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Birding in Vermont

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Abbey Pond Trail
Abijah Prince Pond, Guilford
Abraham’s Knees (restricted access)
Adams Mountain
Adams Reservoir – Woodford (21 acres)
Ainsworth Farm
Aitken State Forest
Alburg Dunes State Park
Alburgh Lakeshore Park
Aldis Hill Park and Hard’ack
Allen Brothers Marsh
Allis State Park
Amherst Lake – Plymouth (81 acres)
Amity Pond Natural Area State Park
Andover Pond – Andover (11 acres)
Andrews Community Forest
Ansel Pond – Bethel
Appalachian Gap
Arlington Recreation Park
Arms Forest
Arnold Bay
Arrowhead Mountain Lake – Milton (760 acres)
Arthur Buck River Access
Arthur Davis Wildlife Management Area
Athens Pond – Athens (21 acres)
Atherton Meadows Wildlife Management Area–East Unit
Atherton Meadows Wildlife Management Area–West Unit
Austin Pond – Hubbardton (28 acres)
Avery Gore Pond (Unknown Pond) – Avery’s Gore (19 acres)
Averys Gore Wildlife Management Area


Babcock Nature Preserve
Bailey Pond – Marshfield (17 acres)
Baker Pond – Barton (51 acres)
Baker Pond – Brookfield (35 acres)
Bald Hill
Bald Hill Pond – Westmore (108 acres)
Bald Hill Wildlife Management Area
Bald Mountain – Woodford
Bald Mountain–Long Pond Trail
Bald Mountain–Mad Brook Trail
Ball Mountain Reservoir – Jamaica (85 acres)
Bancroft Pond – Plainfield (14 acres)
Barbers Lake – Pownal (19 acres)
Barnes Camp Boardwalk
Barr Hill Natural Area
Barre Town Forest
Barton River Marshes
Bathtub Rock Road
Battell Trail
Battell Woods
Battery Park
Bayside Park
Bean Pond – Lyndon (24 acres)
Bean Pond – Sutton (30 acres)
Beaver Brook Powerline Cut
Beaver Lake – Hyde Park (16 acres)
Beaver Meadow
Beaver Pond – Holland (40 acres)
Beaver Pond, Mendon
Beaver Pond – Roxbury (10 acres)
Beebe Pond – Hubbardton (111 acres)
Beecher Pond – Brighton (15 acres)
Bellows Falls Village Forest
Belvidere Bog and Wetlands
Belvidere Mountain
Benson Landing
Berlin (E.F. Knapp State) Airport
Berlin Pond IBA
Bethel Town Forest–Route 107
Bethel Town Forest–Woodland Road
Big Deer State Park
Big Mud Pond – Mount Tabor (15 acres)
Big Muddy Pond – Eden (17 acres)
Big Pond (Woodford Lake) – Woodford (31 acres)
Bill Hill
Bill Sladyk Wildlife Management Area
Bill Sladyk Wildlife Management Area–Hurricane Brook
Billado Park
Billings Farm
Billings Park (local park)
Birds of Vermont Museum
Birdseye Wildlife Management Area
Bittersweet Falls
Black Creek Wildlife Management Area
Black Mountain Natural Area
Black Pond – Hubbardton (20 acres)
Black Pond – Plymouth (20 acres)
Black River Mouth and Hoyts Landing
Blanchard Park
Bliss Pond – Calais (46 acres)
Blodgett Beach
Blodgett Farm (Restricted Access)
Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area
Blueberry Hill – Goshen
Blueberry Lake – Warren (48 acres)
Bob Collins Conservation Farm
Bogburn Trails
Bolton Valley Nordic Back-Country Area
Bolton Valley Resort
Bombardier Park West
Bomoseen State Park
Bond Island Natural Area
Bone Mountain
Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center
Boulder Beach State Park
Bourn Pond – Sunderland (48 acres)
Boyce Hill Town Forest
Bragdon Preserve (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) IBA
Braintree Mountain Forest
Braintree Mountain–Peak
Bramhall Wilderness Preserve
Branbury State Park
Branch Pond – Sunderland (34 acres)
Brandon Gap
Brandon Hollow Road
Brandon Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Brattleboro Marina and West River Trail
Brattleboro Retreat Trails
Bresee Pond, Hubbardton
Brewster Uplands Trails–Pond Loop Trail
Brighton State Park
Bristol Cliffs Wilderness
Bristol Pond (248 acres) (Winona Lake)–Bristol
Bristol Pond Fishing Access
Bromley Mountain Ski Area
Bromley Mountain Summit
Brookline Road Marsh
Brookmead Conservation Area
Brousseau Mountain
Brown Pond – Westmore (15 acres)
Brownington Pond – Brownington (139 acres)
Brownway River Trail
Bruce Pond – Sheffield (27 acres)
Buck Lake Wildlife Management Area – Woodbury (39 acres)
Buck Mountain
Buckner Memorial Natural Area at Bald Mountain – Poultney River/East Bay IBA
Buczek Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Bullhead Pond
Bullis Pond – Franklin (11 acres)
Burbee Pond – Windham (50 acres)
Burlington Bike Path–Coast Guard Station to North Beach
Burlington International Airport
Burlington Intervale
Burlington Waterfront Park and Breakwater
Burlington Waterfront–Perkins Pier
Burlington Waterfront–Wastewater Treatment Plant
Burr Pond – Pittsford (20 acres)
Burr Pond – Sudbury (85 acres)
Burrows Trail
Burton Island State Park
Butler Lodge Trail
Butterfield Ridges Trail
Buttermilk Falls
Butternut Hill Natural Area
Button Bay State Park


