — MM 54
Monte Cristo Rd — Willows CG
Montezuma Creek Rd — Middle
Montezuma Creek Rd — Ranch & Pond
Montezuma Creek Rd — Upper
Montezuma Creek Road — Lower
Moon Lake Area
Moonflower Canyon
Moose Pond
Moosehorn Lake
Morgan Downtown
Mormon Pioneer Trail
Mormon Trail Hwy–Grantsville to Rush Valley
Moroni Cemetery
Mosquito Cove CG
Mounds Reservoir
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Olympus Trail
Mount Olympus Trail–Juniper Patch
Mount Peale–Hike Above Treeline
Mount Timpanogos–Alpine (Above Emerald Lake or ~10500’+)
Mountain Dell Canyon
Mountain Dell GC
Mountain Dell Reservoir
Mountain Meadow Massacre National Historic Site
Mountain Valley Trout Farm
Mountain View Cemetery (Beaver Co.)
Mountain View Cemetery (Weber Co.)
Mt Carmel Jct–Thunderbird GC
Mt Timpanogos CG
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Junction
Mt. Carmel WTP
Mt. Timpanogos — Aspen Grove to Emerald Lake
Mt. Timpanogos–Timpooneke Trail
Mueller Park
Murray Canal Trail
Murray Park
Murrays Hill Access (FR 249)
Mustang Ridge Campground
Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe


Naomi Peak & High Creek Lake
Naples Park
Natural Bridges NM
Natural Bridges NM–Natural Bridges CG
Natural Bridges NM–White Canyon
Navajo Lake
Navajo Lake Campground
Navajo Rock Trails
Nebo Bench Trailhead area
Nebo Loop — Camp Maple Dell
Nebo Loop — Purple Martin Colony
Nebo Loop (Juab Co.)
Nebo Loop (Utah Co.)
Nebo Loop–Devils Kitchen Overlook
Nebo Loop–Payson Lakes CG
Needles District Visitors Center
Needles Outpost
Neff’s Canyon (incl. Olympus Cove)
Nephi–Airport Rd–North of Hwy 132
Nephi–Airport Rd–South of Hwy 132
New Harmony Rd.
Newcastle Reservoir
Newspaper Rock SP (incl. Campground)
Newton Cemetery
Newton Reservoir — North Access
Newton Reservoir — South End Access
Nibley Park GC
Nicholls Park and Davis Park GC
Nicholls Park–Gailey Trail
Ninemile Reservoir
Nisson Park
Nobletts Creek Trail
North Canyon Park
North Canyon Trail
North Fork County Park
North Lehi Fields
North Oak Brush Creek
North Ogden Divide TH
North Park
North Peak Trail to Wolf Pass
North Pointe Dump Entrance Pond
North Salem Marsh
North Snyderville Basin — Swamp @ US 40 & Silver Creek Dr
North Twin Peak–Juniper Woodland North
North Willow Canyon
Northlake Park & Loch Lomand Pond


Oak Creek Campground
Oak Grove CG (Washington Co.)
Oak Valley Road
Oakley–Stephens Grove
Oaks Park Reservoir
Ogden Bay WMA
Ogden Bay WMA–North Parking Lot (7500 W)
Ogden Botanical Gardens (incl. Parkway)
Ogden Canyon
Ogden Canyon
Ogden Canyon — Indian Trail
Ogden Cemetery
Ogden Nature Center
Ogden Regional Medical Center
Ogden River Parkway — Wall Ave to Canyon Park
Ogden River Parkway–Wall Ave to 21st Pond
Old Farm (aka Hills Pond)
Old Farm Park and Pond
Old Fort Ponds
Old Highway (Monticello to Ucolo Rd)
Old Irontown
Old Lincoln Highway — NW Grantsville
Old Logway Canyon
Old Mill Golf Course
Old Mill Park & Holding Pond
Old Red Pine Rd Trail to Park City Overlook
Olmstead Diversion Dam Road
Olympus Hills Park
Onion Creek Road (BLM 100)
Ophir Canyon
Ophir Canyon — Lower (below town of Ophir)
Ophir Canyon — South Fork
Ophir Canyon — Upper (town of Ophir and up canyon)
Oquirrh Hills GC
Oquirrh Lake
Orderville–East Fork Virgin River–Center St.
Orem Downtown
Otter Creek Narrows
Otter Creek Reservoir
Ouray NWR
Ouray NWR — Fish Hatchery area
Ouray NWR — Road to Fish Hatchery
Ouray NWR — Sheppard Bottoms
Ouray NWR–Leota Bottom


