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Salt Lake County

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All Hotspots in Salt Lake County

11800 S
11th Ave Park
3200 West (SLC Airport to 3200 N)
5600 West Traps (Salt Lake Co.)
8000 West 2200 South Trap (Salt Lake Co.)
Adagio Apartments Pond
Affleck Park & Campground
Allen Park
Alta Canyon Park (incl. Woodlot @ 9800 S 1900 E)
Ambassador Duck Club (private)
Arrow Trailhead to Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve
Bair Park
Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge TH
Bell Canyon Gulley
Bells Canyon–Reservoir
Bells Canyon–Upper
Ben Franklin Park
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Beartrap Fork to Desolation Lake
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton Loop Rd.
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton Ski Resort
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Brighton to Twin Lakes Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Broads Fork
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Butler Fork/Mill A Basin
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Donut Falls
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Guardsman Pass & Jupiter Peak Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Guardsman Pass Rd.
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Blanche/Mill B South Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Mary
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Lake Mary Trail
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Ledgemere Picnic Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mill D North (Dog Lake Hike)
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mouth
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Mule Hollow Trail
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Silver Lake
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Silver Lake to Lake Solitude Hike
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Solitude Ski Resort
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Spruces CG
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Storm Mountain Picnic Area
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Twin Lakes to Lake Solitude
Big Cottonwood Canyon–Willow Heights
Big Cottonwood Park
Big Cottonwood Regional Park–Softball Complex
Big Mountain Pass (Salt Lake Co.)
Big Mountain Summit
Big Willow Canyon & Sawmill Trail
Blackridge Reservoir
Bluffdale Ponds
Bonneville GC
Bonneville Hills (neighborhood)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Parley’s to Big Cottonwood Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Red Butte Canyon to Emigration Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–South of I-80
Bonneville Shoreline Trail–Terrace Hills
Buttercup Park
Butterfield Canyon–Lower (canyon bottom)
Butterfield Canyon–Upper (switchbacks to pass)
Butterfield Peaks Trail (Salt Lake Co.)
Bywater Park
Canyon Rim Park
Carolina Hills Trailhead
Central Valley GC
Cherry Canyon Logging Trail
City Creek Canyon–Above Bonneville Blvd
City Creek Canyon–Above Rotary Park
City Creek Canyon–Memory Grove
City Creek Canyon–Rotary Park
Clear Creek Trail
Copperton City Park
Corner Canyon Creek Trail
Cougar Park
Coyote Hollow
Creekside Park
Crestwood Park
Decker Lake
Desolation Lake
Dimple Dell Park
Draper Amphitheater
Draper City Park
Draper Pond
Draper Recreation Center Wetlands
Emigration Canyon
Ensign Peak
Fairmont Park
Fairpark Neighborhood
Ferguson Canyon
Fitts Community Park
Forest Dale GC
Frontage Road between 5600 W and 7200 W
Galena Soo’nkahni Preserve – Bluffdale
Gillmor Sanctuary (restricted access)
Glendale Golf Course
Glenmoor GC
Great Western Trail and Grandview Peak (Salt Lake Co.)
Great Western Trail–South of Big Mountain Pass
Herriman–Shaggy Peak (access via Yellow Fork)
Heughs Canyon Trail
Hidden Hollow Conservation Area
Hidden Oaks
Hidden Valley Park
High Point Park
Hogle Zoo & Scumdog Pond
Holladay (Band-tailed Pigeon Spot)
Holladay City Hall Park
I-15 — Ponds @ 12000 S
I-80 — MP104 to MP113 (west SL Co.)
I80–Kennecott Reclamation Ponds
Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve
Jack’s Peak Trail
Jordan Narrows
Jordan River Parkway
Jordan River Parkway
Jordan River Parkway–10000 to 10600 S
Jordan River Parkway–10600 S to 11400 S (incl. Jordan River Front Park)
Jordan River Parkway–11400 S to 12600 S
Jordan River Parkway–12600 S to Bangerter Hwy
Jordan River Parkway–200 S to 2100 S
Jordan River Parkway–2100 S to 2500 S (incl. Redwood Trailhead Park)
Jordan River Parkway–2100 S to 3300 S
Jordan River Parkway–2300 N to 200 S
Jordan River Parkway–3300 S to 4500 S (incl. General Holm Park)
Jordan River Parkway–4500 S to 5400 S (incl. Arrowhead Park)
Jordan River Parkway–5400 S to 6100 S (I-215)
Jordan River Parkway–6100 S to 7800 S (incl. Winchester Park)
Jordan River Parkway–7800 S to 9000 S (Big Bend)
Jordan River Parkway–9000 S to 10000 S
Jordan River Parkway–Bangerter Hwy to 14600 S
Jordan River Parkway–Fife Wetlands Preserve
Jordan River Parkway–Redwood Rd to Davis Co. Line
Jordan River Parkway–Tracy Aviary’s Jordan River Nature Center
Kennecott Discharge Delta
Kennecott Overview Rd
Kennecott Tailings Ponds
Killyon Canyon
Knudsen Park
Lake Park
Lake Solitude
Lamb’s Canyon
Lamb’s Canyon–Public Road End to Salamander Lake
Larkin Sunset Gardens
Lee Creek (Salt Lake Co.)