Cabot Hills Maple Farm (Restricted Access)
Cady Hill Forest
Calahan Park
Calendar Brook Wildlife Management Area
Camels Hump State Forest (South)
Camels Hump State Park–Monroe Trail
Camels Hump State Park–Summit
Camp Plymouth State Park
Campbell Bay and Mouth of Charcoal Creek
Campbell Flats Road
Carmans Marsh Wildlife Management Area and Sandy Point
Carry Bay
Carse Wetlands (UVM Natural Area)
Caseys Hill
Caspian Lake – Greensboro (789 acres)
Castleton University Trails
Catamount Community Forest
Catkin Drive Wetlands
CC Putnam State Forest–Middlesex Trailhead
CCC Pond
CCC Road
Cedar Lake (Monkton Pond)–Monkton (123 acres)
Centennial Woods (UVM Natural Area)
Center Pond – Newark (79 acres)
Cersosimo Setback
Champlain Bridge and Chimney Point
Champlainside Drive
Chandler Pond – Wheelock (68 acres)
Charles Downer State Forest–North Unit
Charles Downer State Forest–South Unit
Charleston Pond – Charleston (40 acres)
Charlotte Ferry Landing–McNeil Cove
Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge
Charlotte Town Beach
Chase Park
Chester Town Forest
Chickering Bog Natural Area
Childs Pond – Thetford (10 acres)
Chimney Trail and Waterbury Dam
Chipman Hill
Chipman Lake (Tinmouth Pond) – Tinmouth (79 acres)
Chipman Point
Chittenden Brook Campground
Chittenden Reservoir – Chittenden (702 acres)
Choate Pond – Orwell (11 acres)
City Bay and Hero’s Welcome
Clover Hill Wildlife Management Area
Clyde Pond – Derby (186 acres)
Co-Op Community Garden and Fields
Cobb Pond – Derby (27 acres)
Coggman Pond – West Haven (20 acres)
Cogman Road and Ghost Hollow Road
Coits Pond – Cabot (40 acres)
Colby Pond – Plymouth (20 acres)
Colchester Bog (UVM Natural Area)
Colchester Pond – Colchester
Colchester Railroad Causeway
Cole Pond – Jamaica (41 acres)
Coles Pond – Walden (125 acres)
Collins Pond – Hyde Park (16 acres)
Colton Pond – Killington (27 acres)
Common Ground Center
Concord Woods (University of Vermont Natural Area)
Confluence River Park
Connecticut River Floodplain – Barnet
Converse Bay
Cooks Pond – Shrewsbury (12 acres)
Cooks Pond – Weathersfield (10 acres)
Cooley Glen Trail
Coolidge State Park
Cornwall Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Cornwall Swamp Wildlife Management Area–North
Cornwall Swamp Wildlife Management Area–South, Swamp Road
Cota Park
Cow Mountain Pond – Granby (10 acres)
Cow Pasture
Cram Road Powerline
Cranberry Meadow Pond – Woodbury (28 acres)
Crane Brook Conservation District
Creek Road Floodplain
Crescent Lake – Sharon (20 acres)
Cricket Hill Trails
Cross Vermont Trail–Old Country Club Road
Cross Vermont Trail–Waterbury Section
Cross Vermont Trail–West Shore Drive to Boulder Beach Road
Cross Vermont Trail–West Shore Drive to Lakeside Drive
Crossroad Farm and Taylor Floodplain Preserve
Crystal Beach
Crystal Lake – Barton (763 acres)
Crystal Lake State Park
Curtis Pond – Calais (72 acres)
Cutler Memorial Forest
Cutler Pond – Highgate (25 acres)
Cutter Pond – Williamstown (16 acres)


D & H Rail Trail
D & H Rail Trail–Castleton to South Street
D & H Rail Trail–Farnham Road to Poultney
D & H Rail Trail–Hebron Road Parking to New York Border
D & H Rail Trail–Hebron Road Parking to Quarry Road
D & H Rail Trail–Poultney to New York Border
D & H Rail Trail–Sawmill Road to Quarry Road
D & H Rail Trail–South Street to Farnham Road
D & H Rail Trail–West Pawlet to Sawmill Road
DAR State Park
Danby Pond – Danby (56 acres)
Daniels Pond – Glover (66 acres)
Deforge Hydroelectric Station Recreation Area
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Bird Observatory and Banding Station
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Brilyea Access
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Farrell Access
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Gage Road
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Goose Viewing Area
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Stone Bridge Dam
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Town House Road Wetland
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Visitor Center
Dead Creek Confluence With Otter Creek
Dead Creek–Panton Road Crossing
Deer Leap
Deer Park Pond – Halifax (22 acres)
Delta Park IBA
Dennis Pond – Brunswick (185 acres)
Densmore Hill Wildlife Management Area
Depot Hill Road Wetlands
Derway Island Nature Preserve
Deweys Mill Pond – Hartford (56 acres)
Diamond Run Mall Nature Trail
Dillenbeck Bay Fishing Access
Dog Mountain
Dog River Field
Donahue Sea Caves
Dorset Peak
Doughty Pond – Orwell (17 acres)
Dow Pond – Middlebury (11 acres)
Duck Pond – Waterford (16 acres)
Duhamel Road
Dummerston Landing
Dutch Hill
Dutton Pines State Park
Dutton Pond – Maidstone (12 acres)


Eagle Mountain Natural Area
Eagle Point Wildlife Management Area
East Creek Wildlife Management Area
East Creek and East Creek Wildlife Management Area–North Unit
East Creek Wildlife Management Area–South Unit
East End Park
East Face and Toll Road
East Hill Wildlife Management Area
East Long Pond – Woodbury (188 acres)
East Montpelier Trails
East Woods (UVM Natural Area)
Echo Lake (Keeler Pond) – Hubbardton (54 acres)
Echo Lake – Charleston (550 acres)
Echo Lake – Plymouth (104 acres)
Ed Weed Fish Hatchery
Eleanor Ellis and Springweather Nature Area-North Springfield Lake
Elfin Lake – Wallingford (16 acres) / Stone Meadow Park
Ellis Town Forest
Elm Brook Wildlife Management Area
Elmore State Park
Emerald Lake – Dorset (28 acres)
Emerald Lake State Park
Emily Proctor Trail
Enchanted Isle
Enosburg Town Forest
Equinox Mountain
Equinox Pond – Manchester (15 acres)
Equinox Preservation Trust
Eshqua Bog
Essex Tree Farm Soccer Fields and Cross Country Course
Ethan Allen East Peak
Ethan Allen Homestead
Ethan Allen Park
Ewell Pond – Peacham (51 acres)