Pack Creek (incl. Holyoak Fields)
Padre Canyon Trail
Page Ranch (restricted access)
Pahcoon Spring
Painter Spring
Palisade SP
Palisades Memorial Park & Campground
Panguitch — Town & Vicinity
Panguitch Lake
Panguitch–River Ln Pond
Paradise Park Reservoir
Pariette Reservoir & Wetlands
Pariette Wetlands
Park City
Park City GC
Park City Ski Resort
Park Valley
Parley’s Canyon
Parley’s Creek Trail
Parley’s Gulch and Tanner Park
Parley’s Mitigation Area
Parowan (city)
Parowan Canyon–Dry Lakes Rd. & vicinity
Parowan Canyon–Lower
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs
Parowan–City Cemetery
Parowan–Gap Rd.
Parowan–Gap Rd. pond
Parowan–Gap Road
Parowan–Old US Highway 91 Farm Pond
Parowan–Valley and Farms
Paul Ream Wilderness Park
Payson Canyon–Mouth
Payson City Cemetery
Payson Lakes Guard Station
Pearsons Canyon
Pelican Bay Boat Harbor
Pelican Lake
Pelican Point
Pelican Pond
Penny Springs Park
Peoa Cemetery
Perception Park (incl. Meadows & Willows CG and Road)
Perkins Peak Trail
Perry Nature Park
Peter S Spring Rd
Petersen Park
Peterson Hollow Trail
Phone Booth
Pig Farm
Pilot Mountain Road — TL Bar Ranch to Lucin
Pilot Springs
Pine Creek — The Box Trail
Pine Lake
Pine Park
Pine Valley (Town)
Pine Valley Rd
Pine Valley Recreation Area & Reservoir
Pineview Reservoir
Pineview Reservoir–Anderson Cove CG
Pineview Reservoir–Dam
Pineview Reservoir–Huntsville Peninsula
Pineview Reservoir–Jefferson Hunt CG & Winter’s Grove Nature Trail
Pineview Reservoir–Middle Inlet
Pineview Reservoir–North Arm Natural Area
Pineview Reservoir–Spring Creek Pullout
Pinhook Overlook
Pinto Creek
Pioneer & Washington Parks (Carbon Co.)
Pioneer Crossing Ponds
Pioneer Park
Pioneer Park (Washington Co.)
Pioneer Road Canal & Marsh
Piute Reservoir & SP
Plain City Sewage Ponds
Pleasant Grove Blvd — I-15 to Hwy 89
Pleasant View–4000 N
Plymouth to Fielding–3600 W
PN Capitol Reef
Pocatello Valley Rd (17200 W Rd)
Podunk Guard Station
Point of the Mountain (Salt Lake Co.)
Point of the Mountain (Utah Co.)
Pole Canyon Rd
Pole Creek Lake
Ponderosa Campground
Ponderosa Grove CG
Pony Express Rd — Lookout Pass
Pony Express Rd — Table Valley (Juab Co.)
Pony Express Rd — Table Valley (Tooele Co.)
Popperton Park
Porcupine Reservoir
Porcupine Rim Trail
Porter Rockwell Trail
Posey Lake CG & Picnic Area
Posey Lake Rd (aka Pine Creek Rd) — Lower (<6500ft)
Posey Lake Rd (aka Pine Creek Rd) — Upper (>7000ft)
Potash Rd — Corona Arch Trail
Potash Rd — Dry Canyon
Potash Rd.–Bull Canyon Mouth
Potash Rd.–Gold Bar Recreation Site
Potash Rd.–Jug Handle Arch
Potash Rd.–Williams Bottom CG
Potash Road — General
Potash Road (San Juan Co.)
Potters Lane & Vicinity
Potters Pond
Powder Mountain Rd
Powder Mountain Ski Resort
Powder Mountain Ski Resort (Cache Co.)
Powder Mountain Ski Resort–Summit Pass Rd.
Powder Mountain Ski Resort–White Pine Basin Trail
Powder Ridge Village & Feeder
Powell Lake
Powell Slough
Powerhouse Mtn Trail
Powerhouse Rd.–LewisÊ»s Woodpecker Hangout
Price Canyon — Lower
Price Canyon — Recreation Area Rd
Price Canyon — The Castle Gate
Price City Cemetery
Price River — Woodside
Price River — Woodside Lower Price River Rd
Promontory Club
Promontory Club (MERGE)
Promontory Ranch Rd
Promontory Rd — 6.5 mile Pond
Promontory Rd — South of ATK
Promontory Rd.
Providence Canyon
Provo (Band-tailed Pigeon Spot)
Provo Airport Dike
Provo Canyon — Timpanogos & Canyon View Parks
Provo Canyon (Utah Co.)
Provo Canyon (Wasatch Co.)
Provo City Cemetery
Provo Downtown
Provo HS
Provo Peak Trail — Upper (Squaw Peak Trail to Summit)
Provo River — Fisherman Access @ Midway Lane
Provo River — Fisherman Access @ River Road
Provo River Parkway–Provo Canyon mouth
Provo River Trail — 4800 N to 5200 N
Provo River Trail–State St. to University Pkwy.
Provo Wood Duck Pond
Provo–Indian Hills Dr.
Pruess Reservoir
Public Shooting Grounds WMA
Puffer Lake
Pugh Canyon
Pumphouse Rd


