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Tooele County

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Important Bird Areas
Top 10 Hotspots in Tooele County

100 or more species reported
James W Fitzgerald WMA
Stansbury Park
Timpie Spring WMA
Clover Springs CG
Settlement Canyon
Ophir Canyon
Lakeside Preserve (restricted access)
Grantsville Reservoir
South Willow Canyon
Rush Lake

All Hotspots in Tooele County

Bate’s Canyon Rd
Blue Lake & Salt Springs WMA (Tooele Co.)
Bonneville Seabase
Box Elder Canyon
Butterfield Peaks Trail (Tooele Co.)
Cedar Mountains — Hastings Pass Rd
Clover Lake
Clover Springs CG
Deseret Peak via Mill Fork Trail
Deseret Reservoir
Erda Way
Fisher Pass
Five Mile Pass (Tooele Co)
Grantsville City Cemetery
Grantsville City Park
Grantsville Reservoir
Grassy Mountains
Hardy Rd.
Harker Canyon
Horseshoe Springs
Hwy 138 — Grantsville to Stansbury
Hwy 138 — I80 to Grantsville
I-80 — Exit 99 Ponds
I80–MM10 Reststop East Bound
I80–MM10 Reststop West Bound
I80–MM99 Reststop
James W Fitzgerald WMA
Kanaka Lake
Lakeside Preserve (restricted access)
Middle Canyon
Miner’s Canyon Trail
Mormon Trail Hwy–Grantsville to Rush Valley
North Oak Brush Creek
North Willow Canyon
Old Lincoln Highway — NW Grantsville
Ophir Canyon
Ophir Canyon — Lower (below town of Ophir)
Ophir Canyon — South Fork
Ophir Canyon — Upper (town of Ophir and up canyon)
Oquirrh Hills GC
Pony Express Rd — Lookout Pass
Pony Express Rd — Table Valley (Tooele Co.)
Rt 36 — Tooele to Stockton
Rush Lake
Rush Valley
Rush Valley — Faust Rd
Rush Valley — Lofgreen Area
Salt Mountain
Settlement Canyon
Silver Island Canyon Rd
Simpson Springs
Skull Valley Rd (road to Dugway)
South Mountain West
South Willow Canyon
South Willow Canyon–Boy Scout CG
South Willow Canyon–Cottonwood CG
South Willow Canyon–Intake CG
South Willow Canyon–Loop CG
South Willow Lake Trail
Stansbury Island — Entrance Rd
Stansbury Island — North End
Stansbury Island — Southeast Side
Stansbury Island — Stansbury Island Trail
Stansbury Park
The Knolls
The Links at Overlake
Timpie Spring WMA
TL Bar Ranch (restricted access)
Vernon Cemetery
Vernon Reservoir
Vickory Mountain
Wendover (Utah)
Wendover East Ponds
West Canyon — Road
West Canyon — Trail
White Rocks Spring