Fairfield Pond – Fairfield (446 acres)
Fairfield Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Fairfield Swamp Wildlife Management Area–French Hill Access
Fairlee Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Fairlee Town Forest
Farr Cross Road
Felchner Pond – Northfield (12 acres)
Ferdinand Bog, West Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Fern Lake–Leicester (69 acres)
Ferrisburgh Town Beach
Ferrisburgh Town Forest
Fields (Kellogg) Bay and Kellogg Bay Road
Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge
Five Tree Hill Country Park
Flagg Pond – Wheelock (111 acres)
Fletcher Farm Foundation Fields
Forest Lake (Nelson Pond) – Calais (133 acres)
Forest Lake – Averill (62 acres)
Fort Cassin and Porter Bay
Fort Dummer State Park
Fort Ethan Allen Cemetery
Fosters Pond – Peacham (61 acres)
Fox Stand (Royalton Hill Road Bridge)
Franklin County State Airport IBA
Fred Johnson Wildlife Management Area
Fred Johnson Wildlife Management Area–North Unit
Fred Johnson Wildlife Management Area–South Unit
Fuller Pond – Strafford (18 acres)


Gale Meadows WMA and Gale Meadows Pond – Windhall (195 acres)
Garvey Field
Gates Pond – Whitingham (30 acres)
Gateway Park
George Davis (Singing Cedars) Fishing Access
Georgia Plains Reservoir – Georgia (19 acres)
Georgia Rest Area I-89 North Bound
Georgia Rest Area I-89 South Bound
Georgia Town Beach
Geprag Community Park–Hinesburg
Gifford Woods State Park and Natural Area
Gilbrook Natural Area
Gile Mountain and Norwich Town Forest
Gillett Pond – Richmond (30 acres)
Glastenbury Mountain
Glen Lake – Castleton (206 acres)
Goddard Shelter
Grand Isle Ferry Landing
Grand Isle State Park
Granville Gulf Reservation State Forest
Great Averill Pond – Norton (828 acres)
Great Hosmer Pond – Craftsbury (140 acres)
Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center
Green Mountain Club Visitors Center
Green River Reservoir – Hyde Park (554 acres)
Green River Reservoir State Park
Greenberg Headwaters Park
Greendale Campground
Greenmount Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery – Bristol
Gregg Hill Road Pond
Griffith Lake – Peru (18 acres)
Groton State Forest
Groton State Forest–Owls Head
Groton State Forest–Peacham Bog Trail
Groton State Forest–Rail Trail
Grout Pond – Stratton (84 acres)
Grow Compost
Guildhall Swamp Natural Area
Guilford Welcome Center
Gut Pond – Eden (13 acres)


Half Moon Pond – Hubbardton (23 acres)
Half Moon Pond State Park
Halfmoon Cove Wildlife Management Area
Halfmoon Pond – Fletcher (21 acres)
Halfway Pond – Norton (22 acres)
Hallock Lake–Starksboro (15 acres)
Halls Lake – Newbury (85 acres)
Hancock Mountain Pond – Rochester (14 acres)
Hapgood Pond Campground
Hardwick Lake – Hardwick (145 acres)
Hardwick Village Forest
Hardwood Pond – Elmore (44 acres)
Harriman Pond – Newbury (20 acres)
Harriman Reservoir – Whitingham (2040 acres)
Hartness State Airport
Hartwell Pond – Albany (16 acres)
Harveys Lake – Barnet (351 acres)
Hathaway Point Boat Launch
Hawk Hill Trails
Hawkins Road
Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Haystack Pond – Wilmington (27 acres)
Hazens Notch
Hen Island
Herricks Cove IBA
Hidden Lake – Marlboro (17 acres)
High Pond – Sudbury (20 acres)
Hinesburg Town Forest
Hinesburg Village Cemetery
Hinkum Pond – Sudbury (60 acres)
Hogback Mountain
Hogback Mountain Conservation Area
Hogback Mountain Conservation Area–Tower Trail
Holcomb Bay Fishing Access
Holdens Pond – Brookfield (10 acres)
Holland Pond – Holland (325 acres)
Honey Hollow Trail
Hope Davey Memorial Park
Horicans Fishing Access
Horn of The Moon Pond – East Montpelier (10 acres)
Horse Pond – Greensboro (32 acres)
Hough Pond – Sudbury (16 acres)
Howe Pond – Readsboro (52 acres)
Howells Swamp
Hubbard Park
Hubbard Recreation and Natural Area
Hubbardton Battlefield Wildlife Management Area and State Historic Site
Hunger Mountain
Huntington Community Forest
Huntington Falls
Huntington Gap Wildlife Management Area
Hurd Grassland


I-91 Northbound Rest Stop–Bradford Information Center
Indian Brook Reservoir–Essex (50 acres)
Indian Point Picnic Area
Inman Pond – Fair Haven (85 acres)
Intervale Wildlife Management Area
Intervale Wildlife Management Area–Howe Farm Unit
Irish Hill Trails
Island Pond – Brighton (626 acres)
Isle La Motte
Isle La Motte Passage Causeway


Jackson Trail
Jacksonville Pond – Whitingham (20 acres)
Jail Branch Marsh
Jamaica State Park
Jay Peak
Jeffrey Murdock Nature Preserve
Jericho Research Forest–University of Vermont
Jewell Brook Site Number 1 Reservoir
Jewell Brook Site Number 5 Reservoir
Jobs Pond – Westmore (39 acres)
Joes Pond – Danville (396 acres)
John H Boylan State Airport (Island Pond Airport)
Johns River Boat Access
Johnnie Brook Road Trail
Johnson Farm Wildlife Management Area
Johnson Trail
Johnson Farm Wildlife Management Area–Capon Brook Access
Johnson Farm Wildlife Management Area–Coderre Road Access
Johnson Pond – Orwell (20 acres)
Johnson Pond – Shrewsbury (12 acres)
Jones Dock Road and Giards Bay
Joslin Turn Pond – Concord (10 acres)
Joy Wah Overlook and Allbees Cove


