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Cache County

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Cache County

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Important Bird Areas
Top 10 Hotspots in Cache County

100 or more species reported
Hyrum Reservoir & SP
Logan River–Icon Trail
Logan City Polishing Ponds
Benson Marina
Amalga Barrens
Sue’s Pond–Logan River Wetlands and Shorebird Playa
Green Canyon (Cache Co.)
Rendezvous Park
Newton Reservoir — South End Access
Trapper Park

All Hotspots in Cache County

1200 W 1700 N (Cache Co.)
16-16 Pond
20-20 Ponds
4200 N Fields
Adams Park
Airport Rd
Amalga Barrens
Amalga Barrens Sanctuary
Amalga Cheese Plant Pond
Amalga city and surrounding fields
Anhder Park
Ant Flat Rd
Ballard Springs
Bear River–2400 W Bridge
Bear River–3800 N Bridge
Bear River–Lower Outlook
Bear River–Oxbow 3000 N/Black Rock Rd.
Bear River–SR142 Trenton Bridge
Bear River–SR61 Cornish Bridge
Beaver Mountain Ski Area
Benson Marina
Benson RR Trail
Benson Water Trough Ponds
Benson–N 3200 W
Birch Canyon Rd
BlackHawk Park
Blacksmith Fork @ Hwy 165 (Nibley Main St)
Blacksmith Fork Canyon–Marshes
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Cache Co.)
Bridgerland Park
Bud Phelps WMA
Canal Trail
Canyon Rd Path — Canyon Blvd to 600 E
Cherry Creek Canyon
City Creek Canyon (Cache Co.)
Clay Slough
Coldwater Lake
Cornish Cemetery
Cowley Walk-in Access
Cowley Walkin Access — 4600N in Cache Junction
Curtis Creek Trail
Cutler Canyon
Cutler Marsh–Boat Launch Area
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp 2600 N Walk-In Access
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp 3200 W Walk-In Access
Cutler Marsh–PacificCorp Logan River Recreation Area
Cutler Marsh–via canoe access
Cutler Reservoir — Cache Jct
Deep Canyon — Lower
Deep Canyon — Upper
Denzil Stewart Nature Park
Dry Bread Pond
Dry Canyon (Cache Co.)–Lower (5000′-6500′)
Dry Canyon (Cache Co.)–Upper (6500′-8500′)
Dry Lake
East Fork Little Bear River WMA
First Dam
Franklin Basin Road
Green Canyon — Lower (Cache Co.)
Green Canyon (Cache Co.)
Hardware Ranch Game Management Area
Heritage Park
Heritage Park
High Creek
High Creek Rd — 1400 E
High Creek Trail
Highway 23 between Valley View Highway and Mendon
Hwy 218 — MM3 Marsh
Hwy 23 — Wellsville to Mendon
Hyde Park Canal Trail
Hyde Park Canyon
Hyde Park Lane
Hyde Park Warm Spring
Hyrum Cemetery
Hyrum City Hydropark
Hyrum Reservoir & SP
Hyrum SP — West End of Hyrum Reservoir
Hyrum WTP
Hyrum–500N Fields
King Nature Park
Leatham Hollow Trail
Lewis Turner Campground
Lewiston — 800 S Fields
Lewiston Cemetery
Lewiston Main & Main St. Pond
Liberty or S. Canyon Road (SR162) (Cache Co.)
Little Bear Spring
Little Mountain
Little Ricks Canyon
Lodge Campground & Camp Lomia
Logan — 1200 W Fields
Logan — W 1400 S Fields
Logan Canyon
Logan Canyon–Blind Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Bridger CG
Logan Canyon–Card Canyon
Logan Canyon–Cottonwood Canyon
Logan Canyon–Crimson Trail
Logan Canyon–Dugway
Logan Canyon–Forest Trail 013
Logan Canyon–Guinavah-Malibu CG
Logan Canyon–Jardine Juniper Trail
Logan Canyon–Maughan Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Rick’s Spring
Logan Canyon–Right Hand Fork
Logan Canyon–River Cliffs
Logan Canyon–River Trail
Logan Canyon–Second Dam
Logan Canyon–Spring Hollow Trail (FS 124)
Logan Canyon–Stokes Nature Center
Logan Canyon–Stump Hollow Trail
Logan Canyon–Temple Fork Rd.
Logan Canyon–Temple Fork Sawmill Trail (lower)
Logan Canyon–Third Dam/Spring Hollow CG
Logan Canyon–Twin Creek
Logan Canyon–Upper
Logan Canyon–Willow Creek Trail
Logan Canyon–Wind Caves Trail
Logan Canyon–Wood Camp
Logan City Cemetery
Logan City Polishing Ponds
Logan Downtown
Logan Fish Hatchery Pond
Logan Highline Trail
Logan Landfill
Logan Peak
Logan River — 1800 S
Logan River GC
Logan River GC–Riverbend
Logan River–Icon Trail
Logan Sewage Lagoons
Logan–2400 W Fields
Long Divide Rd
Lundstrom Park
Lundstrom Trail
Lundstrum Trail
Mendon — W 3800 S
Mendon Bridge
Mendon Road Management Area
Meridian Rd.
Merlin Olsen Park
Millville Canyon Rd
Monte Cristo Rd — Curtis Creek Rd
Monte Cristo Rd — MM 54
Mountain Valley Trout Farm
Murrays Hill Access (FR 249)
Naomi Peak & High Creek Lake
Newton Cemetery
Newton Reservoir — North Access
Newton Reservoir — South End Access
Old Logway Canyon
Pelican Pond
Peterson Hollow Trail
Pig Farm
Porcupine Reservoir
Powder Mountain Ski Resort (Cache Co.)
Providence Canyon
Pumphouse Rd
Red Banks CG
Rendezvous Park
Richmond — Egan Rd
Richmond Sewage Lagoons
Richmond WMA
River Heights Spring Creek Pond
River Hollow Park
Saddle Creek Canyon–FR105
Shenoah Picnic Site
Shoreline Trail — Dry Canyon to Dry Pole Hollow
Short Divide (Cache Co.)
Sink Hollow
Sinks Road
Smithfield Canyon
Smithfield Cemetery/Mack Park
Smithfield Dry Canyon
Smithfield–N 2000 W
stakeout Yellow-throated Warbler, Hyde Park (2015-16)
Steam Mill Hollow
Steel Canyon
Stink Creek Road
Sue’s Pond–Logan River Wetlands and Shorebird Playa
Swallow Bridge
Swan Flat Rd
Three Mile Canyon & Road
Tony Grove — Tony Grove Rd
Tony Grove — White Pine Lake Trail
Tony Grove–Cottonwood Canyon Trail
Tony Grove–FR163 (Gravel Pit Rd.)
Tony Grove–Naomi Trail
Tony Grove–Tony Grove Lake
Trapper Park
USDA Research Farm (Restricted Access)
USU — Cache Jct Farm
USU — Forestry Field Station
USU — Innovation Campus Pond
Utah State Univ. Campus
Utah State Univ. Campus — Old Main Hill
Von’s Park
Watertrough Rd Pond
Watterson Property (restricted access)
Wellsville Mountains HawkWatch–Cache Co.
Wellsville Reservoir
Wellsville Ridge Trail — Hike to Box Elder Peak
West 200 South (South of Landfill)
White Pine Lake
Willow Park (incl. zoo)
Winter Canyon