Quail Creek (West of I-15)
Quail Creek Reservoir & SP
Quail Creek SP — Quail Creek Riparian (Reservoir Inlet)
Quail Hollow Park and Trail
Quichapa Lake


Rabbit and Owl Springs
Raft River Mtns — Clear Creek Canyon & CG
Raft River Mtns — Johnson Creek
Raft River Mtns — Lynn Reservoir
Raft River Mtns — One Mile Rd in One Mile Canyon
Raft River Mtns — Ridgeline Rd (> ~8500ft)
Raft River Mtns–Lake Creek (Trail to Bull Mountain)
Rail Trail–Coalville to Echo Reservoir
Rail Trail–Park City to Richardson Flat Rd.
Rasmussen Lakes
Razor Ridge Park
Rd Draw
Recapture Reservoir
Red Banks CG
Red Butte Canyon
Red Butte Garden
Red Canyon Lodge (& General Area)
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve — Cottonwood Canyon/Red Reef Trails
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve–Cottonwood Springs/Turkey Farm Road
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve–Mill Creek/Bone Wash/Elephant Arch Trails
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve–Yellow Knolls Trail
Red Cliffs National Conservation Area
Red Cliffs Recreation Area & Campground
Red Cloud Loop–FR063 & FR018 Intersection
Red Creek Reservoir
Red Fleet SP
Red Hills Desert Garden
Red Hills Golf Course
Redmond Lake
Redwood Nature Area
Remember the Maine Park
Rendezvous Park
Richardson Flat
Richmond — Egan Rd
Richmond Sewage Lagoons
Richmond WMA
Right Hand Canyon Rd.–Lower
Right Hand Canyon Rd.–Upper
Rio Mesa Station (restricted access)
Rio Virgin Estates
Ripple Rock Nature Center
River Chase Rd Junipers
River Heights Spring Creek Pond
River Hollow Park
River Lane
River Lane–Sandy Beach
Riverbend GC
Riverdale Park
Riverdale Trail — 31st St to Hwy 26
Riverdale Trail — Hwy 26 to Interstate 84
Riverside Country Club
Riverside Marsh
Rochester Rock Art Trail
Rock Canyon
Rock Canyon Park
Rock Castle CG & Riparian
Rock Cliffs SP
Rockport Reservoir & SP
Rocky Ford Reservoir
Ron Last Park
Rose Canyon Road
Rose Park Golf Course
Ross Creek
Rotary Park
Royal Oaks Park
Rt 36 — Tooele to Stockton
Run-A-Muk Dog Park
Rush Lake
Rush Lake Ranch (restricted access)
Rush Valley
Rush Valley — Faust Rd
Rush Valley — Lofgreen Area
Ruth Lake