Keeler Bay Fishing Access
Keiser Pond – Danville (33 acres)
Kelley Stand Road east
Kelley Stand Road west
Kendall Station Road
Kenneth Ward Park
Kenny Pond – Newfane (26 acres)
Kent Pond – Killington (99 acres)
Kents Ledge
Kesick Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Kettle Pond – Groton (109 acres)
Kettle Pond State Park
Kidder Pond – Irasburg (16 acres)
Kikas Valley Farm
Kill Kare State Park
Killington Marsh
Killington Peak
King Farm
Kings Bay Fishing Access
Kingsland Bay State Park
Kirby Pond – Kirby (10 acres)
Knapp Brook #1 – Cavendish (25 acres)
Knapp Brook #2 – Cavendish (35 acres)
Knapp Brook Wildlife Management Area
Knight Island State Park
Knight Point State Park
Knob Hill Pond – Marshfield (16 acres)


L.R. Jones State Forest and Spruce Mountain Peak
Ladd Road Railroad Bed–East
Lagoon Road
Laird Pond – Marshfield (12 acres)
Lake Abenaki – Thetford (44 acres)
Lake Bomoseen – Castleton (2360 acres)
Lake Bomoseen and Hubbardton Marshes IBA
Lake Carmi – Franklin (1402 acres)
Lake Carmi State Park
Lake Derby – Derby (207 acres)
Lake Dunmore–Salisbury (985 acres)
Lake Eden – Eden (194 acres)
Lake Elligo (Eligo Pond)-Greensboro (174 Acres)
Lake Elmore – Elmore (219 acres)
Lake Fairlee – Thetford (457 acres)
Lake Greenwood – Woodbury (96 acres)
Lake Groton – Groton (422 acres)
Lake Hancock (Sucker Pond) – Stamford (51 acres)
Lake Hortonia – Hubbardton (479 acres)
Lake Iroquois–Hinesburg (243 acres)
Lake Lamoille – Morristown (148 acres)
Lake Madeleine – Sandgate (20 acres)
Lake Mansfield – Stowe (35 acres)
Lake Mansfield Trail and Nebraska Notch
Lake Memphremagog – Derby (5966 acres)
Lake Mirror (No. 10 Pond) – Calais (85 acres)
Lake Mitchell – Sharon (28 acres)
Lake Morey – Fairlee (547 acres)
Lake Ninevah – Mount Holly (171 acres)
Lake Paran – Bennington (40 acres)
Lake Parker – Glover (250 acres)
Lake Pinneo – Hartford (50 acres)
Lake Raponda – Wilmington (121 acres)
Lake Runnemede – Evarts Pond – Paradise Park
Lake Salem – Derby (764 acres)
Lake St. Catherine – Wells (883 acres)
Lake Saint Catherine State Park
Lake Willoughby – Westmore (1653 acres)
Lakeside Park
Lakeview Cemetery
Lakota Lake – Barnard (20 acres)
Lamoille County Nature Center
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail–Hyde Park
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail–Morrisville East
Lamson Pond – Brookfield (24 acres)
Landon Community Trail
Lapham Bay and Torrey Lane
LaPlatte Headwaters Town Forest
LaPlatte River and Marshes
LaPlatte River Nature Park (E of Falls Road and Post Office)
Larrabees Point Ferry Dock
Larrabees Point Fishing Access
Laurel Lake – Whitingham (16 acres)
Leddy Park
Ledyard Bridge Area–Connecticut River
Lefferts Pond – Chittenden (55 acres)
Leicester Junction
Lemon Fair Road, Weybridge
Lemon Fair Wildlife Management Area
Lemon Fair Wildlife Management Area–Bonner Parcel
Lemon Fair Wildlife Management Area–Gorton Parcel
Leonard Bay
Les Newell Wildlife Management Area
Levi Pond Wildlife Management Area
Lewis Creek Fishing Access
Lewis Creek Wildlife Management Area
Lewis Pond – Lewis (68 acres)
Lily Pond – Londonderry (21 acres)
Lily Pond – Poultney (21 acres)
Lily Pond – Vernon (41 acres)
Lily Pond, White River Junction
Limehurst Pond – Williamstown (13 acres)
Little Ascutney Wildlife Management Area
Little Averill Pond – Averill (467 acres)
Little Eligo – Hardwick (15 acres)
Little Elmore Pond – Elmore (24 acres)
Little Hosmer Pond – Craftsbury (180 acres)
Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area
Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–Greenbush Road Access
Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA–South Slang
Little Pond – Franklin (95 acres)
Little Pond – Wells (177 acres)
Little Pond – Winhall (18 acres)
Little Pond – Woodford (16 acres)
Little River Canoe Access
Little River State Park
Little Rock Pond – Wallingford (18 acres)
Little Salem Pond
Little Spruce Mountain
Lone Rock Point and North Beach
Long Point – Ferrisburgh
Long Pond (Belvidere Pond) – Eden (97 acres)
Long Pond – Greensboro (100 acres)
Long Pond – Milton (47 acres)
Long Pond – Newbury (15 acres)
Long Pond – Sheffield (38 acres)
Long Pond – Westmore (90 acres)
Long Swamp
Long Trail–Appalachian Gap to Huntington Gap
Long Trail–Bolton Mountain to Nebraska Notch
Long Trail–Camels Hump to Winooski River (Bamforth Ridge)
Long Trail–Cooley Glen Shelter to Lincoln Gap
Long Trail–Huntington Gap to Wind Gap
Long Trail–Lincoln Gap to Mount Abraham
Long Trail–Middlebury Gap to Skylight Pond Shelter
Long Trail–Mount Abraham to Mount Ellen
Long Trail–Mount Ellen to Appalachian Gap
Long Trail–Nebraska Notch to Mount Mansfield “Forehead”
Long Trail–Notch Road to Bolton Mountain
Long Trail–Route 108 to Mount Mansfield “Adams Apple”
Long Trail–Skylight Pond Shelter to Cooley Glen Shelter
Long Trail–Wind Gap to Camels Hump Summit
Long Trail–Winooski River to Notch Road
Long Trail and Appalachian–Clarendon Gorge
Long Trail and Appalachian Trail–Spruce Peak Section
Long Trail and Appalachian Trail–Styles Peak and Peru Peak Section
Long Trail and Appalachian–Trail Vicinity of County Road Crossing
Lost Pond – Georgia (10 acres)
Lovers Lane Pond
Loves Marsh Wildlife Management Area
Lowell Lake – Londonderry (109 acres)
Lowell Lake State Park
Lower Lamoille Wildlife Management Area
Lower Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area
Lower Pond (Lake Sunset)–Hinesburg (58 acres)
Lower Symes Pond – Ryegate (57 acres)
Lye Brook Meadows – N – Sunderland (10 acres)
Lye Brook Meadows – S – Sunderland (18 acres)
Lye Brook Falls Trail
Lyford Pond – Walden (33 acres)
Lyman Point Park
Lyndon State Forest