Lee Kay Ponds
Liberty Park
Liguori’s Knob
Little Black Mountain
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Albion Basin Rd.
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta Snowbird Bypass Rd.
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta to Germania Pass Hike
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta Town Office Feeders
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta’s Collins Lift Feeders
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Alta’s Wildcat Valley
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Cardiff Pass
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Cecret Lake Hike
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Climbers Parking Lot
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Coalpit Waterfall Viewpoint
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Gad Valley
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Grizzly Gulch
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Mouth (incl. La Caille)
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Red Pine Lake to Pfeifferhorn
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Red Pine Lakes
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Snowbird Ski Resort
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Supreme Rd. to Catherine Pass
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Tanners Flat CG
Little Cottonwood Canyon–Temple Quarry Trail (lower LCC)
Little Cottonwood Canyon–White Pine Drainage
Little Cottonwood Canyon–White Pine Lake
Little Dell Reservoir
Little Willow Canyon
Living Room Trail
Lookout Peak
Magna-Copper Park (incl. 9180 West Trap)
Magna–Utah Hwy 111
McMahon Bay Park
Meadow Brook GC
Mehraban Wetland Park
Michigan City Rd.
Mick Riley GC
Mill Creek Pond
Mill Race Pond & Park
Millcreek Canyon
Millcreek Canyon–Alexander Basin Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Big/Little Water Loop (to Dog Lake Hike)
Millcreek Canyon–Bowmans Fork Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Desolation Trail/Salt Lake Overlook
Millcreek Canyon–Elbow Fork/Mount Aire Hike
Millcreek Canyon–Grandeur Peak Trail
Millcreek Canyon–Rattlesnake Gulch
Millcreek Canyon–Terrace CG & Bowman Fork
Miller Park
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Olympus Trail
Mount Olympus Trail–Juniper Patch
Mountain Dell Canyon
Mountain Dell GC
Mountain Dell Reservoir
Murray Canal Trail
Murray Park
Neff’s Canyon (incl. Olympus Cove)
Nibley Park GC
Old Farm (aka Hills Pond)
Old Farm Park and Pond
Old Mill Golf Course
Old Mill Park & Holding Pond
Old Red Pine Rd Trail to Park City Overlook
Olympus Hills Park
Oquirrh Lake
Parley’s Canyon
Parley’s Creek Trail
Parley’s Gulch and Tanner Park
Parley’s Mitigation Area
Perkins Peak Trail
Pioneer Park
Point of the Mountain (Salt Lake Co.)
Popperton Park
Porter Rockwell Trail
Quail Hollow Park and Trail
Red Butte Canyon
Red Butte Garden
Redwood Nature Area
River Chase Rd Junipers
Riverbend GC
Rose Canyon Road
Rose Park Golf Course
Salt Lake — Spaghetti Bowl Ponds
Salt Lake City (downtown)
Salt Lake City Cemetery
Salt Lake City International Airport
Salt Lake City–7200 West (I-80 to 1300 S)
Salt Lake City–9th & 9th Neighborhood
Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake International Center
Saltair & Marina
Sandy Bicentennial Park
Sandy City Cemetery
Sandy Urban Fishery (Fishing Pond)
Secret Canyon
Skecology Trail
Snowbird Ski Resort–Peruvian Gulch
South Fork Dry Creek
South Mountain Golf Course
South Valley Regional Airport–Airport Rd.
SR111 — Butterfield Canyon to Old Bingham Hwy
stakeout Varied Thrush Wellington St., Salt Lake (2017)
Sugarhouse Park & Pond
Sunnyside Park
Sycamores Open Space Park (incl. Bacchus Hwy)
Temple Square
Terrace Hills HawkWatch Knoll
The Avenues (neighborhood)
The Cove Pond
This Is the Place Heritage Park
Trail to Lookout Peak–Affleck Park to Great Western Trail
University of Utah Campus
Utah and Salt Lake Canal Trail — 5600 west to 4000 West
Warm Springs (Salt Lake Co.)
Warm Springs Park
Warm Springs Park
Wasatch Hollow Park
Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park
Washington Park & Terrace
Washington Square SLC
Waterford School (restricted access)
West Jordan Water Reclamation
West Valley City–8460 W
West Valley City–Lake Park
Wheadon Farm Park
Wheeler Farm
Willow Pond Park
Yellow Fork Canyon — Lower
Yellow Fork Canyon — Upper (Butterfield Canyon Access)