S Wahsatch Rd
Saddle Creek Canyon–FR105
Sage Creek Junction
Salem Cemetery
Salem Marshes
Salem Pond
Salt Creek (Box Elder Co.)
Salt Creek Canyon — Cottonwood Campground
Salt Creek WMA
Salt Lake — Spaghetti Bowl Ponds
Salt Lake City (downtown)
Salt Lake City Cemetery
Salt Lake City International Airport
Salt Lake City–7200 West (I-80 to 1300 S)
Salt Lake City–9th & 9th Neighborhood
Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake International Center
Salt Mountain
Salt Wells Flat WHA
Saltair & Marina
San Juan River–Comb Wash Mouth
San Juan River–Downstream of Utah/Colorado Border
San Juan River–Montezuma Creek Take-Out/Put-In (restricted)
San Rafael Swell — Chute Canyon
San Rafael Swell — Eagle Canyon
San Rafael Swell — San Rafael River — Upriver of Buckhorn Draw Rd
San Rafael Swell–Black Dragon Canyon
San Rafael Swell–Crack Canyon
San Rafael Swell–North Temple Wash
San Rafael Swell–The Wedge
Sand Cove Wash
Sand Creek/Sweetwater Creek
Sand Flats Recreation Area
Sand Hollow Rd–Catchment Pond
Sand Hollow Reservoir & SP
Sand Island CG & Bluff Road Bridge
Sand Wash Launch Area
Sandy Bicentennial Park
Sandy City Cemetery
Sandy Urban Fishery (Fishing Pond)
Santa Clara Arboretum
Santa Clara Creek — Sunbrook
Santa Clara Downtown (aka Sunset Blvd)
Santa Clara River — Below Gunlock Reservoir
Santa Clara River Reserve–Tukupetsi TH
Santa Clara River–Anasazi Valley Trail
Santa Clara River–Gates Ln.
Santa Clara River–Old Highway 91
Santa Clara River–Shotgun Alley
Santaquin Canyon
Santaquin Canyon — Debris Basin Reservoir
Santaquin Cemetery
Santaquin Centennial Park
Saratoga Springs Park & Pavilion
Saratoga Springs Public Works
Sawmill Basin Spring
Schick Lane (Bobolink Spot)
Schurtz Canyon
Scipio Lake
Scipio–State St.
Scofield Reservoir & Vicinity
Secret Canyon
Seegmiller Marsh Complex & Springs Park Pond
Sego Canyon
Settlement Canyon
Sevenmile Equestrian TH
Sevier River Bike Path
Sevier River–Venice
Shadow Lake Trail
Shady Lane Park
Sheep Creek (Daggett Co.)
Sheep Creek Canyon (Utah Co.)
Shenoah Picnic Site
Shingle Creek Rest Area
Shoal Creek
Shooting Star RV Resort
Shoreline Park
Shoreline Trail — Dry Canyon to Dry Pole Hollow
Short Divide (Box Elder Co.)
Short Divide (Cache Co.)
Sid’s Canyon TH
Silver City Rest Area
Silver Island Canyon Rd
Silver Leaf Park
Silver Reef
Silver Springs Duck Park
Simpson Springs
Sink Hollow
Sinks Road
Six Lakes Resort & Fishing Preserve (restricted access)
Sixmile Reservoir
Skecology Trail
Skipper Bay Trail
Skull Valley Rd (road to Dugway)
Sky Mountain GC
Skyline Drive — Tent Mtns
Skyline Drive (Davis Co.)
Skyline Drive (Sanpete Co.)
Skyline Drive (Utah Co.)
Skyline Pond (Washington Co.)
Slate Canyon
Sleepy Lagoon
Slick Rock Park
Smith and Morehouse Reservoir
Smith Mesa
Smithfield Canyon
Smithfield Cemetery/Mack Park
Smithfield Dry Canyon
Smithfield–N 2000 W
Smith’s Fork Basin
Snake Creek Canyon
Snow Canyon SP
Snow Canyon SP–Johnson Canyon Trail
Snow College
Snowbasin Ski Resort
Snowbasin Ski Resort–Green Pond
Snowbasin Ski Resort–Wildcat CG
Snowbird Ski Resort–Peruvian Gulch
Snowflake Obsidian Beds
Snowville — 25600 N Rd
Snowville–Holbrook-Stone Rd Fields
Soldier Hollow GC
Soldier Hollow–Finger Of Fate Trails
Soldier Hollow–Spin n Grin Trail
Soldier Summit
South Cottonwood Creek
South Fork Canyon
South Fork Canyon–Big Springs Park
South Fork Canyon–South Fork Park
South Fork CG (Weber Co.)
South Fork Dry Creek
South Fork Mule Canyon
South Mountain Golf Course
South Mountain West
South of Pineview Reservoir near Anderson CG
South Ogden Nature Park
South Snow Canyon Drive (NOT Snow Canyon SP)
South Tule Spring
South Valley Regional Airport–Airport Rd.
South Willow Canyon
South Willow Canyon–Boy Scout CG
South Willow Canyon–Cottonwood CG
South Willow Canyon–Intake CG
South Willow Canyon–Loop CG
South Willow Lake Trail
Southern Utah University
Southgate GC
Southwest Wildlife Foundation
Spanish Fork Canyon
Spanish Fork Canyon–Reststop
Spanish Fork Peak — Maple Lake to Spanish Fork Peak
Spanish Fork River Park
Spanish Fork River Trail
Spanish Fork River Trail–East of Rt 198
Spanish Fork River–6800S
Spanish Fork–South State Rd Pond
Sparks Spring
Spiral Jetty
Spirit Lake (Daggett Co.)
Spirit Lake (Summit Co.)
Spirit Lake Rd
Spring Canyon — Lower
Spring City Cemetery
Spring Creek Canyon
Spring Creek Canyon
Spring Creek Fish Hatchery (restricted access)
Spring Creek Park
Spring Creek Trail
Spring Lake
Springdale Fruit Company
Springdale Pond
Springdale Town Park
Springdale–Tanner Amphitheatre
Springhill Geologic Park
Springvile West Industrial Park
Springville Swan Farm
Spry Ponds
Squaw Peak Overlook
Squaw Peak Rd
Squaw Peak Rd — Upper Shadow Valley
Squaw Peak Trail
Squaw Pk Rd — Hawk Knoll
Squaw Spring
SR 68 (Westlake Rd – aka Redwood Rd west of Utah Lake)
SR111 — Butterfield Canyon to Old Bingham Hwy
SR45 & Green River Oxbow Pond
SR-77 — Road to River Lane (Utah Co.)
SR92 — Timpanogas Hwy
St. George
St. George GC
St. George Regional Airport
St. James Park
Stansbury Island — Entrance Rd
Stansbury Island — North End
Stansbury Island — Southeast Side
Stansbury Island — Stansbury Island Trail
Stansbury Park
Starvation Reservoir
Steam Mill Hollow
Steed Pond
Steel Canyon
Steelbender/Mill Creek
Steinaker SP
Stensgard’s Pond
Stewart Falls
Stewart Lake WMA
Stillwater Park
Stink Creek Road
Stoddard Slough WMA
Stone Corral and Tank
Stonebridge pond
Stout Canyon Rd — Lower (<7000 ft)
Stout Canyon Rd — Upper (>7000 ft)
Stratton Pond (AKA Grandpa’s Pond)
Strawberry Pinnacles
Strawberry Point
Strawberry Point Rd
Strawberry Reservoir
Strawberry Reservoir–Chicken Creek Rd.
Strawberry Reservoir–Haws Point
Strawberry Reservoir–NE side along US40
Strawberry Reservoir–Renegade Point
Strawberry Reservoir–Strawberry Marina
Strawberry Reservoir–Visitor Center
Strawberry Reservoir–West Strawberry Rd.
Strawberry Ridge
Strawberry Ridge
Strawberry River — Duchesne
Sue’s Pond–Logan River Wetlands and Shorebird Playa
Sugarhouse Park & Pond
Sullivan Virgin River Park
Summit Canyon
Summit Creek Number Two Reservoir
Summit Park
Summit Trail–Whipple Valley to Browns Point Junction
Sun River GC
Sun River Veterans Memorial Park
Sunbrook GC
Sunglow Campground
Sunnyside Park
Sunnyside Park (Carbon Co.)
Sunrise CG
SUU Mountain Center
Swallow Bridge
Swan Flat Rd
Swan Mountain (Rich Co.)
Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter
Swasey Peak
Swede Lane
Swett Ranch
Sycamores Open Space Park (incl. Bacchus Hwy)
Syler Spring/Browse Trailhead
Syracuse–4000 W