Mackville Pond – Hardwick (11 acres)
Macrae Farm Park
Mad River Greenway
Mad River Path–Fiddlers Walk
Mad River Path–Warren Path
Maidstone Lake – Maidstone (745 acres)
Maidstone State Park and State Forest
Main Street Middle School (Restricted Access)
Mallets Creek Wildlife Management Area
Malletts Bay Fishing Access
Maple Ridge Trail
Maple Shade Town Forest
Maple Street Park and Pool
Maquam Wildlife Management Area and Swanton Town Beach
Marl Pond – Sutton (10 acres)
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park–East Forest
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park–Fields
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park–Mansion Area
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park–Pogue
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park–West Forest
Marsh Pond Wildlife Management Area
Marshfield (Mollys Falls) Reservoir – Cabot (397 acres)
Marshfield Pond (Turtlehead Pond) – Marshfield (69 Acres
Mathieu Town Forest
Martin Bridge Park
Martins Pond – Peacham (82 acres)
May Pond – Barton (116 acres)
McAllister Pond – Lowell (25 acres)
McConnell Pond – Brighton (87 acres)
McCuen Slang
McCulloch Property
McIntosh Pond – Royalton (23 acres)
Mcindoe Falls Park
McWaters Park
Means Woods
Mecawee Pond – Reading (11 acres)
Merck Forest
Metcalf Pond – Fletcher (81 acres)
Middle Peak, Worcester Range
Middlebury College
Middlebury College–Bird Sanctuary
Middlebury College–Ralph Myhre Golf Course
Middlebury Falls
Middlesex Notch Wildlife Management Area
Middlesex Town Forest
Middlesex Wildlife Management Area
Mile Pond – Ferdinand (26 acres)
Miles Pond – Concord (215 acres)
Miles Pond, Railroad Bed East
Mill Pond (Parsons Mill Pond) – Benson (39 Acres)
Mill Pond, Franklin
Mill Pond – Windsor (77 acres)
Mill Pond South Wetland Complex
Mill Pond Park
Mill River Falls Natural Area
Mill Street, Bellows Falls
Miller Farm Field (restricted access)
Miller Pond – Strafford (64 acres)
Miller’s Pond – Arlington
Mills Riverside Park, Jericho
Milt Frye Natural Area
Milton Pond – Milton (24 acres)
Milton Town Forest
Milton Village
Minards Pond – Rockingham (46 acres)
Mission Farm Trails
Missisquoi Bay (Southeast) and Goose and Gander Bays
Missisquoi Bay Bridge
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge IBA
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Charcoal Creek
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Dead Creek
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Dead Creek Outlet
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Headquarters Vicinity and Discovery Trail
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Macs Bend and Jeep Trail
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Maquam and Black Creek Trails
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Maquam Bog and Old Railroad Passage
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Mouth of River and Tip of Delta
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Overlook Parking Area
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Stephen Young Marsh
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge–Tip of Delta, West Branch
Mobbs Farm
Mollie Beattie State Forest
Molly Bog (University of Vermont Natural Area)
Molly Stark State Park
Mollys Pond – Cabot (38 acres)
Montshire Museum of Science and Quinn Preserve
Moore Park
Moosalamoo Campground
Moose Bog, Wenlock Wildlife Management Area
Moretown Town Forest
Morey Mountain Conservation Area
Morningside Cemetery
Morristown Bog Natural Area
Morristown Town Forest
Morrisville-Stowe State Airport
Morse Park
Moss Glen Falls
Mount Abraham Summit
Mount Alice Summit
Mount Anthony Union Middle School
Mount Ascutney
Mount Ascutney State Park
Mount Calvary Annex Cemetery
Mount Carmel State Forest
Mount Ellen Summit
Mount Grant Summit
Mount Haystack Trail
Mount Hor
Mount Independence
Mount Mansfield
Mount Mansfield–Summit
Mount Monadnock
Mount Peg
Mount Peg Park–East
Mount Peg Park–West
Mount Peg–Ridgeline Ski Trails
Mount Philo State Park
Mount Pisgah
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Tabor-Landgrove Road (Forest Road 10)–Northwest Section
Mount Tabor-Landgrove Road (Forest Road 10)–Southeast Section
Mud Creek Pond – Alburg (333 acres)
Mud Creek Wildlife Management Area IBA
Mud Pond (Forscythe Pond) – Thetford (20 acres)
Mud Pond – Braintree (10 acres)
Mud Pond – Craftsbury (35 acres)
Mud Pond – E – Woodbury (10 acres)
Mud Pond – Granby (55 acres)
Mud Pond – Holland (14 acres)
Mud Pond – Hyde Park (14 acres)
Mud Pond – Leicester (23 acres)
Mud Pond – Morgan (11 acres)
Mud Pond – Morgan (35 acres)
Mud Pond – N – Woodbury (16 acres)
Mud Pond – Peacham (34 acres)
Mud Pond – Peru (10 acres)
Mud Pond – SE – Woodbury (18 acres)
Mud Pond Conservation Area
Mud Pond Country Park
Mudd Pond – Hubbardton (20 acres)
Muddy Brook Park
Muddy Brook Pullout, Route 116
Muddy Brook Wetland Reserve
Muddy Pond, Rutland


