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Jones Dock Road and Giards Bay

Birding in Vermont

Jones Dock Road and Giards Bay
Bridport, Vermont 05734

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Addison County

Jones Dock Road / Giard’s Bay
Coordinates: 43.9765723, -73.4042716
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About Jones Dock Road and Giards Bay
Jones Dock Road is a public road to water’s edge of Giards Bay on Lake Champlain. At the end of the road, there is a navigation light tower and room to turn around. There is a signed (“Park here”) space for about four or five cars at the top of the hill before descending to the lake; it is 500 feet from the parking area to the lake.

At the lake, there a personal “private property” signs that make clear what is private, and the owners mean it. Stay on the road from the parking area to the lake. The views of Lake Champlain are good to excellent from the curve at the top of the road where it begins its descent, and at lake level.

Depending on the season, one can see parts of Giards Bay from Lake Street between Middle Road and Jones Dock Road. Also, Way Lane gives looks between houses that can be quite good. The properties on these roads are private. View birds from the roadside only.
From Ian Worley