Tabiona Ponds
Talons Cove GC
Taylor Canyon Trail
Teasdale — 125 S St Canyon (~7300′-7800′)
Teasdale — 125 S to FS Boundary
Teasdale — Bullberry Lake
Teasdale — Flatiron Lakes & Coleman Reservoir
Temple Square
Terrace Hills HawkWatch Knoll
Thanksgiving Point, Gardens, and Golf Course
The Avenues (neighborhood)
The Cabins at Bear River Lodge (restricted access)
The Chute of Muddy Creek
The Cove Pond
The Hole (incl. Farm Creek)
The Knolls
The Links at Overlake
The Lodge at Red River Ranch
“The Maze” Trail
The Ranches
The Sinkhole
The Three Peaks Middle
Third Salt Creek at 1900N
This Is the Place Heritage Park
Thistle Ponds
Thompson Springs
Three Forks Canyons
Three Mile Canyon & Road
Thunderbird Garden Trail
Tibble Fork Reservoir
Tibble Fork Reservoir–South Shore Trail
Ticaboo Seep
Tie Fork Rest Area
Timber Lakes — Witts Lake
Timpie Spring WMA
Timpooneke Rd
Tipple Rd.–North of Kanarra Mountain Rd.
TL Bar Ranch (restricted access)
TNC Shorelands Preserve
Tobin Wash
Tonaquint Nature Center
Tony Grove — Tony Grove Rd
Tony Grove — White Pine Lake Trail
Tony Grove–Cottonwood Canyon Trail
Tony Grove–FR163 (Gravel Pit Rd.)
Tony Grove–Naomi Trail
Tony Grove–Tony Grove Lake
Topaz Mountain
Toquerville — Ash Creek @ West Field Rd
Torrey — Morrill Ranch Rd
Torrey — Sand Creek
Torrey–Main St
Toy Atwood Complex
Trail Canyon
Trail to Grandview Peak (Davis Co.)
Trail to Lookout Peak–Affleck Park to Great Western Trail
Trailside Park
Trapper Park
Trapper’s Loop Rd
Treasure Valley Park
Trial Lake
Tropic Reservoir
Tule Valley–Mile A Half Rd. Springs
Turtle Hill
Tushar Mountains (Piute Co.)
Tuweap Drive Riparian Area
Twin Peaks Spring
Two Rivers Trail
Two Thousand Flushes