Neal Pond – Lunenburg (185 acres)
Negro Pond (Hedgehog) – Westmore (12 acres)
Nelson Pond – East Montpelier (10 acres)
New Discovery State Park
Newark Pond – Newark (153 acres)
Newport Bikepath
Newport State Airport
Nichols Hill Road Public Access Trail
Nichols Pond – Woodbury (171 acres)
Niquette Bay State Park
Norford Lake – Thetford (21 acres)
Norman and Selma Greenberg Conservation Reserve
North Branch Cascades–Elmore
North Branch Cascades–Worcester
North Branch Nature Center
North Branch River Park
North Hartland Dam
North Hartland Reservoir – Hartland (215 acres)
North Hero Causeway Fishing Access
North Hero State Park
North Montpelier Pond – East Montpelier (72 acres)
North Pond – Brookfield (24 acres)
North Pond – Whitingham (20 acres)
North Springfield Bog
North Springfield Reservoir – Springfield (290 acres)
North Thetford Landing
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Campus
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Lower Pond
Northern Vermont University, Johnson–Trails
Northern Forest Canoe Trail
Northfield Mountain
Northfield Village Forest
Northwood Park Loop
NorthWoods Stewardship Center
Norton Pond – Norton (583 acres)
Notch Pond – Ferdinand (22 acres)
Noyes Pond (Seyon Pond) – Groton (39 acres)
Nulhegan Basin IBA
Nulhegan Pond – Brighton (37 acres)


Oak View Hill Trail
Oakledge Park
Okemo Mountain
Old Marsh Pond – Fair Haven (131 acres) and Marsh Pond WMA
Old Mill Park
Old Piper Road Trail
Ompompanoosuc River Flats
Osmore Pond – Peacham (48 acres)
Ottauquechee River Mouth
Ottauquechee River Trail
Otter Creek Gorge Preserve
Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area
Otter View Park
Owls Head Town Forest
Oxbow Park


Page Pond – Albany (16 acres)
Patch Pond – Rutland (20 acres)
Patterson Mountain
Paul Stream Pond – Brunswick (20 acres)
Peacham Pond – Peacham (340 acres)
Pearl Street Park
Pease Mountain (UVM Natural Area)
Peavine Access
Pecks Pond – Barre (16 acres)
Pelots Natural Area
Pensioner Pond – Charleston (173 acres)
Perch Pond – Benson (24 acres)
Peter A. Krusch Nature Preserve
Pickles Pond – Brookfield (17 acres)
Pico Peak–Slopes
Pico Peak–Summit
Pico Pond – Killington (12 acres)
Pigeon Pond – Groton (69 acres)
Pine Hill Park
Pine Island Road and Colchester Intervale
Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Pine Pond – Castleton (40 acres)
Pinnacle Meadows
Pittsford Trails–Bald Peak Trail
Pittsford Trails–Cadwell Loop
Pittsford Trails–Split Rock
Pleasant Street Powerline
Pleasant Valley Pond – Brattleboro (25 acres)
Plymsbury Wildlife Management Area
Podunk Wildlife Management Area
Pomainville Wildlife Management Area
Pomeroy Park
Pomfret Road Wetlands
Pompy Farm Oxbow
Pond Mountain
Pond Woods Wildlife Management Area
Pond Woods Wildlife Management Area–North Unit
Pond Woods Wildlife Management Area–South Unit
Popasquash Island
Post Mills Natural Area
Potash Bay
Poultney River Floodplain, Green Mountain College Campus Trails
Preston Pond
Preston Pond Loop Trail
Proctor Village Forest
Prouty Beach
Prouty Park
Mount Putnam
Putney Great Meadow
Putney Mountain


Quarry Hill
Quechee State Park and Gorge
Quechee Gorge
Quiet Path Weeks Hill Road Side


R Clarke Smith Forest and Wildlife Area
Randolph Floodplain Forest
Randolph Rest Area
Raven Ridge Natural Area
Reading Pond – Reading (22 acres)
Red Mill Pond
Red Rocks Park
Redstone Quarry (UVM Natural Area)
Rescue Lake – Ludlow (180 acres)
Reservoir Pond (Lake Pauline) – Ludlow (32 acres)
Retreat Meadows and West River Mouth
Richards Pond – Marshfield (14 acres)
Richford Town Forest
Richmond Pond – Richmond (24 acres)
Richville Pond – Shoreham (129 acres)
Ricker Pond – Groton (95 acres)
Ricker Pond State Park
Rice Mountain
Riddel Pond – Orange (15 acres)
Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area
Ripley Bridge and Dorr Drive
Ritterbush Pond – Eden (14 acres)
River Road – Southeast of Route 100B
River Road Pulloff, Essex
Roach Pond – Hubbardton (20 acres)
Roaring Brook Wildlife Management Area and Vernon Town Forest
Robert Frost Trail
Robinson Hill Trails
Rochester Wildlife Management Area and Rochester Hollow Road
Rock Island IBA
Rock River Wildlife Management Area
Rockingham Fire Pond
Rood Pond – Williamstown (23 acres)
Root Pond – Benson (18 acres)
Rossetti Natural Area
Round Mountain
Round Pond – Eden (10 acres)
Round Pond – Holland (14 acres)
Round Pond – Milton (22 acres)
Round Pond – Newbury (30 acres)
Round Pond – Sheffield (13 acres)
Round Pond Natural Area
Roundys Cove, Connecticut River
Rouses Point Bridge
Route 4 Rest Area Westbound, Ira
Roxbury Flat – Roxbury (13 acres)
Roy Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Royalton Hill Pond – Royalton (11 acres)
Royalton Town Forest
Route 4 and Route 7 Rutland County Audubon Easement
Rush Pond – Eden (14 acres)
Russell Greene Natural Area
Russell Trails
Rutland City Reservoir – Rutland (13 acres)
Rutland Community Garden
Ryder Pond – Whitingham (14 acres)


Sabin Pond (Woodbury Lake) – Calais (142 acres)
Sabins Pasture
Sadawga Pond – Whitingham (194 acres)
Saint Albans Reservoir, North – Fairfax (35 acres)
Saint Albans Reservoir, South – Fairfax (27 acres)
Saint Albans Town Forest
Saint Augustine Cemetery
Saint Joseph Cemetery
Saint Michaels College Natural Area
Salmon Hole Park
Sand Bar State Park
Sand Hill Road and Wilson Wetland Preserve
Sandbar Causeway
Sandbar Causeway (Chittenden County)
Sandbar Causeway (Grand Isle County)
Sandbar Wildlife Management Area IBA
Sara Holbrook Forest
Sarah Moores Pond – Barnet (13 acres)
Sawdust Pond – Newark (15 acres)
Saxon Hill Recreational Area
Schofield Pond – Hyde Park (29 acres)
Scrag Mountain Forest
Scrag Mountain Summit
Searsburg Reservoir – Searsburg (25 acres)
Sentinel Rock State Park
Seymour Lake – Morgan (1769 acres)
Seyon Lodge State Park
Shadow Lake – Concord (128 acres)
Shadow Lake – Glover (210 acres)
Shady Rill Park
Shaftsbury State Park
Shaftsbury Lake – Shaftsbury (27 acres)
Sharon Rest Area I-89
Shaw Mountain, Benson
Shelburne Bay
Shelburne Bay Park and Allen Hill
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Point
Shelburne Pond – Shelburne (452 acres)
Shelburne Pond–Fishing Access and University of Vermont Natural Area
Shelburne Pond–North Shore
Shelburne Pond, Pond Road Wetlands (UVM Natural Area)
Shelburne Town Beach–Meach Cove
Sheppies Field
Sherburne Pass
Sherman Reservoir – Whitingham (160 acres)
Shippee Pond – Whitingham (24 acres)
Shoreham Depot
Short Swamp Road
Shrewsbury Peak
Signal Mountain
Silver Lake – Barnard (84 acres)
Silver Lake – Georgia (27 acres)
Silver Lake–Leicester (101 acres)
Silver Lake State Park
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Mollie Beattie Bog
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Nulhegan Basin Division
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Peanut Dam Road
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Stone Dam Road
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Tin Shack Road
Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge–Yellow Bogs
Skitchewaug Wildlife Management Area
Slang Road
Slate Valley Trails
Slate Valley Trails–Country Club Trail
Slate Valley Trails–Delaney Woods Trail
Slate Valley Trails–Endless Brook Trail
Slate Valley Trails–Fairgrounds East
Slate Valley Trails–Fairgrounds West
Slate Valley Trails–Howe Hill Trails
Sleepers Meadow, Newbury
Smugglers Notch
Smugglers Notch State Park
Snake Mountain South, TNC Preserve
Snake Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Sodom Pond – East Montpelier (21 acres)
Somerset Reservoir – Somerset (1568 acres)
Somerset Road North
Somerset Road South
South America Pond – Ferdinand (29 acres)
South Bay – Newport (470 acres)
South Bay Wildlife Management Area (IBA)
South Bay Wildlife Management Area IBA–Barton River Marsh, Coventry Station Rd.
South Hero Causeway
South Hero Marsh Trail
South Pond – Brookfield (16 acres)
South Pond – Chittenden (10 acres)
South Pond – Eden (103 acres)
South Pond – Marlboro (68 acres)
South Reading Pond – Reading (12 acres)
South Stream Pond – Pownal (24 acres) and South Stream Wildlife Management Area
Sparrow Farm Road Trail
Spectacle Pond – Brighton (103 acres)
Spirit In Nature Trails
Spring Lake (Shrewsbury Pond) – Shrewsbury (66 acres)
Springfield Meadows (Flats), Connecticut River
Springfield Reservoir – Weathersfield (10 acres)
Spruce Lake – Wilmington (12 acres)
Spruce Pond – Orwell (25 acres)
Saint Albans Bay Town Park
Stage Coach Road
Stamford Pond – Stamford (12 acres)
Standing Pond – Sharon (15 acres)
Stannard Pond – Stannard (25 acres)
Staples Pond – Williamstown (15 acres)
Star Lake Wildlife Management Area and Star Lake – Mount Holly (63 acres)
Starr Farm Park
Starr Farm Community Garden
Starr Farm Overlook, Burlington Bike Path
Starr Farm Woods
State Farm Property
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Stannard Section
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Walden Section
Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area–Wheelock Section
Stebbins Pumping Station
Stephensen Point Fishing Access
Sterling Forest
Sterling Pond
Stevens Pond – Maidstone (26 acres)
Stiles Pond – Waterford (135 acres)
Stillwater State Park
Stoney Point Fishing Access
Stony Cove
Stoughton Pond – Weathersfield (56 acres)
Stowe Mountain Resort–Lower Spruce Creek Trail
Strafford Town Forest
Stranahan Town Forest
Stratton Mountain
Stratton Mountain–Long Trail and Appalachian Trail from Southwest
Stratton Pond – Stratton (46 acres)
Strong Swamp
Sucker Brook Park
Sugar Hill Reservoir – – Goshen (63 acres)
Sugar Hollow Pond – Pittsford (21 acres)
Summer Street Park
Sunny Hollow Natural Area
Sunrise Lake – Benson (57 acres)
Sunset Lake – Benson (202 acres)
Sunset Lake – Brookfield (25 acres)
Sunset Lake – Marlboro (96 acres)
Sunset Ridge Trail
Sutherland Falls
Swanton Falls
Swanton Recreation Path
Sweet Pond State Park and Sweet Pond – Guilford (20 acres)
Sycamore Park