Ucolo Rd
Uinta Mountains–Naturalist Basin
United CG
Universal Equestrian Center fields
University of Utah Campus
Upper Barker Reservoir
Upper Falls Park
Upper Lake Fork River Basin
Upper Muley Twist Canyon Trail
Upper Rock Creek Basin
Upper Sand Cove Reservoir
Upper Swift Creek Basin
Upper Uintah River Basin
Upper West Fork Blacks Fork
Upper Whiterocks Basin
US40–Pinion Ridge Rest Area
US-6 — Woodside to I-70
US6–Horse Canyon Rd Reststop
US89–Three Lakes
USDA Research Farm (Restricted Access)
USU — Cache Jct Farm
USU — Forestry Field Station
USU — Innovation Campus Pond
Utah and Salt Lake Canal Trail — 5600 west to 4000 West
Utah Hill
Utah Hwy 113–Midway to Provo River Crossing
Utah Lake — Bird Island
Utah Lake Parkway Trail (North Shore)
Utah Lake Shore Trail
Utah Lake SP
Utah Lake Wetland Preserve
Utah Lake Wetland Preserve — Goshen Bay
Utah Olympic Park
Utah State Univ. Campus
Utah State Univ. Campus — Old Main Hill
Utah State University–Vernal Campus Pond
Utah Valley University — Reflection Ponds


Valais Park
Valley of the Gods
Valley Vista Trails
Vernon Cemetery
Vernon Reservoir
Vickory Mountain
Vineyard Rd
Virgin River — Partridge Circle Pond/Riparian
Virgin River Trail
Virgin River Trail–Bloomington Park
Virgin River Trail–La Verkin
Virgin River Trail–Ranger Bart Trail
Virgin River Trail–Riverside Trailhead
Vivian Park
Von’s Park


Wadman Nature Park
Wales Reservoir
Wall Lake
Wallsburg Valley
Wardsworth Trail
Warm Springs (Salt Lake Co.)
Warm Springs Park
Warm Springs Park
Warm Springs WMA (Utah Co.)
Warner Lake & CG
Wasatch Hollow Park
Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park
Wasatch Mountain SP
Wasatch Mountain SP–Pine Canyon Road
Wasatch Mountain SP–The Chalet
Wasatch View Estates Fenced Pond
Washington City Cemetery
Washington Fields
Washington Fields – Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm
Washington Park & Terrace
Washington Square SLC
Water Canyon–Lower
Water Canyon–Upper–Switchbacks
Waterford School (restricted access)
Watertrough Rd Pond
Watterson Property (restricted access)
Weber River Trail — 21st St. to 24th St.
Weber River Trail (Davis Co.)
Weber River–Thousand Mile Tree to Taggart Lane Take Out
Weber State University
Welcome Park & Eagle Mountain GC (Box Elder Co.)
Welcome Spring
Wellington Cemetery
Wellsville Hawk Watch Site (Box Elder Co.)
Wellsville Mountains HawkWatch–Cache Co.
Wellsville Reservoir
Wellsville Ridge Trail — Hike to Box Elder Peak
Wendover (Utah)
Wendover East Ponds
West 200 South (South of Landfill)
West Canyon — Road
West Canyon — Trail
West Duchesne River Pond
West Haven River Woods
West Henefer Rd
West Jordan Water Reclamation
West Mountain
West Pelican Pond
West Point–5000 W
West Valley City–8460 W
West Valley City–Lake Park
West Warren Cemetery
West Weber — Marsh @ 5900 W
West Weber — North 8300 W
West Weber–1200 S–from 1900 W to 5900 W
West Weber–700 N Trap
West Weber–Little Mountain
West Weber–Playa
Westview Estates
Westwater Boat Launch
Wheadon Farm Park
Wheeler Farm
Whipple Valley Trail
White Hills (town)
White House CG
White Pine Lake
White Rocks Spring
Whites Valley
Whole Enchilada Mountain Bike Trail
Wide Hollow Reservoir
Wild Rose Trailhead Park
Wildcat Hills
Willard (city)
Willard Bay — South Marina
Willard Bay SP
Willard Bay SP–South Dike & Playas
Willard Bay–North Spur
Willard Canyon
Willard Pond (Pond & Trees North of Willard Bay)
Willard Retention Basin Trail
Willard Spur WMA
Willis Creek Slot Canyon TH
Willow Creek Park
Willow Park (incl. zoo)
Willow Pond Park
Wilson Arch
Wilson’s Peach and Pecan Orchard
Windsor Park
Winter Canyon
Wolf Creek GC
Wolf Creek Summit
Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Improvement District
Woodland Hills (incl. Lewis’s Woodpecker hangout)
Woodland Park
Woodruff (Town & Nearby Roads)



Y Mountain Trail
Yankee Meadows Reservoir & Yankee Road
Yearns Reservoir
Yellow Fork Canyon — Lower
Yellow Fork Canyon — Upper (Butterfield Canyon Access)
Yellow Pine Campground
Yellowcat/Poison Strip
Yellowpine CG
Yellowstone CG
Yuba SP–Oasis Campground
Yuba SP–Painted Rocks
Yuba SP–South End
Yuba State Park (incl. Sevier Bridge Reservoir)


Zella Tank
Zion Lodge
Zion Mountain Ranch
Zion NP
Zion NP–Angel’s Landing Trail
Zion NP–Big Bend
Zion NP–Canyon Overlook Trail
Zion NP–Checkerboard Mesa
Zion NP–Court of the Patriarchs
Zion NP–East Entrance to Tunnel
Zion NP–East Mesa Trail
Zion NP–East Rim Trail
Zion NP–Emerald Pools Trail
Zion NP–Grapevine TH
Zion NP–Grotto Picnic Area
Zion NP–Hidden Canyon Trail
Zion NP–Hop Valley Trailhead
Zion NP–Kolob Canyon Hike
Zion NP–Kolob Canyon Rd
Zion NP–Kolob Canyons Viewpoint (end of road)
Zion NP–Kolob Reservoir Rd
Zion NP–La Verkin Creek Trail
Zion NP–Lava Point (NO Blue Springs Reservoir birds)
Zion NP–Left Fork Trailhead
Zion NP–Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail
Zion NP–Pa’rus Trail
Zion NP–Right Fork Trailhead
Zion NP–Riverside Walk
Zion NP–Sand Bench Trail Loop
Zion NP–South Fork of Taylor Canyon
Zion NP–Taylor Creek Trail
Zion NP–The Grotto Trail
Zion NP–Visitor Center & Campgrounds
Zion NP–Watchman Trail
Zion NP–Weeping Rock
Zion NP–West Rim Trail
Zion NP–Wildcat & Northgate Peaks Trail
Zion NP–Zion Narrows
Zion Park RV (Hi-Road Campground)
Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Stakeout Hotspots

stakeout Broad-billed Hummingbird Angel Heights Dr., Hurricane (2016-2017)
stakeout Great Gray Owl, Mountain Green (2017)
stakeout Varied Thrush Wellington St., Salt Lake (2017)
stakeout Yellow-throated Warbler, Hyde Park (2015-16)