Tabor Point Fishing Access
Taconic Mountains Ramble State Park
Talcott Forest
Technology Park
Tenney Pond – Newbury (10 acres)
Tenney Road
Texas Falls
The Burning
The Dome
The Green River Timber Crib Dam
The Gut
The Kingdom State Forest
The Mile Around Woods
The Narrows Wildlife Management Area
The Pinnacle Forest
The Pitch Pine Trail
The Waterworks Property
Thetford Hill State Park
Thompsons Point
Thompsons Pond – Pownal (28 acres)
Three Rivers Trail
Thundering Brook Falls Trail
Thurman W. Dix Reservoir – Orange (123 acres)
Ti-Haul Trail
Ticklenaked Pond – Ryegate (54 acres)
Tildy’s Pond (Clarks Pond) – Glover (33 acres)
Tinmouth Channel Wildlife Management Area
Tiny Pond – Ludlow (29 acres)
Tiny Pond Wildlife Management Area
Toad Pond – Charleston (22 acres)
Toad Pond – Morgan (12 acres)
Townshend Reservoir – Townshend (108 acres)
Townshend State Park
Tracy Woods Community Trail
Trapp Family Lodge
Tri-Town Water District Plant and Oven Bay
Tunbridge Worlds Fair
Turkey Lane
Turntable Park
Turtle Pond – Holland (27 acres)
Tuttle Pond – Brunswick (14 acres)
Tuttle Pond – Hardwick (21 acres)
Twin Bridges
Twin Ponds – Brookfield (16 acres)
Twinfield Union Trails


Underhill Beaver Marsh
Underhill Beaver Marsh–Gerts Knob Road
Underhill Beaver Marsh–Route 15 (roadside birding only)
Underhill State Park
Union Village Dam, Park, and Recreation Area
Union Village Dam–Buzzell Bridge Rd.
University of Vermont Campus
Unnamed Pond – Swanton (27 acres)
Unnamed Pond – Weathersfield (49 acres)
Unnamed Pond – Williamstown (28 acres)
Upper Danville Pond – Danville (19 acres)
Upper Symes Pond – Ryegate (20 acres)


Vermont Center For Ecostudies Office
Vail Pond – Sutton (16 acres)
Valley Lake (Dog Pond) – Woodbury (88 acres)
Van Everest Fishing Access
Vantines Fishing Access
Vergennes Falls Park
Vergennes Watershed (Norton Brook Reservoir) – Bristol (15 acres)
Vermont Family Forest–Guthrie Bancroft Property (Restricted Access)
Vermont State House
Vermont Woods Studios
Vernon Dam (Vermont)
Vershire Pond – E – Vershire (10 acres)
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–2010 Blowdown
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–Bog Trail
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–Damons Crossing
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–Pipeline East of River Road
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–Pipeline West of River Road
Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area–Rogers Creek Trail
Village Park
VINS Quechee Nature Center
Vista Peak
Volunteers Green
Vondell Reservoir – Woodstock


Waits River, Connecticut River Confluence
Walker Pond – Coventry (18 acres)
Walker Pond – Hubbardton (13 acres)
Wallace Pond – Canaan (532 acres)
Wallingford Pond – Wallingford (87 acres)
Wantastiquet Pond – Weston (44 acres)
Wapanacki Lake – Wolcott (21 acres)
Ward Hill – Pratt Refuge (Restricted Access)
Ward Hill – Red Gate (Restricted Access)
Ward Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Poultney River and East Bay IBA
Warden Pond – Barnet (46 acres)
Warren and Ruth Beeken Rivershore Trail
Washington Wildlife Management Area
Waterbury Center State Park
Waterbury Reservoir – Waterbury (839 acres)
Waterville Town Green
Watson Park
Watson Pond – Calais (11 acres)
Weatherhead Hollow Pond – Guilford (33 acres)
Weathersfield Bow
Weathersfield Town Forest
Weathersfield Wildlife Management Area
Weeks Memorial Forest
Wells River Rail Trail
West Fairlee Wildlife Management Area
West Hill Pond – Cabot (46 acres)
West Hill Recreation Area
West Mountain Pond – Maidstone (60 acres)
West Mountain Wildlife Management Area
West River Trail–Rice Farm Road Trailhead
West Rutland Marsh IBA
West Rutland Marsh–Whipple Hollow Trail
West Rutland Recreation Area and Town Forest-Dodd Farm Block
Westminster Station
Westminster Town Forest–George D. Aiken Lot
Westmore Town Forest
Wheeler Mountain
Wheeler Nature Park
Wheeler Pond – Barton (15 acres)
Wheeler Pond – Brunswick (66 acres)
Whipple Hollow Wildlife Management Area
Whipstock Hill Wildlife Management Area
Whiskey Bay (Cove)
White River Junction (Village)
White River Wildlife Management Area
White Rock Mountain
White Rocks National Recreation Area
White Rocks Trail
Whites Beach
Whitney Creek and Hospital Creek Wildlife Management Area
Wiessner Woods
Wild Branch Wildlife Management Area
Wilder Dam
Wilder Dam–Boat Ramp
Wilder Dam–Outflow Overlook
Wilder Picnic Area–Connecticut River
Wilgus State Park
William H. Morse State Airport
Williams Woods Natural Area
Wilmarth Woods
Willoughby Falls Wildlife Management Area
Windham Powerlines
Windmill Hill Trail–Windmill Ridge Nature Reserve
Windsor Grasslands Wildlife Management Area
Windsor State Farm Corrections–Pond Road
Winooski Gorge
Winooski Nature Trail
Winooski River Walk
Witherell Landing
Wolcott Family Natural Area
Wolcott Pond – Wolcott (74 acres)
Woodford State Park
Woods Island State Park
Woodside Natural Area
Woodward Reservoir – Plymouth (106 acres)
Worcester Mountain
Worcester Pond – Lower- Worcester (35 acres)
Worcester Pond – Upper – Worcester (11 acres)
Worcester Woods Wildlife Management Area
Wright Park
Wrights Mountain Trails
Wrights Reservoir and Hurricane Forest Park
Wrightsville Reservoir – East Montpelier (190 acres)
Wu Ledges Forest



Young Island IBA


Zack Woods Pond – Hyde Park (23 acres)
Zebedee Wetlands